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Looking for Players 10/21

@everyone @URealms
Campaign Name: Unexpected Discovery Redux #41
When it will be held: October 21st at 7pm EST
Expected Length: 4-6 including CC
Amount of Players: 4
Cards used: Vanilla
Race/Class Restrictions: None In Character Information:
You and your party of adventurers have been hired by the Guild of Explorers to venture into an abandoned great hall created by a now extinct ancient race of bird people called the Beenu. You are to explore as deep as possible so that you can later make a map to complete your contract with the Guild. The Guild has also warned you that these ancient ruins are often filled with traps and mechanical machines, so extreme caution is advised.
Meta Information: This campaign has a good mix of roleplay and challenging combat. This campaign has linear map progression but still has few opportunities to change up the story. I also expect all experienced URealms players and especially Gamemasters to know this campaign fairly well because you probably have looked at it on the forums.


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