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Is there a minimum level needed to post on the forums?

A few users have asked why they can't post on the forums lately, and they've all been new accounts. They're able to reply to posts in General Discussion and Looking For Party, but never able to make their own posts.

We assumed at first that due to the spambot invasion last year, admins set the minimum level to 3 for making new threads on the forums, but a few days ago one of the people with this problem hit level 4 and still can't post.
We've been troubleshooting and exchanging screenshots, but can't figure it out.
If an admin for the forums is reading this, it would be appreciated for you to disclose the specific restrictions for posting on the forums. :smilebold: Thanks for your time!


  • There is some sort of account bug that has existed for a long time now that neither I nor Nisovin have been able to fix and tbh I don't really know to solve it Maris. I'v tried everything but some user accounts just aren't able to post even though it says they can and I can post from through accounts if I tried too (we did tests).
  • Dang, that sucks. Thanks for testing though.
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