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How I feel about URealms

edited October 2019 in General Discussion
If I'm being honest when Rob first announced he was cancelling URealms I was angry. I hated Rob I thought he was a selfish asshole who cared about only money and power. That was the initial reaction and I knew that I couldn't send any message because all it would be was negative. I've gone back with the YouTube video and I realized that I was the selfish one. I was taking Rob and all his hard work for granted. Him and his staff spend hours of time and damage their mental health to make shows that people love. That I love. I will respect Rob forever for doing that for us and I could never permanently stay mad at him.
I've realized now that I struggle with some of the same issues Rob does with working so hard it kills you. Seeing this I now just want Rob to be happy so if that means he decides to retire then that is okay with me because it might make Rob's life better.
If possible though I want to have the best of both worlds and get happiness experiencing his fun attitude and great shows and his happiness with less stress and reliable income. I invite all of you if you can to please donate to Rob if you love his content but more importantly if you care about the creators making it.
Don't fight for URealms fight for Rob, Megan, Deadbones, Spiff, Haunter, Roamin and everyone else that works so hard for us.
Unlike most fanbases we have an opportunity to help our content creator when he needs it most. Rob deserves all our love. He fights hard for his fans and the friends that he works with and makes great shows. I think it's time we return the favor and fight harder than we ever have for him.
Rob I have to say your content had gotten me through some tough patches in life. That video stirred me to donate more. I hope any fans can do this too but please don't if you can't. Your livelihood is more important than this show but I'd love to see everyone support our favorite content creator so he can enjoy his life with Megan and enjoy making great shows.
Sincerely a fan a who loves URealms and it's creators  


  • Well said, I will always remember and share the good times. I'm still going to get my tattoo damn it! Love you all with all my heart and soul rob. 
  • Thank-you so much for your support, your whole message means a lot and it's super well thought out. We definitely don't want donations from those who can't afford it, I completely understand that not everyone has disposable income, even just coming to shows and participating in chat means so much. Thank-you again.  :)
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