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Goodbye Urealms and Thank You Rob

First of all, Rob, thank you. Thank you for the memories that have helped define my childhood. When this show started I was only 13 now earlier this month I turned 18. This show helped shape me into who I am now as an adult. Rob thank you for giving me something to care about and cherish these 5 years. I will always remember these campaigns as the highlights of my childhood and I thank you for that. I spent a lot of time in the hospital recently and your streams have always helped me forget that and enjoy life a little more. Thank you for ending this now before you lost love for it. I'm not sad because it's over. I'm happy that it happened.

Goodbye Thea Mazing, the embodiment of Justin's silence before his punchlines.
Goodbye Kalark, the first character who truly made me burst out in laughter.

Thank you for giving me these memories Rob. They are something I will always cherish.


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  • It's funny, I'm in the same place of starting Urealms when I was 13 and being 18 now. I started watching Rawb in 2013 and I even wrote my high school and college essays on him and how hes affected me. It's been a ride and there's no one I would have rather had as my conductor.
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    Screw it, I'm going public.
    Rawb is an amazing person, and I love everything he has done, he's doing what he needs to. And he will likely come back, if only for a few streams far down the line as a memory for the good old days!
    If anyone wants to contact me, I'm on discord. Screw my PMs, here Rayna#0005
    Feel free to talk to me if you want, but Rob is really tugging on our heartstrings, I'm going to follow him wherever he leads us, trusting him. Because it's the right thing to do.
    Feel free to send friend requests.
  • A big thank you to the entire URealms team, I've been watching URealms since I was in high school and now I'm a senior in college and watching URealms and being able to go to streams is something that has helped me get through some pretty low moments in my life so far. I'm going to miss the characters we have all grown to love over the past several years, I can't help but be selfish and hope we can see them again in some way but I completely understand if we don't. As an artist myself I understand that we all got through creative journeys to find what we truly love and I hope you find it, and I will be there to watch. <3
  • Thank you Rob, and everyone who had their hand in URealms Live, for giving me, and a lot of us here on the server, a wonderful Card Game, Roleplaying Game, Roleplaying Series, and innovative Technical Programs to make the Series all the more amazing.

    Thank you so very very much, and best of luck to everyone here in their future endeavors.
  • Thank you Robert Moran!

    I am in shock. I'm confused, upset, stunned, and glad. I did not expect this type of announcement at all and I'm still wrapping my head around what it really means for the future. I have been a fan for such a long time, following you from project to project over the years. Ironically I was having a conversation today with a friend about how celebrities are portrayed in the media and how when they quit/retire/die/or disappear from the spotlight their fans overreact about a person they've never met. You were one of the only "celebrities" or content creators I have ever gave a damn about and you had me in tears like a fool. I don't play video games nor do I roleplay, but I've invested so much ~empathy~ into you; especially Urealms.

    I'm glad you're doing something that you believe gives you fulfilment but god does this hurt as a viewer. I'm so proud of how far you've come as a creator and a human. I've grown up with you throughout these years and it's very clear that you've been doing some growing as well. I really want to be optimistic and I hope you made the right decision for yourself. You helped build so much of my own character and it's only fair that we allow you to continue growing in this new path you've paved. 

    I'm going to miss a lot. I really wanted to know how everything ultimately settled in Urealms. I always envisioned myself growing old and still watching as that world evolved and storylines never tired. But I guess they were tiring and it's only reasonable to put it to rest.

    Thank you so much!

