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Thank you, Rob.

I've been fan since the Nuren Campaign, and I've thoroughly enjoyed everything you've given to your communities (be they the URealms community, your twitch community, your YouTube community, etc). I wish I'd gotten to be at more of the live shows for URealms over the years, pretty sure I only actually made it to a few of them for more than 20-30 minutes, but I've watched every episode of every campaign on YouTube since the live shows began. I may not have been around for the Unforgotten Realms comics or animations back before the live shows, but I'm so glad to have found your content.

Way back in season one, I introduced my sister to your content (her favorites have always been the "Played It For The Plot" series), and during season two I introduced one of my now-closest friends to your content too. He and I have played a few homebrewed games of URealms with a couple other friends, and we've watched a fair few campaigns together by now. My (unfortunately now ex) girlfriend of three years and I watched almost every campaign together after I'd introduced her to your shows, as well, and from what I'm aware she's still a fan too. Your shows have helped me build relationships and find common ground and interests with people who I either had little in common with, or had drifted away from.

I just wanted to put this out there to thank you for the community you've built and all the work, stress, and hardships you and the rest of the team put yourselves through for our sake. I'm sad to hear about URealms coming to an end like this (for now), but I'm hopeful that all of us fans can rally and help support everyone for all the work you've all put in for us over the years. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get live shows again in the future when we've earned it and if you've found that passion again.

So, as the title of this post says, if you even see this, thank you, Rob. From me, my sister, my friends and loved ones, your fans, and everyone who your content has touched. Thank you so much for what you've done and will hopefully continue to do.


  • I'm glad you enjoy the show. I think no matter what happens next year, your going to still enjoy it by the end of Christmas 2020 robSneakyMouse
  • I'm definitely looking forward to whatever it is you crafty ones are up to for 2020. I don't think I ever won't enjoy the shows. I'll still talk about them whenever I play other tabletop games (or hopefully, official URealms games! Might have to convince my tabletop group to run one of those sometime soon...), and I'll certainly still tell people about the show. The amount of people I've gotten to watch Murder Bros and Buckeroos (my favorite set of campaigns) is going to keep growing no matter what.

    Thanks again, Rob. Can't wait to see what you get up to next.
  • Well Rob it's been a pleasure all these years. Started watching you UR flash shorts when I was in middle school. I've grown up with you as a creator and yes I'm sad to see it end, hopefully not forever. I get it we all have issues in life that take place or we get burned out. I understand the loss you've felt with players leaving and doing all the work. Please never feel like you're alone it this. We are YOUR fans. Let US help you. Im sure numerous viewers would join up at no cost. I would. But again if it's tearing you up and burning you out, take a break. Work on you, I had to do that myself after quitting a job that I loved but it just was too much demand. I'm getting off topic now. Please never forget MOST if not ALL of us will support you. Don't lash back and be the better person man. Hope to see you turn around. Peace out boyscout! 
  • i wonder if the site will continue to exist... 
  • @migueldcr They have said that there are no plans to close down the forums.
  • I enjoyed the show in all its complexity and simplicity, URealms shows made me excited, the shows that are capable to excite me are very few...(3) 
    Well watching roleplaying battles was the fun part to me, the overcoming the impossible odds, the 20 or 1s, and the lore's unconventionality was interesting and novel 
    Let's see what the future holds...

