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A Tribute to URealms Live - Help Wanted!

Hello friends,

While the recent news has left me saddened, it has also given me a renewed feeling of motivation. Rather than despair over what is gone, I'd like to focus on celebrating all the laughs, tears, and sheer joy URealms has brought us over the years by creating a video compilation of it's most memorable moments.

And that's where you come in!

While many moments stand out in my mind, I am only one person - I want this project to reflect the experiences of the entire community! So all you need to do is post a comment of your favorite moment(s) from the live show - I'll take care of the rest.

As a side note, I'd just like to also give my thanks to Rob and the entire URealms team. This show has seriously changed my life in so many ways, and I can't wait to see what comes next!



  • My favorite bit was the ogre scene in the Sunswords. That scene just made me laugh so hard.
    There are more that stand out and are on part with that moment. But I will leave it for now to the rest of the community

  • Deadbones dropping the apple and rolling a one, falling to his death. It was the perfect 1. That's the first thing that comes to mind. The second is the (actual) death of virgo at the hands of Bopen.
  • eleven magical little words.

    "What's your name, non-dwarf?"
    "Dwarf number three."
    "K, Combat has started."
  • Final roll of Season one that 20 was an amazing way to end the season!
  • Since the first few posts here are of season one, lets keep the nostalgia train running:

    "Yes." That one word from Justin who was having internet troubles birthed a whole meme within the community.
  • Another season 1 thing, the many gobos of pat may have been flawed but it had a kicker or a joke
    “Knock knock”
    ”who’s there?”
    *Combat has started*
  • Roamin's twenty streak that created Karl Landers.
  • an accumulation of all the gags such as the pebble boys and jim the magic time man

  • Duke Daring being thrown by Porcs rallying the entire Den of Devils Adventuring Party to kill a giant flame spooky.
    Any of the Lore created by Milbee and Roamin including reactions from the others at some revelations, Example being Tree Law.
    The First "Snake in my Boot" from Murder Bros. "There is a Snake in your boot, Combat has started."
    Any of E.X.X.X.P Moments
    I am not sure if it counts but, "OFFICIAL CLOWN BUSINESS!" from the Deadrealms.
    Too many to list, Though I have to admit my favorite was the 25 year fire incident from the Nuren Campaign, that led to a sentient jar of apple juice.

  • Thank you so much for all the submissions so far, I'll get started compiling these ASAP. Keep them coming!
  • The moment Duke Daring saves Lunk by kicking Michael Langstrom into the Lava in Den of Devils will always stay with me
  • Gotta give props to the final fight of Buckeroos. The whole "old party vs new party" dynamic made for a really solid last encounter.
  •  it would be really neat if we got all of the campaign openings back to back
  • @Revoltman It won't be every opening, but I do have a plan to feature the animations, don't worry  ;)
  • I really loved when King Robear and Douglass talked in Lightbeards, more specifically the music when Douglass unknowingly angered the king. Think it was like episode 3 or 4
  • I love the part when Nisovin got hold of Big Betty in Last Beenu.
    you really can't go wrong with Nisovin wielding an assault rifle!
  • It's hard to beat the turbulent and exciting chaos that was the season 1 finale.
    From the "game" of Chilly Willies, to Khn'n-Rell's speech, and to the final climatic moments of Kallark and Gwyneth escaping the collapsing Silver Mine Mountains and rolling the perfect 20. It was all a glorious experience to see. :D
  • Alright, I guess I'll be the one to say it.

    The whole Chimera introduction from Porc Hunters, it was amazing and introduced my second-favorite kobold of the series, so like... yeah...

    ooo, maybe a compilation of every time someone's said kobold could be a good project for me...
  • Probably the "young lady will you climb in my mouth" and the seconds before Reesi's death and the immediate aftermath.
  • The Unseen Rogues
    "He climbs me like a fucking tree Roamin"
    -Neena Brando (Deadbones)
  • I'm gonna be honest when ever I am looking for something to inspire me I put on the season 2 ending to just watch virgo.
    To quote virgo "you can't kill what I am" When I hear this all I can think of is will I leave a legacy that no one could kill. It just makes me want to do great things in my life. 
  • the interrogation scene from the yes king was very neat
  • My favorite moments would have to be when Percy walks away from Bopen and then destroys Bopen's skull with his last action, dying in a state of victory. Percy Blast is by far my favorite character partly because of this moment, but really because of just how much he changes and grows as a person over a single campaign. 

    And my second favorite moment is definitely the end of The Last Beenu, with Quintara's rampage. This is one of the most powerful moments to me in the whole show. It starts off in this uneasy tension, and then all hell breaks loose when Quintara lands and that amazing music starts playing. God I love that track, Ive rewatched that part of the campaign so many times. It's just incredible, maybe because of how it completely humanizes Quintara in my eyes; she became one of my favorite characters in that moment. Those would be my favorite moments in URealms (plus of course Lightbeards ending).
  • I can't not go with the whole winning the Divine Decision in the Senate of Deadlantis campaign, having everyone's eyes on me to make the decision in chat was so exciting. 
    Otherwise there are just too many great moments to chose from.
  • There have been so many awesome moments, Ill try to list my favorites:
    -Official Clown Business!
    -Tree Law, and the encounter with The Great Pupper Dogo(From Galen Sunsword P.I)
    -Willakers arriving in the Fall of Dundenbrough
    -The final escape from the silvermine mountans.
    These are some of my favorite, funny and epic moments from urealms, I can't wait to see this video.
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