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Empire in Ruin (Nation thread) (6/6)



  • ( @nikiduke )
    Oh yeah Niki, what did you do with the wizard tower in your land then? did the 
    Mothmen accept them as a 3rd party, try to force them under them, or anything else you can think they would have done?
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    @WritingWyvern Alright, how about this:

    *Grand Hunters: Because of the Porcs focus on Nomadism and Tribalism, they have learned how to master the animals of their region, not for work or for companionship, but for their bellies. They produce massive quantities of food for their people to never starve, even if they have to go hungry in harsher years.

    *Masters of Frost: Because the Porcs live in the frosty north, to the point that they are covered head to toe in thick hair, the Porcs have learned how to master Ice Magics. All Porcs know how to use Ice Magics, most can only use simple Magics, but some know advanced Ice Magics that make them true threats.
  • ( @Loreteck )
    What is the name of your capital?
  • @WritingWyvern
    The capitals name is Highgarden
  • ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ) ( @Toruk )
    Hey, whenever your ready, can you please name your Towns?
  • @WritingWyvern Edited original post about my major towns
  • @WritingWyvern ; Major town Placement: 
    Town 1: Calibrar: Nestled deep inside the north eastern mountain range, Calibrar is the biggest mining town of the Technocracy. Providing 25% of all daily Khalazite intake. The city has an autonomous governing body that consists of mostly mining experts and planners. The entire outskirts of the town have been practically hollowed out from the mountain after years of mining efforts.

    Town 2: Askaya: Established around the old wizard tower. Askaya is the only town in the Technocracy where magic and magical applications to technology are widely practiced. The town is Littered with book stores and libraries. The wizard tower having been converted into the central hive building, where only the greatest magically inclined minds reside.

    Town 3: Vespek: The only major port town of the Technocracy. Vespek is the epicenter of seafaring technology and maritime advancements. The town is heavily fortified to protect against all the threats of the sea, and has a giant dockyard which houses the Technocracy fleets. Vespeks central hive building has been built up from stray pieces of plywood and old crashed ships that wash up on the shore.

    Town 4: Releth: Located in the North western plains, close to the border of The Reclaimed Pastures. Lies the farming town of Releth. The town specializes in agriculture and providing food to the Technocracy. As such the town's scientist community has taken it upon themselves to create the greatest crop yields using science and agricultural advancements. The town is a common place for travelers and acts as a sorta gate to the east of the continent. Which means that the populace has become quite accustomed to travelers.

    Proposition for the ability:
    The Bright lights of knowledge: The Mothmen of the Olynder Technocracy are eternally loyal to their pursuit of science, Research efforts are constantly carried out throughout the nation. And this includes the research of advanced weaponry. Research and scientific efforts take half as long then other nations, and usually provide better results.
  • @WritingWyvern ; The towers inhabitants were obliterated and the tower was converted into a hive building. This all took place before the rise of Olynder, who most likely would have given them a chance to live if they worked together.
  • @WritingWyvern
    Oh, okay.

    By the way, i've decided i'll actually trade in two towns for abilities. I was originally only going to do one, but after seeing how potent they appear to be in just downright giving other players potent magic or apparently downright superiority in a branch of the 'game', I'd rather only have 4 towns than 5 at this point.

    Because lets be honest, which is more useful: 10k gold a month, or an extremely powerful benefit like niki is going for which would save a lot more than that? Science is exponential growth after all...
    The Capital is simply named after its major landmark: The Grand Oak. The lands around the capital are the most developed, with massive stretching fields of crops and large pastures keeping the nation well fed. The magic of the Great Oak has become a staple in the capital, and its influence quickly spread to be used commonly around the nation.

    The town close to the border of Nation 1 is Tegasa, a large farming town with the beginnings of mining, with fields and pastures outperforming even the capital due to a dedicated team of farmers and a quarry which provides a modest quantity of stone. Recently, the town has been looking towards the border mountains, seeing opportunity to expand what they can produce, which the rest of the nation are largely incapable of being able of.

