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My take on how rob is handling the end of Urealms.

so rob wants to stop working on Urealms Live in the current state it is in now. he wants to walk away from it, which he is in his right to do.

but the reason this has caused a split between fans, is because a lot of us feel like he effectively just given the middle finger to the fans of urealms, in favor of fans of Rob. which again, he is in his right to do. but this should make it clear why this is very upsetting to a lot of us(no everyone, just a lot of us) who are fans of urealms, and urealms alone.

my love of urealms came from the world building, and mostly the lore.
the part that rob has made clear is the part that he is going to let suffer. unless we give him a ludicrous amount of money each month, of which he wont put the entirety of it focusing on urealms. its not a fair thing to ask for.

im not someone who has donated a lot to urealms, i through around 60 dollars toward the show in total, but the recent announcements kinda makes me regret ever dollar i spent. as rob has left me with the feeling he doesn't respect fans like me anymore, which again he is in his right to do, but if he isn't going to respect fans like me who feel the same way, i don't see how he could expect us to give him even more money now.

I defiantly still do have a lot of respect for rob, and what he's done for urealms, urealms was a big part of my life, ever since the nuren campaign. but though i respect him, i am unhappy with the way he is treating us "urealms fans" compared to his "rob fans". but i can respect his decision still, even for as un-empathetic it feels it is.

one last thing, i've heard a lot about posts being deletion that are criticism. so in the event this gets deleted and i get banned from the forms, that is a quick way to make me lose that respect i still have for rob. i just wanted to let people know my take on it, and how i feel. and i just feel like i needed to say something, considering how much time i've spent on urealms, not just watching, but also time i've spent just thinking about the lore of the show.


  • You are allowed to have your own opinion. Even if it's a bad one, even if you think that the amount of money required to pay MULTIPLE people for the hard work they do is "ludicrous". Even if you don't believe in supporting a creator's hard work and regret doing so.

    Critism is NOT being deleted off the forums, people aren't being banned for having their opinions. Even if they're bad opinions. The posts we "deleted" (moved to where only the admins can still see them) were trolls/anti-fans attacking Rob and saying horrible things about HiveQueen, not fans upset over URealms, not criticism. The people that were banned had zero respect for the community.

    Rob isn't walking away from URealms, he will return to it one day. He has a URealms tattoo on his arm. He loves URealms, even more than you did.
  • @Meganzoor I don't believe in supporting creator's hard work on projects I DON'T want. if you think that is a bad opinion, then you have a bad opinion.
    if you have a problem with the word ludicrous ill just use the word unrealistic instead. the donation page says $17,748 every month, which is more then he has been making for each campaign considering how long it takes between campaigns. considering that not all this money will be going towards Urealms, giving less incentive for urealms fans to donate, does make consistently hitting this number every month Unrealistic.

    I didn't know how posts were being handling so i plead ignorance on my claim on them being deleted. however one of my sources on that claim comes from irishlily's twitter post where she said "Not to mention deleting ANY forms of criticism on the forums. I get deleting toxic, but it does not reflect well on someone when they just shut down any form of discussion" so unless you want to show us said posts, its her word against yours.
    however i am willing to concede that point considering this thread is still up.

    perhaps i should have been more clear about it, but i did say "he wants to stop working on urealms in is current state" which if this wasn't the case then why bother making that announcement in the first place. i'm not denying that rob loves Urealms.
    and in the video he made it pretty clear he cares a lot more for people who are fans of rob, instead of fans of urealms. when he says he says "life time fans"
  • @kreeperkiller63
    They've disabled updates on this thread btw. It will slowly be buried 
  • @kreeperkiller63 @Sweatingdwarf123 Biggest problem is asking that amount for projects some of the supports don't necessarily wish to support and that there're just too few of us right now to support it. It's a huge strain monthly. Sure I can dish out 250-400 a couple months, but I'm not going to be able to carry all that with only a couple hundred people at best unfortunately.
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