  • when you think about it when rob wants to pay players 12% of the total show for roughly 12 hours on a Saturday when iron man made only 8% in endgame for months of work. just a thought
  • @Megalomaniac Not saying I agree or disagree with you here. But Endgame also had a LOT more than 4 star actors. 
  • @Megalomaniac @MasterDJV ;Also Iron Man's 8% is 1000000% (or something) more than what URealms as a whole makes. Sure you can argue that that this 12% is too much payment for these people we know and love, and rawb could just tell them to take less or get other players, but I think rawb is allowed to decide that he wants these people, who make the show what it is, a decent amount of money. 12% of the profit isn't a lot when you consider that they are on screen for 100% of the live part.
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    i still think 3k for 12 hours is still a lot but i see what you say
    i do have other topics like this one that i would like to hear another side of if anyone is interested in a debate
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    What's happening with the whole donation thing? Is he no longer accepting them? The donation page says there are no current donations.
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 We didn't make the November goal so we failed my man. Didn't make the monthly budget. 
  • @Rob
    Damn that really sucks. I was ready to give what I could each month. Here's to 1 last year of amazing content! Thanks for more then a decade of entertainment. 
  • Oh shit. I finally got my financials in order and was gonna donate
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    Eh, Urealms died the moment you announced its cancellation this pitiful resurrection donation goal was doomed to fail, hope you are gonna give back the money to those who still have a shred of faith in you @Rob ;
  • @Bjort
    I gave money to it. I don't feel like I need my money back. I donated knowing full well it could not get fully funded. It sucks it didn't work out, but he doesn't need to refund anyone over it. 
  • @Bjort it wasn't a donation goal to resurrect, it was a goal to rest it. You don't value me or my work my man.
  • So if we did reach the goal then it would rest? And now that we haven't its awake! Huzzah Urealms is back Ya'll @Rob ; 
  • @Bjort Im sorry your disappointed, but you are just being rude now man. If your only here to hate at this point then its probably not worth your time anymore.
  • Yeah man I don't support the whole way the situation has been handled but you have overstepped a little bit here @Bjort
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 Fairly certain it's way more unacceptable to say which of your fans don't value you or your work because they're discouraged with the direction you're taking your content in.
  • @Bjort @SMSoo man, can you do this in a thread that isn't literally called "Thank you, Rob?"  I get your upset with how hes handled it, I am fairly certain everyone has there own problems with how the situation was handled, but can we not do it here?  This is a thread for remembering the good times in the past and thanking Rob for them.
  • Terribly sorry to bother you, but I want to make a thread and I don't know how.
    Should I just add on to an existing thread or am I just missing something obviouse?
  • Rob
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    @SMS00 Looking back Smsoo. Your not wrong. You gotta understand for me I was watching/grieving for a project I couldn't save and so I tried desperately to save it because ultimately the stress of the project was a funding issue. I built up this show to require me to perform and make X thousands dollars in a single day or else the project would fall apart. I put so much into URealms Live and when I started to fall apart I felt utterly alone because I had isolated myself.

    It sucks to have a creator tell you "your not a fan" and it's unfair. I totally lashed out at any fan who wasn't supporting me after Digital Bards last year because to me I couldn't believe you would call yourself a fan and not support the show. When our team fragmented, sure it became obvious the show was doomed, but I still tried to save it because I loved this show more then I loved myself. You have to understand that I thought Digital Bards would save my show. I thought it would ignite a passion in my team and communities heart to recognize I need more help in going forward. The message ended up offending and insulting people and then the moment became about my failures both now and from years ago. I rushed my message out even because I was falling apart. It was confusing and complicated mess.

    Having a public mental breakdown isn't the best way to end a show and I'm sorry if I made it harder for you and others in the community last year watching it all go down.
  • Permit me a chance to chime in, Rob.

    Perhaps maybe you've been tackling this at the wrong angle. From the vibe I get, Urealms is your most important project, not just for livelihood, but for your own sense of self. That kind of thing really shows based on how much appeal that had to an audience compared to your other works. It's a thing where your audience can see and feel that amount of dedication from something like that. It's also something that can be missing in other things a creator does. It's also that type of dedication to a project and leaving it behind can leave one awake at night of "what could've been." Speaking from personal experience with that one.

    Perhaps, rather than doing X to fund Y, maybe you need to reevaluate how you develop and distribute Urealms. Especially when a big takeaway is that you gamble on a single day to make the money needed to keep going. Speaking from personal experience, it's also done on a day I can't participate in because of work, which I feel safe in assuming that may be true for a lot of potential.

    Maybe it's a thing to find a way to spread Urealms into something a little more consistent. Maybe rework donation events into a weeklong process before showtime, but change up what they do. Like, maybe "dueling" events that whichever wins gets to be the canon event.

    Another way maybe to split up showtimes. Instead of banking on just Saturday, split the show in half to have shorter segments twice on "show week." This could help also lighten the physical toll on those involved on the show with a more spread out workload.