    The town residing close to the Nation 5 border is 
    Akrioch, a border town to secure the route of passage into the nation. Capable of sustaining itself on the land available to the city, the primary function is as the main military garrison of the nation, with military training constantly happening here so that even if the army is wiped, some civilians will be able to be called up in a last-ditch effort.

    The town on the northern coast is Rhamnydon, and is the second-largest producer of the nation's manufactured goods, second only to the capital. Industrialization is slowly starting to begin within this town, spurred on by the concept of Technomagic, it also serves as the prime trading town of the nation as the only city directly on the coast.

    The town in the forest is 
    Dalos, and is quite simply the largest producer of wood in... well, probably the continent due to the sheer supply of trees it has access to. Ensuring regular replanting, the town constantly outputs a large quantity of wood which is then used all over the nation and traded to other nations. Originally only growing oak, other species of trees were gradually introduced to diversify their market and provided a wider range of constructions.
    The Lake Town and the Hill Town have both been replaced with Passives. I wasn't sure what to do with my passives when I first thought of this, but these should hopefully work fine:

    Passive: Defensive Force - The security of your nation is a priority, and so your military has been trained to peak performance to ensure its safety, making use of all of the natural and structural benefits possible. Your military gains a massive boost to fighting power while they are fighting within your territory or defending your cities. This decreases to a minor boost outside of your borders.

    Passive: Ingrained Natural Magic - The powers of the Great Oak has seen constant study since the nation first settled down, and gradually has advanced to be commonplace across the nation and its populace, particularly in those directly exposed to the tree's magic.

    The use of Nature Magic has become commonplace in the nation, with most of the populace knowing basic nature magic. A small population has access to greater Nature Magic due to long-term exposure to the magic of The Great Oak, making them capable of much greater damage or restoration.
  • ( @Toruk )
    so I can't find your capital name, what is it called?
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    @WritingWyvern ; Junco is the capital 
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    ( @Toruk )
    Hm your ability sounds good toruk, since it sounds like a quest you have to do for each ally and it goes well with your other ability, plus no certainy of being able to complete the task
    ( @nikiduke )
    Yeah, Niki that is a bit too good It can either be faster research times or better outcomes. And do note for speed I won't allow half right away, and for better outcomes, basically when if your rolls suck you get something and with you get great research rolls then your outcome is even better.
    ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ )
    Ingrained Natural Magic passive is good, but the other one seems too good as a passive, to balance it out more how about an ability to use on troops. Basically a last stand order you can use when defending. basically your troops will fight harder, thinking this is their last fight, but if they win the battle moral will go down. And maybe you can use a weaker version
  • @WritingWyvern ; Ok. Faster research time then.
  • @WritingWyvern
    Yeah, i guess that can work too.
    I had just written it as such since the homeland would've been specifically geared towards their kind, and that they would've had practice fighting within their own borders.
  • ( @friskyBrisky ) ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ) ( @Loreteck ) ( @Toruk ) ( @nikiduke ) ( @Kingedyou )
    Hello everybody, let's get this RP started

    Now I will message you all with your Nation's stats and for nations 2-5 something special. Once you have your states you may being spending your first months gold
  • Welcome to Month one people
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  • happy clip-clop noises
  • *busy clanging noises intensifies* 
  • Angry elf noises
  •  :3 bless be to the spirits  :3  
  • Here's hoping for a fun game where I don't get curbstomped in 5 pages. :p
  • Bless be to the spirits
    > Invades
  • @WritingWyvern
    Hey Writing, whats to the right of the mountains?
  • ( @Kingedyou )
    Other nations, basically the rest of the world
  • @WritingWyvern
    And if I were to venture out in that direction?
  • ( @Kingedyou )
    If you're asking to expand your kingdom out of the map, that is hard no for me. But maybe you can speak with the nations you find
  • @WritingWyvern
    I was more just curious but I'll keep that in mind
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