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Are promised things still happening?

So rob has outright said that some things are gonna happen, but have plans changed now for stuff like

-a physical release
-donation events related to extra campaigns(also ToUW, because fans did technically pay for Romans legendary witch did nothing til the next time he would be seen)
-more additions to S4, like the cut classes
-anything to do with OoC or the old gods

I know rob said he didn't owe us anything but still this is something that had monetary value tied to things, and for some people already payed for.


  • If I got the message of the video right. He will continue doing Urealms through December 2020 and have some form of ending. So in a sense all that stuff that was payed for could still happen. Just in a rushed rave to the finish way. 

    If he meets the monthly amount each month then I see no reason he wouldn't deliver on those in a more meaningful way with more time dedicated to them,. 

    I don't know more then anyone else on here, but tbat's how I took his last video. 
  • Throughout URealms things have been subject to change and in all honesty nobody is bound to keep to the word on those. A good example are the Elemechs from season 1 and Highbears.
  • Yeah I think the last campaign rewards will happen when I get some time to issue them out. I'm talking about NEW stuff. I get that your probly like "you should of given us all the rewards before you made your video" but that's kinda the point. I'm exhausted, doing these rewards is so complicated and hard for me, it takes me awhile to even wrap my head around them and get them out there. I'll be sure to get em done since your right, people paid for em but.....

    Do you sorta see why I don't wanna do these things?

  • @Whoneedspacee Then I hope over the next year I can make you see why as I retire my man.
  • @Rob
    No I completely understand but you left this stuff out of the vid and you said things would be rushed so I was concerned that these things would be cut so you could have more time to do other things, witch is reasonable from a creator standpoint but as a business decision it would mean you had, intentionally or not, scammed people out of money if they had donated for that reason
  • Ya it's a 55 minute vid. I'm not wasting my time talking about stuff that IMO shouldn't matter when your creator is straight up saying they quitting.

    Like if that's the stuff that matters... man I gotta quit ya know?
  • You do you @Rob I'll support you till the end of the world man. Keep us proud, do what you need to do. Sometimes a break is all you need. Hoping for the best and I'm anxiously waiting for that exciting conclusion of UR. Make us proud Bro! Peace out boyscout!
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