  • Thanks Rob, loved every minute of it! Cant wait to see what you do next!
  • Thank you, Rob. Thank you for everything you've done and all the entertainment you've given me throughout the years, all the way back to Unforgotten Realms classic. Thanks to you, I've met some of my best friends I've ever had, people I still spend a great deal of time with to this day. It's hard to believe how something as silly as a series of goofy cartoons on the internet could have such a wide reaching effect on my life, but it truly has. I've been here to support you up to this point, and I'll keep following you into whatever you're doing.
  • Rawb,
    You say you were a bad person but as someone who has come into your community relatively recently, I find it really hard to believe. I was introduced to URealms Live a few years again right around when season two ended by someone who was a friend of mine at the time. Your show got me through a lot. I pretty much need background noise whenever I do literally anything because my mind has a habit of racing out of control really quickly when I don't have something to drown it out with. So the over a week backlog of URealms season was perfect. It got me through endless hours of studying, quite a few dark souls bosses, and some rough nights were I really needed a good laugh and a way to forget my day. Your takes on empathy and masculinity have driven a lot my own character arc the past couple of years and I've tried to model myself off of how much of a wonderful and caring person you are. Today you maxed out your empathy stat and won the game. I am and always will be genuinely really sad to see URealms go, and I'm sure there are a few times I'm gonna wake up and forget that it happened before remembering later that day. But no matter what I will always support you and what you do Rob. You are not only my favorite streamer and content creator, but the nicest one I know. Thank you, for everything. 

  • Thank you Rawb. Your abilaty to craft these worlds is a marvel. While I will miss the one you made here, as I already miss LoM and DvZ, I know the next will be another chapter in the journey. I'm also VERY glad to see you taking better care of yourself too.
  • Thanks Rawb for all the memories, the laughs, the goofs, the tears, the hype, all of it. I've been watching you since DvZ and I have continued to watch your content for so long. I have really grown up along with your content. I am really sad and somewhat disappointed that you have chose to retire URealms. URealms was a great experience for me, both as a show and a game. I actually had a long running campaign with one of friends just end. Right now, it is difficult trying to write the next campaign with the news.

    Although I cannot fully understand the amount of pressure, stress, work and emotions you have put into URealms, I can empathize with your choice. You deserve a break as well as the choice to do whatever you want. Please take care of yourself, you magnificent internet bard. I hope you find great success and fulfillment.

    This might actually be a goodbye as I have only really watched your URealms content since you started streaming again. It is quite difficult trying to catch your stream due to time zones constraints so I don't know much about your other projects. But I will always support you, whether it was URealms or your next endeavor.

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    I should have seen this coming honestly. I sort of did with the announcement for the announcement but I didn't want to believe it. With all the projects and stuff you do, stuff falls to one side, especially stuff as monumentally time consuming and stressful as Urealms. With all the delays and other stuff taking priority it was only a matter of time.

    It hurts considering how much I've loved this show. I've watched this show through many times in my life. Through both love and loss and moving houses and all sorts of things. It gave me plenty of laughs. It gave me plenty of feels. It gave me plenty moments of awesomeness as those dice just line up perfectly and the animations that kick ass come in.

    It's been a great ride ever since that fateful drunk new years campaign. I still vividly remember Roamins Band of Thieves and the technical difficulties and the silly first encounter. I still remember the village getting destroyed in woodcarvers. The building a god stream where I finally became part of the order of chaos. The huge endings of all the seasons (and finally getting that gold in the credits of season 3). Heck even dumb stuff like the mimic house in Deadrealms which was an awesome concept.

    Thank you so much for creating this show. Really. Urealms was by far my favourite project you've ever worked on and quite possibly ever will work on. I've never been much of a person to watch regular twitch streams although I have caught the occasional stream outside of Urealms. Even the Pokemon stuff that I loved I didn't manage to catch most of the time. Times rarely line up as much when you're European. We'll see though.

    I'll always keep my eye on what you're up to at least. It's been a good 6 years so far (feels so much longer) and I might seem like just a small sometimes quiet and unimportant part of the community, but I hope 6 years from now I'm still invested in whatever cool new projects you're doing then. 

