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I'm.... sad

I'm haven't been in this community for a really long time. There's a lot of people talking about recent events and starting there posts talking about how long they have been fans of Rob's content. I never really would have described myself as a fan of "Rob" until very recently. I always described myself as a fan of "Urealms." I got into the show during the break between the second and third season and it's held a special place in my heart. It's absolutely hilarious and I was even able to use it as a less abrasive introduction then DnD to tabletop roleplaying games for my friends. However, it really was Rob who accomplished all of that. It was Rob who put so much time and effort into the show and built it from the ground up. And through his streams, I've been able to learn more about him as a person and honestly seeing him interact with other streamers is some of the best content I feel he's ever made. It's where he's the most *him* and yes I understand that is still Rob on camera and not the real Rob but its helped me feel like I've gotten to him better as a person. He's the one who inspired me to make a flower crown and not care if people are judgemental about me for it. His talks about empathy and the importance of it have helped me grow as a person a lot and reevaluate what is important in my life. It's lead me to put my stat increases into empathy instead of charisma, which really exists just to cover up the lack of empathy one may have(hot take I know). So given all of this seeing a lot of the most vocal reactions on the forms has left me... disquieted.  

I'm sad. Quite frankly the reaction of those on the form has shocked me, as I never really thought people could look at Rob and what he does this way. Now I'm not going to sit here and ask people to donate if they can, because to be frank that's your money, and it's your decision what you want to do with it. However, I do want to help maybe use the few points I've gotten to put into empathy as of late and try to help you guys understand what Rob is FEELING right now, because ironically I think the only way to really get at why Rob is doing what he is doing is to do what he said at the beginning of the video/stream: use empathy. Maybe some people don't understand this because they've never felt pressured to create something when they weren't feeling up to the task but it fucking sucks. I recently enrolled in a fine arts school and before this had never really had to deal with this idea but recently I have and it's horrible. The fact that Rob has had to endure this at all is honestly terrifying because that means it's us that have made him feel that way, even if we didn't mean to. The concept of Rob feeling like it's necessary to churn out amazing content when he was burnt out and stressed and perhaps even depressed or anxious(I don't know him personally but I wouldn't be surprised just based on what burn out does to people) because he wanted to make us happy makes me really sad. And honestly, Rob if you see this I'm sorry. I'm sorry you felt like that and the part I had to play in it. And I hope whether you continue to create or retire that you never have to feel like that again. 

Along those lines, I don't think Rob is asking for more money. Like yes, he literally is, and he even calls it a raise in the video but honestly I think that's a fallacy. A lie, to continue along the narrative he created of us being his "bosses." But really he's not asking for a raise, he's asking for a living wage. He's asking for the money for him and Megan to be able to survive and not have to freak out about making ends meet. He's asking for the money to pay the people who work for him a living wage. He's asking for the money to be able to not have to worry every month if he's going to have the money to pay those people, to pay for rent for food. All he is really asking for us is a living wage. He wants to be able to create, to do his job, without worrying about if he's getting paid or not. Which think about it, if we went to work every month not knowing if we were gonna get our paycheck, we'd be upset and scared and worried and everything else too. So I understand where he is coming from. 

Maybe I'm off base with all of this. I'll admit this is a very emotionally driven posts and there's probably a lot of mistakes with it. And I'm certainly not trying to come at or call out anyone who disagrees with me. I one hundred percent understand where you are coming from and respect your decision. It's hard to part with a creator after so many years, however, it is something you need to be willing to do if you think that the creator isn't providing the content you want anymore. So kudos, I respect that immensely. I just hope you can understand where everyone who wants to support Rob is coming from as well. I hate to see this tearing the forms apart so much, and I'd really like to continue to see these forms being the friendly and helpful place I remember them as. Thanks all, and have a wonderful day. 


