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What if the Ageless had a news station? Episode 4 Now up

My interpretation of what an ageless news station would sound like (special guest: Cain):

Episode 2 (Special Guest: Ladrian Cobbler):

Episode 3 (Special Guest: Nisovin):

Episode 4 (Special Guest: Bopen...):

I was messing around with some ideas for advertisement slogans within urealms and I started to think about what a news station would be like within the realms and types of weird stories or important events events they would get to report on while you can listen to a couple of my ideas above I was intrigued to hear if anyone else had any humorous suggestions for slogans, headlines or news stories within urealms. 


  • This is honestly really awesome. Very well written and pretty good acting overall. I think this has a lot of potential as a fun podcast-y type thing done every week or so. 
  • this was pretty good
  • This reminds me of Welcome to the Nightvale. PLEASE make more these! I love this so much! It's really good! I love this oh my golestandt it's great!
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    Omg, so good lol plz have Romain's Senator from Deadlantis as a guest
  • This is fantastic! The scripting is so good!
  • This is really good. I always thought that if a news station existed it would have Fallout-esque host and you're pretty spot on.
  • Skelletell news Part 2:
    This weeks guest is Ladrian Cobbler. 

    Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments above. You are all prime examples of why I love the urealms community its filled with very supportive people. Sorry it took me so long to come back and respond to this life has been very busy with university and such.

    @DeltaDdragon I would love to do it every week or so as its super fun to write just depends how busy life is.
    @TristionSaiara I have put Roamins senator (Ladrian Cobbler) as the special guest to this show however that means you have to live with my awful attempt at his accent.
    @Snarky I was intrigued enough by your comment to look into Welcome to the Nightvale and it sounds pretty interesting. I'll try and make some time to properly listen to it. Thank you for introducing me to it.  
  • This is really good, keep it up!
  • Omg, if you get picked for a Divine Decision you could post this in the Order of Chaos and make it canon in some form!
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    I enjoyed this a lot! That tree-law moment was wonderful XD, keep up the good work! (also ty for having Roamin's senator)
  • Really fun and great :dank: 
  • Skelletell news Part 3:
    This weeks guest Nisovin. 

    On holiday for a bit so I am going to see if I can start pushing to do these once a week as there also super fun to write when I get the chance. Hope you all enjoy and thanks to anyone in advance who takes the time to listen. (apologies as normal for the impressions, Nisovin has such a good gnome voice but I can't do it.)  
  • this is great
  • Skelletell News Part 4:
    This weeks Guest Bopen... (Or is it) 

    I wasn't really sure what to write in light of Mondays announcement. In the end I thought a short piece showing the characters in the realm reacting to the news was the best way I could some up my emotion towards the news. 

    I have greatly enjoyed urealms so far. I have never had any spare moneys to throw its way even though it deserves it but I have shared it with as many people as I could and I now have two very great friends who watch it alongside me and others who quote "you can't kill what I am" and then suplex skeleton kings whenever times get tough and other who roll their eyes whenever I mention it. 

    I thank everyone on the urealms team especially Rob for their efforts and the countless hours of enjoyment this show has brought me not only through watching it but the many many hours I have now been inspired to play roleplaying games because of it and of course thank you to all the fantastic people who made it possible through their donations.
  • @Melgarth_Ravenwood that was fantastic, good job man.
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