    Maybe this doesn't seem as cohesive as I'd like. I'd rewrite this but then I kinda want to just post the stuff as it comes in my mind. Whatever you do, please do look after yourself. Keep being your awesome but still human self. If you do end up reading this, I hope it leaves you more positive than negative in the end.
  • @Crimson_Grove ;Probably space squirrels
  • Hello friend Rawb who has provided us with a ton of different types of wonderful content over the years, and indirectly led me to meet many of the most special people in my life.
    I found this show randomly through Azveltara Z, so I'm newer than... probably 99% of the other fans here. I watched Etho before that point and later discovered a brief connection through some older content, so I suppose this was meant to be.
    My point is, even though I joined very late in your streaming career so far, I still could feel the love. I felt accepted in your chats and these forums, and the content itself was wholesome enough to warm my heart. If this place was more toxic, I'm not sure how much I would have stuck around. Thank you for being such an understanding, helpful, and kind streamer and person.
    I realize I have had some obnoxious phases, but in the spirit of not bringing down the vibes by being self deprecating, I will keep it brief. The one thing I will mention is the era of the Cult of the Woven, which some forum members will remember. That thread and minicommunity, which was at first called Philhipé Safe Haven (that name is part of the reason that people got annoyed by us), was my first RP group. They got me to come out of my shell. So it may not seem logical that I'm so attached to this furry race, kobolds, but they are part of the reason that I'm able to be open with my feelings again.
    Beside my kobold cult that I love very much, I met my now-girlfriend through her winning a divine decision. We've been together for over a year now. I met a friend who has become like a sister to me through these silly forums also.
    And eventually, I found a safe place with your actual community, moving away from just Urealms. I like to think that I am appreciated here. I'm on this train now and I don't plan to ever fall off. sixwaiCC

    One last thing, I'd like to thank you for pushing yourself so hard with urealms. All your sleepless nights working on cards, streaming software, creating lore, all for people to be so toxic? It's an honorable feat that you were able to make it to season 4 without quitting. But that wasn't good on your mental health, I can imagine, so I am happy that you finally decided to offically devote your energy to something you are more interested in.

    Kobold :smilebold: 
  • Once again he drifts off,
    Urealms was always a blast to look forward to, though I have noticed the writing on the wall for a while. I will keep this brief.

    Rob saved me a while back, a bout 13 years ago, when I was in Middle school. Tough times being bullied, and hiding in the library during lunch hours. Only myself and the original Unforgotten Realms Cartoon. It got me into Table Top games and inspired me to seek out others who also had fun with such games. I now run and play D&D and even some Urealms games close to a couple times a week these days, and I feel I wouldn't really be here to do it if it wasn't for Robs uplifting comedy pulling me up from a very dark place in my life.
    From Unforgotten Realms, to the GRR Show, 2 Player with Roamin, to the Funny Minecraft and Warcraft videos. Then he vanished one day from my radar, the Unforgotten Realms Site died and video files either corrupted or faded in some cases. I still revisited on occasion and kept an eye out till I rediscovered him with Lords of Minecraft, and Urealms Live.
    Now once again he drifts off, but I am better for it now.
    Thank you Rob and the rest of your crew for the entertainment and uplifting experience you have given myself and others. I look forward to seeing what is next.

    Till we cross paths again.
  • I'm going to keep it short, thank you so much Rob. Urealms has been my single favorite production I have seen. The ambition, fan participation and creativity was truly amazing. Urealms was a very important part of my development of a person. I'm sad to see it go but glad to see you move onto bigger and better things and am excited to see such things. 
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    Damn this hit me hard. Urealms is my #1 favorite thing on the internet and Rawb is my #1 favorite creator. The idea of becoming a hype man for other creators, putting on shows is very interesting though.

    I've followed Rawb ever since my friend in high school showed me the original Newgrounds animations and have followed most everything since. I remember coming home each day from school and going to the website he had and watching the newest 2Player first thing. Watching each new episode on the Escapist and talking about i with my friends at the lunch table. Going into college and discovering the Buffalo Wizards through LoM. The Christmas streams! I'm not close to my family. I'm the outcast internet dweller. Those streams were so helpful the last few years. Then finally the big project, Urealms Live. Something so creative and unique. My favorite fantasy world and characters. You've made so much good shit beyond all this and I know you'll continue that moving forward.