  • Well put. I think you want to read up on the reasons why people are upset, the main issue isn't specifically that he wants more money, nor that URealms are going in hiatus.
    But as far as it goes for a Pro-Rawb post, I think you wrote it well and think it is a very reasonable take on it.
  • @JackOfTheFlames ;
    I did what you suggested and it seems it's a mixture of them being upset at Rob because of how he handled his tone in the video and feeling alienated due to being more Urealms based fans. And both of those are valid feelings, I'm not trying to counter them as much as I'm trying to just help them understand where Rob is coming from with all this in hopes that maybe they will change their minds, or at the very least understand him a bit more as they part ways with him. 
    Please correct me if I'm wrong about most people's feeling towards this I haven't had a ton of time to closely read what everyone has been writing. 
    Also, the fact that posts are being categorized as Pro-Rawb and such is kinda sad to think about  :(
  • To be honest, I think "Pro-Rawb" was a bad term for me to use. Really, it's was just more one-sided. But it isn't by you neglecting people's topics, it was only since you based it on things you knew about, and you still managed to write something very honest. My hopes are that you are correct, Rob feels too good of a person to outright use people. But it also stands that people don't always hurt others by intent, which is proven with the loss of Six and Lily leaving the team.
    People didn't like his tone in the video, but it wasn't it by itself people disliked it, but things like complaining that HiveQueen got too little donations from last week's stream, and then seemingly trying to guilt people who only are URealms fans for not being as hyped for his other projects. 
    Feel free to read my thread for a bit more. Let's just hope Rob thinks things through before the next announcement.
  • I understand complete where Rob is coming from, I really do, don't believe me? Read my post. There is more to this than understanding.
  • @Carline ;
    I have read your post and it's entirely valid. Everything you said is true and I really don't blame you for any of it. Like I said I'm not really trying to call out the other side here. Other than just plain ocnfusion I haven't really seen anything on these forms that are unjustified. I'm just trying to give my take on what Rob was feeling that drove him to do such things, as I often find that looking at feelings rather than just a thought process can shed some light on stuff. I in no way meant to insinuate that you didn't understand what was going on or where he was coming from. If it did come off that way then I deeply apologize. 
  • edited October 2019
    You make good points but for me one of the worst things he did was be disappointed in us for not giving more than $2,000 to give queen who many of us didn't have time to know yet. As well as the request being sprung on is with no warning after a shocking announcement

    Also the updates on all threads containing criticism have been stopped. Which I also find quite annoying 
  • What do you mean by updates?
  • Just a quick update on what I'm "sad" about since rawb misinterpreted it on stream, I'm not sad about the fact that we have to give money, I'm sad because people in forms are arguing instead of trying to understand the other side, at least from my perspective. 
  • I feel like you guys should see another side of whats been going on: 
  • holy shit...
  • I suggest posting the link to the other threads going over this topic, but I dare not do it more for fear of being banned as someone whose "posting spam". Gonna need your guys' help to get the word out.
  • @SMS00 I don't know that there is any need for that, people who are going to see it probably already have.
  • @SMS00

    I don't see why you would get banned for that? It's just screenshots from twitter. You're not attacking Rawb or being a nuisance. At least from what I can tell. As long as you're not literally just posting the same thing everywhere and actually spamming it then you're probably fine.
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    @SMS00 The word is out. Posting the same thing in multiple threads is pointless. Please stop.
  • The recent threads and discussions about giving out "homework" to the fans and how those interactions are going has also been raising concerns. I wouldn't go as far as this person says about rob, but the screen shots they show in the beginning are indeed concerning: 

    This is my first and only posting of this link on the threads. No duplicates here~
  • @SMS00

    I read the thread and personally I love what Rob is doing. I wish I had someone inspiring me to create things and making it just a little bit easier by framing it as homework and providing assets when I was in school.

    I've been procrastinating on a video I will make about him because of a long work week. A tribute video for all the entertainment he's given me over the years. It's a video I'm choosing to make of my own free will. Not expecting compensation for it and not the reason I would make it. It's hard to make art when you're tired and Rob is just done doing that. 

    I would never say any accusations against him are false since Rob has for sure made mistakes and pushed people away. I just don't see him as this dangerous manipulative monster then I've seen some people paint him as. He's trying to inspire creativity. No one should do the homework he's putting out unless you just want to make something creative and need a little direction to get started. That's what it's there for. 

    I'm not up to date on the latest Digital Bards content, but if this is what his last year is. Inspiring newer artist to create things and going into his own content from the past 12 years. Then I'm ok with that. 
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