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Empire in Ruin (Nation thread) (6/6)



  • A letter of the Galiathus Empire is openly sent out to the people of the nations

    This was once a land of a different bloodline, before the Cataclysm. But now the Galiathus Empire is of the Von Zona, the family of the Marshal's of past. But that does not mean my Father was only was war. We had made alliances in previous days and owned land justly. We are not here to slaughter, but rather remain and protect. Do not come into the Galiathus Empire and slaughter our people without reason. We are protecting our civilians from radicals and violence, and I receive word those of nature magic killed them in their duty. I condemn those who dared do such a thing and for supporting these rebellions in my land. I wish I did not have to send this letter, but the actions of foreign powers press me to do this. If we identify the forces that did this before they claim responsibility, much more severe action will be taken. Our northern and eastern borders will be closing until this situation is resolved. I blame those of this attack for if civilians are further harmed by their actions.

    Insert the wax seal of the Empress Alvania Von Zona
  • Testing testing.
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