    I won't pretend it doesn't suck in some way. I really hope years from now he finds that passion again to continue Urealms, but I've been fan most of my life. I'm not going anywhere and I know Rawb will always deliver something entertaining.

    Rawb you are a huge influence on me and I hope you find new passion and excitement with your new projects. If the itch to ever return to Urealms comes back, 2, 5, 10 years or more from now. I and many other fans will be here to support you fully. 

    Thank you for everything you've done. I'm excited for whatever you have planned next.

    *Plays Guts theme on repeat*
  • It was a boring afternoon in March. I was a freshman in high school and I was sitting in my art class procrastinating, looking for something to listen to on my phone before I started working on my project. I decided to go to Rawbs YouTube channel to look for a DVZ video to listen to in the background when I saw the newest uploaded video, "The Nuren Campaign - Episode 1". My interest was piqued because this was something I had never seen before. At the time I had been watching Rawb for about two years so I was mostly only used to his Minecraft content, but this was new. So I decided to watch a bit of it. I vividly remember that I got nothing done that whole class. I'm extremely thankful my art teacher liked me because I should have gotten in a lot of trouble for the amount of times I laughed out loud and disrupted other peoples work time. 

    I was hooked. This was the first time I had seen something like this (never got into learning what DnD was) and I laughed and laughed until my chest felt sore. And this continued as time went on. I would look daily for news about new Urealms or about more campaigns coming up. At first I never could catch them live so I was always watching the two videos that came out daily just dying for the next day to come already with it's new uploads. And looking back on it now, I realize I have so many memories about Urealms. I remember the first official campaign, I remember how special the Sunswords campagin in season 1 felt, I remember finally catching my first live show with the beginning of season 2 (The Woodcarvers), I remember watching the weird Lore streams where they talked about bee people (pfft like skygyptians would ever be a good idea),  I remember faking sick so I could watch the climax of The Buckeroos as soon as the videos were uploaded (The Law FTW), I remember rewatching the animation of Bopen appearing for the first time in the Fall of Dundinborough countless times, I remember how hype I was to see the huge returning cast in Den of Devils, I remember watching almost every campaign live in season 3 (the 8 hour+ sessions of sitting in a hot room laughing continuously), I remember crying at the end of season 3 when Gwenyth became the grand paladin, and so much more. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I loved. 

    I am now in my second year of college after spending over four years growing up alongside this world and its characters. I've always been very lonely and I've never been able to make any friends I can be myself around, but I will always cherish the shared connection we had as fans of Urealms. It makes me extremely sad to see the show go. But I've always had a silly little theory about characters in fictional worlds. Characters can't die, or at least, they never stop existing. As long as someone remembers them; imagines them in a new story, a new place, or a new world they still live. So as long as someone remembers all of these characters and this world, they won't die. They might be going to sleep right now, but someday someone will remember them and they will make a new story with them, and so they will be living once more. I had so many ideas for these characters and this world and I know there are so many people who have probably even more ideas than me, and I'm willing to bet some of those people will end up creating those ideas. So even though the show is ending, I don't feel like the world is over, just going to sleep. 

    Sorry I've talked for so long, and I know I was never really active in the community, but I just had to share this. If you read this whole thing send me a message for a virtual high-five because you deserve it. I hope you guys are doing just swell and I hope you have a great time, where ever you are. I can't wait to see the great times in our future and I won't ever forget the great times in our past. 

    - Aesrien <3
  • You do you, Rob. I've been a fan of yours for the last ten years, and I've followed your many pivots to this point. I know this isn't the end, just a new chapter in your weird and wonderful journey, and I'll be there for whatever's next.
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    I'm not the most interactive member of this community and I don't really do much other than silently watching from the wayside, but let me say this:

    I've watched Rawb since the 3rd grade, and this December I'll graduate.
    Out of everyone in my life, Rawb as influenced me and who I am today more than all of them combined.

