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Rawb historians needed for a fan tribute

Hey so I want to make a fan tribute video for Rawb. Covering essentially all the important projects and stuff he did since his original WoW videos.

Problem is I followed Rawb through his original Urealms site. Then I fell off and didn't rediscover him until around when Lords of Minecraft was starting. If I remember correctly the first Urealms site ended in 2011 I think. From that to LoM I have no idea what Rawb was doing. 

I know at some point after his first Urealms site ended he joined Mindcrack. Met Deadbones. Started streaming on Twitch. Started DvZ. The Buffalo Wizards were formed. Unforgotten Quest is somewhere in there. Probably a bunch of other fun stuff to. I just don't know what year any of that stuff happened and it would be helpful for what I'm trying to make, if I can even make it. 

So if there's any Rawb historians out there who knows when any of that started or other important milestones in his career during that time let me know. 


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    Rob never joined mindcrack btw. They worked super closely for several years but he never joined them as he was a part of the buffalo wizards. As for the members of Buffalo Wizards... Rob, Pause, Coe, Justin, Nisovin, Spydster, Shay, Roamin, Slagar, Kyle
  • @Sweatingdwarf123

    Oh I didn't know that. That's good to know. Just in general do you know what year he started working with them? When did DvZ actually start because I honestly don't know. All I know is it had to be after when his site ended. I''m guessing that's when he moved to Twitch which is probably why I stopped following him. I didn't really get into Twitch until much later.
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    I've been following Rob since around 2007-8, and once I started writing I realized I was writing a research paper. Instead, I'll give a very rough timeline. Take this as a research starter, not as the whole picture.

    Newgrounds (2006) - flash Unforgotten Realms

    Legendary Heroes Podcast and Jimmy the World of Warcraft Story (2007) 

    New Unforgotten Realms with Escapist (2009 I think)

    The lost era of and lost twitch vods (2009?-2012? maybe up to 2014-15) - Grr Podcast, 2Player with Roamin, lets plays, and the beginning of DvZ somewhere in there

    Unforgotten Quest kickstarter (late 2012) - tumblr updates and changing teams for years

    Youtube Brucewillakers (late 2012) - earliest videos date back to using DvZ to promote The UQ Kickstarter

    pkmnRob (birthday 2012, first youtube videos 2013)

    Playmindcrack (2013) - contribute different gamemodes before moving the Bruce's Gym DvZ to Playmindcrack

    Rob Snaps 2013 - dark time, weird content, and vacation Vines

    Video Game videos (2014) - Rust Tuna Bandits videos, Garry's Mod.

    Buffalo Wizards and Rob's Patreon (2014) - more Garry's mod, the first attempt at Harry Potter Book Club, Lords of Minecraft

    Guude Willies followed by the split from Mindcrack (2014)

    Moody Bidoofs (2014)

    Unforgotten Realms Live Nuren Campaign (2015)

    Played it for the Plot (2015)

    Coe's Quest (2016)

    New (2017) (2017)

    the return of the Tuna Bandits and rebrand to (2018)

    The Crew RP (2019)

    Digital Bards (2019)
  • The hardest part to find details on is when he was using to post all of his videos and twitch vods. twitch deleted its own archives of vods in 2014, and blip shut down in 2015. He streamed a variety of different games such as Majora's Mask, Pokemon Snap, Skyrim, etc. I remember one day he decided he wasn't going to play a game, and instead make a quick starcraft 2 machinima that ended up as The Changeling: And of course, he was also running the first games of DvZ. DvZ was originally announced as "Dwarves vs Vampires" on one of the old urealms forums as a proof of concept video. He changed the name by the time he began running games live.
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    The earliest reference to Dwarves vs Zombies on the wayback machine is the April 10, 2012 snapshot. The DvZ FAQ on the urealms forum was posted April 29, 2012. If you want to read more on how the UQ development was going after the kickstarter, check out the wayback machine of If you do make a video, be sensitive around 2012-2014, that was a rough time for Rob personally.
  • @Lusrimin

    Damn DvZ was that old? I guess for me it was always a newer thing since I rediscovered him mid 2014. That's good to know. Thanks for much btw! This is honestly really helpful. I know there are some archive channels of that old Twitch content you were talking about, but obviously those upload dates are newer then when he streamed them.

    Twitch stated in 2011 so I'm guessing Rawb joined that same year. I may get some information wrong, but this information makes it a lot easier for me. I tried tracking this stuff down, but couldn't find much about late 2011 to 2014. At least no specifics on when things happened.
  • @Kalazar321 ;

    Your welcome! It was a fun trip down memory lane, digging through a couple youtube channels, websites, and the wayback machine. I could get more granular if you want more details, or more recommendations of projects/series/videos of his to check out. That timeline doesn't have everything he has made, nor anything that he's shared publicly about his personal life, especially from around 2013.
  • @Lusrimin

    I don't really need personal stuff. Unless you know when he met people like Deadbones, the rest of the buffalo wizards, or things like that. Basically anything related to the content he's made.

    What's important is the year things happened since it's way to annoying to go any more specific to that. It's just a idea I have and will get started on next week. Sometimes inspiration hits and you just gotta make something fun. If I get somethings wrong or whatever then I'm sure it will be fine. Rawb got me wanting to get back and make fun things so that's what really matters.
  • @Kalazar321

    I don't think he's ever given a year for when he met them. I know for sure he met Justin and Roamin when he played Dark Age of Camelot, and I think he met some of the other BWs through DAoC or WoW guilds, like Shay. The first time Shay appeared in Rob's videos was a minecraft series titled "Roleplay" back in 2012. Rob met some of the Mindcrack crew through Pause during early DvZ (2012), which I think is how he eventually met Coe (probably in 2014, around when they were doing Garry's Mod). He got to know Nisovin as DvZ was taking off around 2013. Deadbones was definitely a part of early DvZ, but I don't know when they met. I can't remember if Rob and Deadbones ever told the story of how they met. Rob started hiring Haunter/Gengar in early 2013. And I can only guess for Slagar, Spyd, and Kyle. Sorry for how incomplete this is, but I hope it helps!
  • @Kalazar321

    I asked my brother if he remembers about Deadbones, and he said that Deadbones was a fan of Unforgotten Realms. He followed Rob for a while and I think he became a moderator for his twitch chat, then started participating in DvZ.
  • @Lusrimin

    I remember roleplay. Those old videos series were so good. I think the GRR podcast started in 2010 I think. I remember listening to those multiple times on his old Urealms site. Roamin pulling out the ironman suit and then the lightsaber still gets me. 

    Thanks so much! This has been super helpful. 
  • If anyone's interested in those old videos, all is not lost. A lot of it is still out there on Rob's lesser known YouTube channels:
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    I know I'm late, but around the time of DVZ and the lost twitch vods, certainly before UQ, is the PML (pro minecraft league). He was really into it. He'd cast people playing minecraft on challenge maps with objectives and at one stingers, a fake sponsor (nes-tea) and everything.
    A quick search reveals a channel with posts 7 years ago

    Some of the players that participated are probably still in the community, I just watch. Lurker is life.
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