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Empo's Campaign List

Similar to the post Murlin has made, I will be posting the campaigns my players and I will be playing over the coming months! I'll be posting a premise, who played, the characters and the outcome of the campaign!

We're going to be streaming these upcoming campaigns over at my Twitch ( ) if you want to check them out! I'll drop vod links as well!

P.S. The first campaign we do here is going to be off-stream, as this is a new group of people and I want them to be comfortable as a party (also this is an excuse so I can de-rust as a URealms Gamemaster). I'll still be posting it though!


  • Campaign 1: Ellis' Band of Magicians
    Dart, Umlaut, Renlax and Zack
    Character Creation can be found here!
    Stream will be on the 21st of Septermber at 2:30pm EST!


    Ellis’ Band of Magicians was a magicians group that grew to stardom in the time after the Birth of Magic. Led by the loveable Ellis Wellington, the group blew up due to their wow factor and their appeal to children and adults alike. However, the group suffered a tragedy when Ellis Wellington suffered a heart attack that crippled him for the rest of his short life. The group tried to continue forward, but, without their main performer, the group and the name itself slowly fell to the wayside.

    Three generations later, Ellis’ Band of Magicians is reforming. Ellis’ great grandson, Elijah Wellington, has decided to follow in his great-grandfather’s footsteps and bring the group back. While it hasn’t been easy, the group has decided to make another pilgrimage to the gravesite of all the members, to pay their respects on the group’s formation anniversary.

  • Ellis' Band of Magicians is live!

    You can find the stream over at:
  • The Heartoak Staff is live!

    You can find the stream over at:
  • Thank you! I'll try to catch one one of these days
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