    If I hadn't randomly stumbled upon a DvZ stream all those years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if I had become a hateful person by now. Given how both my parents and all their friends grew up in the time where it wasn't really frowned upon to be passively racist, sexist, and bigoted to a certain extent, it's not surprising to see how it has rubbed onto both my siblings, and in the case of my brother, amplified when he reached his edgy years to an unfortunate extent, and I honestly believe that I too would've become that type of person as well, the type who speaks without regard for anyone around, spouts slurs like their going out of style, and is the embodiment of a toxic 14-year-old.

    8 years ago I feel my life split off into two directions, one where I didn't find Rawb's content and became the person i spoke of above, and the one where I am who I am today

    Rob, I hope you get to live the life you want to live, and no matter what it is that you choose to do in the future, whether it be revitilizing old projects, starting new ones, full time streamer, or even to retire, know that i'll respect and support you in any way that i can through it all.
  • Well had a felling it was gonna end this year, fell a bit sad and disappointed But in the end it was a nice run, i hope Rob make something else like this in the future, it was My favorite project of his by far. I Have followed Rob sense long before URealm so will continue to support him and his silliness, But not sure i will ever be as vocal as i been in the UR fandom, like his twitch stuff But now with My new jobb and the different time zones i just cant follow is content as well as i dont with his other stuff. But will alway be a fan and his loyal number 9.
  • Firstly, I want to say that I love you Rob and I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do more than you can know. It's been a pleasure to watch you and your content grow along with me over the past ten years, while many other content creators I found at the same time have more or less stayed still. And that's not the only thing that makes you unique, your awareness of the position you're in, the effect you can have on your fans and the responsibilities you have because of that are sadly lacking elsewhere in the online community.

    That's partly why I actually feel quite proud of you over this. Because for years and years you have put so much of yourself into living up to that responsibility, to live up to the expectations you imagine your fans must have of you, but this finally feels like a decision that's best for you. In the past you've continued with projects at significant expense to yourself way beyond the point that it's necessary, just because you didn't want to let the fans down. But your (and really anyone's) content is always at its best when you're not forcing yourself to keep going, and this is perhaps the first big proactive decision I can remember you making to bring an end to a project not because it would be virtually impossible to continue it, but because you yourself would no longer be happy or comfortable continuing with it. And for that I don't blame you at all, it's hard to feel equipped to tell such a serious story at the best of times, never mind with everything else going on in the world right now.

    On to the show itself, and I have to say that even early on I could see that you were putting so much of yourself into it. Obviously as a show for a large audience, on an entirely custom game system, it was never going to be just your average Saturday DnD session with a bunch of friends. But I feel like there was a massive middle ground between that and what URealms eventually became. And I think that's partly because it is so easy to inflate your own perception of just how much people expect from you and what you create; when at the end of the day, most people just want to watch you have fun.

    Now it would be all too easy (and unfair) for me to sit here and nitpick every one of the decisions made on the show from afar. Even the most casual tabletop games can get stale if the GM doesn't have a story to tell, I can't imagine how hard it must be to find the balance between the sort of game you want, the sort of game your players want, the sort of game your fans want and the sort of game that works well as a big spectacle of a show. You used to talk about the "90:10" split between humour and seriousness, which I think comes from the right place but completely belies the complexity of the balancing act you were faced with, and the effort and investment it must have taken over the past four years to keep it up.

    One thing I do want to cast your minds back to is the donation decision which took place at the end of season one. It's been so long that I don't even remember what the three options were, but I think the direction that sent the show in has been playing out ever since. The grand stories, the emotional twists, the planning and scripting for every potential outcome. I think that decision turned the "serious" dial a bit beyond 10%, and ultimately made it unsustainable for one person to manage and orchestrate every aspect of the shows whilst still maintaining the joy they found in it at the start. But you know what gives me hope? The fact that Deadrealms is continuing. Deadrealms to me represents what the show could have turned into if that decision had gone a different way, with much more casual, on the fly roleplay and less demanding organisation. And I am so excited to see Rob recapture that love of tabletop roleplay as a player.

