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A message to from those From a man from the RP forums

Many won't believe it but the RP forums were big. To me alot of others for the very least.I remember the first time I say Urealms I was on a giant RP streamer craze, from crit roll with matt and roleplay with JP I was on a binge..but I was losing interest. That was until I say new crew on youtube, Clicked out of curiosity since, it looked weird this before the titled cards so I saw like these two blue images of guy's wearing weird costumes and a a pot, once I watched the video Oh, laughed and I laughed hard with no context on what was happening, which ironically is my least favorite season one campaign.I wanted to watch from the beginning and man when I open up and say that not only was I watching something in between but I have not only one season worth of content but two as cobblers was currently being posted up on youtube. Day's upon day's of watching and then the time to watch the unexpected discovery live, it was bliss of enjoyment. Once I heard of the site I was excited. I was never a social person, never commented on youtube , facebook what have you. so sharing an interest in more controlled nerdier environment, maybe that would be the place I would feel once comfortable to talk to people. 

once the sight opened up and made an account and.....I was nervous as all fuck there were alot meme forums alot of serious ones and not alot of welcoming ones. I was checking and checking but I couldn't find a place to fit in per say there was no good jumping on point...that was until I found the RP forums, this place doesn't show up as latest posts. So many people were there I was surprised what I walked into, everyday there were hundreds of new posts early in the life of the forums hundreds of stories happening, being told, and being concluded. I could sign on the sight not check the latest theory or old god trivia, Rather the dedicated people who were forging there own worlds using the systems that were just meant for one and done show's live.The people, the atmosphere it made me compelled to join and eventually I joined....And man was first character terrible, an edge lord who doesn't act like an edge lord, a character I made while listening to the lines of the song "red like roses" but, I never had more fun in my life, it was short but I moved on and eventually Went into paz, that really...changed me. I would say that my connection to paz was what made me love the forms and Urelams alot, the first time I wanted talk to people every morning I was up, to interact with the citizens of paz, the misadventures I would take and the small town drama that would ensue. even when it ended prematurely it wasn't disappointment, I felt but excitement of what could come next. I won't lie there's alot of failures that have happen even those are fond to us all, but the success the ones that succeed were legendary Mad king is one such that comes to mind, because the community Always tried something new ether scary, funny, serious or lewd come hell or highwater. I wont lie that there has been arguments, bickering and the such. but we do it because we have a real love for each other and in the end of the day there then just some rando people I talk to the internet, there family, were all family and we want to see the best in all of us.

So all I ask is this, I don't know what your plans are for the fours ether you shutting them down or reworking it to just be some deadrealms site.All I ask is please...keep this site up, save the RP forums from total deletion, because if the community to me is family then the forums is our home.I can't speak for all of them, some are extremely anger at the decision, some or more understanding then I can. Because it's part of our history, the good, the bad and embarrassing, I won't kill the past because it made me who I am. maybe this falls in deff ears, maybe not, whatever the case I made voice in this endless ocean.Thank you, all of you bringing alot of joy into my life.


  • There is a great amount of history in the Forum Roleplay Games section of these forums and although I've barely been active at all, I have a lot of great memories from there. So I would also like to say, PLEASE! Please keep the forums roleplay section alive. 
  • I would like to add the question will the forums still be up in general with urealms going into more so the public domain now?
  • Some good memories from the rp Forums, damn I have invested a lot of my time here. The salt levels for me is high so I hope they will at least keep the forums up.
  • @Pufflemore I don't believe there are any plans to take down the forums, we love the forums
  • @Meganzoor ;
    *puts up a thumbs up emoji here* 
  • This website, unless for some reason I can't control, isn't going anywhere. I still use it to update the cards and when we launch more developed versions of the game will still be a resource. The game isn't going a way, I just can't dump the endless amount of energy into the main show.

    Dead Realms is a wayyyy easier show to produce and I want to keep doing it to help some of the roleplay friends I keep making learn other RP skills. I will be back to normal streaming at some point this month, it's just hard to plan anything yet cause im exhausted.
  • @Loreteck ;
    I'll never forget the small special non-roleplay threads the occasionally made. Like the Random rolling thread, or christmas campfire stories thread where we talked about whatever we wanted to, or the forum roleplay awards
  • I think it would be cool to see Rawb & Freinds branch out into some of the low set up and more free form role play.  I would love to see a game of icarus or 10 candles.  Would probably be easy to set up the candles and dice an table top, and keep the cards with Rawb.  Could put the cards in game to, but that sounds like a lot of effort
  • If you need new players sign me up! I'd love to play with the master @Rob
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