    I dunno, just spitballing here. Just reading into a lot of stuff and interpreting what you say. I honestly believe you can "make it" with Urealms. You have the talent and vision to do so. Obviously, you need the break. Everyone does after such an ordeal.

    I guess my main tl;dr is: Maybe the process of Urealms itself needs to change.
  • @Hakaru

    You have some interesting ideas, but I think at this point everyone needs to understand Urealms proper isn't coming back. Deadrealms or just doing fun shows using what he made I expect to see at some point. I think he's made it painfully clear now at this point that Urealms being made by him won't be happening though. Your intentions are good, but I don't think Rawb needs another fan telling him what he could have done months later at this point. Instead take those ideas and save them for a few more years. 

    Good news is it will eventually be in the public domain so someone else can reignite it and continue it in their own way. Plus us the lore and such to make stuff beyond the game if they wanted to. Maybe you're ideas will help someone in doing it a different way that works for them and it gets love from new fans.  
  • Rob was the first "real" creator I learned about way back in school. I always liked books, cartoons, games, and comics- but they always seemed like something you bought, not something that was made. Back when he was making the Unforgotten Realms animated series, he and other folks who worked on the show would post on the forums, and talk about what they were doing and what their struggles were. Issues with Escapist Magazine (his funding), how the cast got along, regrets on how he portrayed things early in the show- it was all personal but he kept the community involved. It's funny how we talk about the "shoulda-coulda-woulda", and whether or not we should talk about it: I remember seeing a thread about how to raise money for the show- publishing books, web advertising, etc. There's a difference between solicited and unsolicited advice, of course, but isn't it cool how much a community wants to support a creator? Still, none of us on the forum back then knew what we were talking about when it came to business, or even creating a work, and it's probably the same now.

    Maybe that's something we take for granted nowadays, but it was a new experience for me to see something like an animated show be talked about like any other topic in life. You never got a look behind the curtain with stuff on TV- not without a PR haze over it. Unforgotten Realms is responsible for getting me into writing, drawing, and making things, since it now felt like a "real" thing you could do.

    I've never had the courage to publish my own work like Rob did- I've made fan comics, fanfic, and a story or two on SCP, but not a whole franchise. And I've certainly never dedicated as much of my life to creating like Rob has. He hasn't let anything stop him: even when unforgotten realms was having troubles, he started doing let's plays to complement it. Then he collaborated with Buffalo Wizards, and most recently he's done quite a few seasons of Unforgotten Realms Live.

    I'll be honest, nothing he's done since has ever grabbed my attention the way the original Unforgotten Realms series did- let's plays of video games and TTRPGs are a bit slow for me. And it's true that a lot of critique can be made about the animated series as well. But Rob's made something people enjoy, and when he can no longer move forward in one direction, he still keeps moving. That's why, even if what he's doing at the moment isn't to my personal tastes, I keep checking and looking back. It looks like he's hit another setback- I can't guess at how hard something like this is during the current pandemic. I certainly hope he makes it through, and maybe in a few months we'll see something new from the guy.

    But as far as I'm concerned, Rob's already "made it."
  • I've been a fan of Rob since 2013. I loved watching DvZ,Rust, TTT, Lords of Minecraft and eventually Urealms. Unforgotten Realms was the first stream that had ever gotten myself invested in. I really enjoyed spending my Saturday watching the stream and the characters and world that qucily fell in love with. The Christmas stream is how I've spent my holiday for the last few years and I am grateful for the stream that has kept me company.

    I just wanted to say thank you Rob for all of the laughs and great memories that you have brought me over these last 7 years. 
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    Maelstrom has always been my favorite character, And I'm happy that he got to have a huge moment in both the Escapist-era cartoons and in URealms Live. And now that he has seen our world and understands that he is a created character, I'm sure he's going to be showing up again.

    I don't think even Rawb could stop Maelstrom now, even if he wanted to.
  • Thanks for sharing Medium Bear! I think no matter what life brings me going forward I'll still always try to do something fun for christmas streams.

    Come stop by the stream and say hello!
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