    Of course, this is all part of your journey and the community's journey along with you. Once you decide to check your ego and try to become more wholesome online and in life, it can be so hard to effectively learn from scratch when it is appropriate to assert yourself, your needs, your vision. I know I went through something similar, and let my life and my actions be determined by what I imagined other people expected or wanted from me. Thankfully, life becomes so much easier, and your content becomes so much better, when you do find that balance, and I'm sure your contributions in future will be much improved for having been on this journey.
  • Oh rob.

    I have to say, you are a special man. I'm not sure what to say more then thank you for leveling my empathy and being part of my Childhood. 

    You other people can find me on the web as Darnokthemage.
  • well i'm gonna miss all the content that you make but do what makes you happy and good luck in all of your adventures 
    and thank you for all of it all the fun the laughs and entertainment 
  • So I've been a fan of Rob's for a long time where he came into my life 3 different times. The first was when I was deep into WoW he released his Jimmy story and I watched, loved it and became a fan. Found his newgrounds account and watched all his stuff on there as well. After awhile I stopped going to newgrounds and I wasn't into watching YouTube stuff yet. Then after a couple years I found out escapist, watched zero punctuation and then seen that there was also a show name that looked kinda familiar. Became a big fan of Rob's once again and visited his website wittywizard so much it became my homepage to watch just unforgotten realms. Then I decided to watch his other videos of him playing Minecraft and stuff and boy did I love that shit (even remember watching Rob working on a server for Minecraft where the game was dwarves vs vampires). Those times were very toxic times we all were that in that time I remember it I definitely was it as well. Around the time Rob went to doing Pokemon nuzlocks I was in a bad place where I was pretty much homeless a(I was squatting in an abandoned home) so had no way to connect to the internet so I couldn't watch anything online. At that time I was trying to lose that toxic part of me I realized how fucking awful I was and how awful it was making me feel. When I finally got to use the internet again, watched game grumps and Yogscast (Yogscast I found out because of Rob mentioning them during his superminecraft videos) and got this recommended videos for a thing called dwarves vs zombies and I was like "why does that sound familiar?" So watched and instantly recognized that voice. Fucking Rob is in my life again. It was like running into an old friend I got really excited. I got super hyped when he started the Lord's of Minecraft and I got to hear roamins voice again (it did make me feel kinda teary hearing them both again) even though I never actually interact with them. I also realized that Rob and roamin wasn't acting edgy like I remember them acting the last time I watched them. At first my brain was like "I can't believe they changed" but then I instantly was like "wait I fucking changed too!" I stopped acting like some edgelord around the same time they did. I stopped acting like people genuinely having fun with their own lives is "cringey" because im insecure to be myself in public situations. I now get happy and my heart melts when I see people be themselves outside of the comfort of their own room I fucking love it! And also seeing Rob has been working on his empathy and some others I was big fans of online (i.e egoraptor) were as well made me feel happy to see how much they've grown.
    I fucking cried watching the stream because even though it was a video of mostly Rob's redemption arc it felt a lot like watching my own growth as well.
  • I've never been much of a talker, and I rarely even logged in for the streams but tried to catch everyone I could. I was watching live for the first campaign, and in fact, was watching it with my future Fiancé. Watching Urealms together and sharing in this passion not only helped us foster a relationship but also held us together when we were long distance. Coming home and curling up on the bed to watch Urealms together made me feel like I was with them again. It's also what got me into Roleplaying again, and what originally got me into tabletop RPGs.

    When I heard the news I was immediately devastated, I didn't see it coming, it felt like this silly little dream world was gonna last forever. I'm still holding back tears even as I type this, which I know seems ridiculous, but getting attached to silly things is a human thing. This show meant a lot to me, as I know it meant a lot to everyone else, but a 'Hello' has to be followed by a 'Goodbye' eventually, and it was wonderful while it lasted, but it's not like Rob is going away! Every great thing he does is a stepping stone for the next fantastic idea. So while I'm holding back tears now, I'm definitely waving goodbye with a smile on my face, and knowing that I'm going to be holding back tears of laughter at whatever may come next.

