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Im suspicious



  • While it sucks to see the show go, thank you Rawb for it, I really grew to love and enjoy this world you made, it helped me get through some really tough times but if you're no longer enjoying it, then what is the point of continuing, just thanks for everything and I'll see whatever things you come up with next.
  • @Umlaut But will Rob ever give us a conclusion? That's what I'm talking about.
  • @PurpleDynamite maybe eventually, maybe he won't, maybe with the full release the plot threads will be used for pre-made campaigns. Yes, we will all be sad if Rawb never finishes Urealms but I don't want a man who has brought this community so much joy to be doing something his heart isnt in anymore. It was never the ending we were watching for, it was the silly jokes along the way. Sure its unsatisfying but there isn't anything i can say that will fix that. To whatever comes next!
  • It was about the journey, not the destination, after all. And the journey isint over just yet.
  • Yeah, I just like a good story. And I appreciate comedy, but there was so much interesting plot as well. I was even more invested in the story than the comedy, so it just feels wrong to see none of the plot be resolved. And I don't want to pressure Rob or be an asshole, but I would at least like to see a finale campaign or something. Maybe I'm just a selfish shit.
  • Nah man it's totally normal to be disappointed and you're not selfish. I'm sad too but I'm trying to look on the bright side
  • I'm thinking, how spur of the moment was this decision? Considering that he had recently done What Is URealms Live? It seemed like he very much wanted to continue. Why would you create something to help people get into the new seasons of the show more easily when there won't be any more new seasons?
  • @PurpleDynamite You could probably have figured out for yourself that since the "What is URealms?" video was an attempt to bring new people to the show that he wasn't ready to end URealms just yet. If you watched the stream tonight you heard Rob mention that he was doing too many roles, had way less passion for it and had only half his original cast left. The tattoo he now has, his first tattoo, shows that URealms will not be gone for good because it meant something to him too.
  • I got to rick roll Galen Sunsword... I don't think I could have asked for more out of Urealms.
  • "had way less passion for it and had only half his original cast left"
    wait who besides Justin left?

    Im way out of the loop 
  • @ItsjustAvy Coe also expressed that he isn't really interested in doing Urealsm anymore
  • @NikoKun
    Thanks for the reply
  • I had no idea that Coestar had left, when did this happen?
  • @graymorality After the seasons 3 finale, the last campaign he was in
  • Thanks for the info. @Meganzoor
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