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Reality is...

I'm a consumer of a product. That product is URealms. I've checked out Robs other content. Most of it I dont like, none of the current streamed stuff I like. So I find myself with the question, "Do I want to invest in Urealms?" 

I kind of get the impression that I'm more mature than the majority of the community, there are a lot of young people here. I would wager that a lot of the people lashing out are simply young consumers that have yet to come to terms with that reality.

There are a lot of other things I could say, probably should say, but I think keeping this simple is the best way to go about it. Maybe some people will see it and take a moment to realise that maybe they are in the same kind of position.


  • @Harkmagic ;

    Baseline everything is an exchange of goods of sorts. I personally enjoyed Rob a lot and watched most of his content until I much busier with life. I don't think it should be a surprise to anyone that some people left because the biggest audience grabber of Rob's work had been canceled. I don't know Rob as a person so there's not much to be attached to with that, but overall I like his products so I'll support them and a few of the others because I want it to stay around.
  • If that's the way you wanna think about art, that's cool. Maybe I can show you my value over the next few months, but if you get bored and find another product to consume in your life, that's cool too my man! I'm just taking a break, moving into something new, and trying to take care of myself and if I don't have the fan base for it then that's okay but it's something I gotta do either way. 
  • I wanted to chime in with a few words about reality.

    I've only been in the content-creation business (as a writer, not an entertainer) for 5 years, but something I've observed is that everyone has their own reality. A person's opinion really is just their own: no matter if they love the content or hate it, it's about them.

    When I accepted that everyone has their own reality, I stopped taking EVERYTHING personally. The loving praises I thanked of course, but I knew that was only their opinion. I didn't need the energy from them. I didn't need the validation from an outside source. I KNOW I did my best work, I KNOW it's good, I AM proud of it. In other words: I validate myself.

    Rawb, your self-esteem can't come from chat, these forums, or however many donations/bits/subs/whatever you get. You've been putting out great content for 12 years, and I feel bad if you think any of that is invalidated because of an outside source. Even the almighty outside source with a dollar sign ($) in front of it.

    I'm just a casual fan (I don't have time to be hardcore into anything), but I can tell you this much: as soon as validation comes from within, self-love goes sky-high and that stuff gets projected everywhere.

    And if you're worried about letting people, so long as you're not letting yourself down and you know you're doing your best, it's heaven on earth!

  • @StockBreaker so true! I get having ambitions that would cost as a business if you wanna do them though, but smaller ambitions can be just as fulfilling if you're not chasing that thing as a goal. I see how both could be true
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