    These Realms with not be forgotten.
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    I've been following Rawb since the start of LoM, when I was randomly recommended Guude's first LoM episode. Wasn't a fan of that vid, but Rawb's enthusiasm towards the roleplay drew me in, and I was hooked. Since then i've binged most of the Buffalo Wizard content several times over, as well as LoM and DVZ, and I've been heavily invested in everything since.

    URealms is an amazing show and an amazing idea, and I'm sad that it's ending (at least for now). However above all, the health of the person that made something should be the number one priority, even if it means stepping back and taking a break from something that you (or others) enjoy.

    I'm a fan for life, Rawb. Keep doing what your passionate about <3
  • Well it's time for me to finally write this I think, after leaving a tab on this page open since basically when the thread went up lol. It's that silly thing where you feel as if something won't be gone if you don't acknowledge it for a while. Now it's time to get all my feelings out of the way though, to deal with them. 

    I'm really going to miss this show. More than DvZ, more than Game of Thrones, more than any of the other things I've loved this year that have ended. At a time in my life of incredible change, this is just another one. 

    I have been a fan of Rob's for many, many years, and I did look at him as a role model for a long long time. Someone who's creative, passionate, and just seemed like a pretty chill guy. Through discovering about him/DvZ with mindcrack, to the first streams of URealms. URealms is where I'd say I was cemented as a life long fan though. I just loved it. Everything about it. The humor, the people, the community, the game, and by far the story. It is the last two aspects I want to focus on. 

    URealms, through the tabletop mod and me roping in my friends to play it with me in late middle school and early high school, was my first tabletop RPG experience and my first experience in trying to GM. I ran about 10 campaigns total before finding a full group of friends became too hard for me to do to play in in high school, and those games are one of my favorite things I did throughout my childhood. And even though non of my friends ever got into URealms like I did, they've still told me of just how much they enjoyed those games. Overall this just shows how URealms was an important part of how I grew up. 

    But more importantly, I love the story of URealms. The 10% serious, how everything connects in this massive, complex web of storylines. The meta elements of the story. It's all just so intriguing, so enthralling, and so... connecting. I've cried quite a lot to various scenes throughout URealms. Gwyneth getting stabbed, the end of Silvermine, the end of Woodcarvers,  Quintara's rage/revenge on Ghostblade, and of course the end of Lightbeards. There are some storylines that are so personal to me that I have had slight epiphanies about my own life through them. Through reflecting on some of the things that have happened in the overall URealms canon, I have become a better and better person I think. And that makes it really special to me. 

    Even going into college this year I always thought that I would be sitting down on every last saturday of the month to watch these campaigns. And now that that isn't part of my subconscious scheduling any more, it's a bit... strange. A bit empty. But, ultimately, I think this is a good thing, most importantly for Rob, but also for me. 

    My girlfriend always tells me, whenever I'm feeling really, really down and purposeless, that I'm still on my "quest of self discovery," trying to find my passion, what I want to do, and that its okay to not know as long as you practice what you like and explore it in ways that interest you. She reassures me that I'll find myself when I can't see that light. And I can't help but relating that saying to how Rob seems to have come to at least, the beginning of the end of his journey. He really seems to have found what will make him happy, and what he can do to make other people happy. And that's amazing. 

    It makes me to glad to see someone who I've looked at as a role model make a decision like this to get closer to discovering themselves. It's great, it's inspiring, especially now that I'm much more on my own. And I couldn't have asked more from my favorite creator. Thank you Rob for showing me, as someone still in the beginning of this journey of self discovery, the best and most positive way to get there. And although I'll miss URealms and silently hope for it's return, I'll always have what it gave to me as a show and whatever else Rob chooses to make next. Thank you Rob.

    Now I just hope to finish my tribute drawing in reasonable time frame but I'm probably not gonna be able to do that haha
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