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A world of man and beast (Solo rp thread)



  • @nikiduke *He gets up and opens the door, the files under his arms in the folder* "Yes?"
  • @Toruk ; You see a maid with brownish hair holding a coffee maker "Good day sir. I have been assigned to assist you while you research... Would you like some coffee?" *She says in a bored yet orderly voice*
  • @nikiduke "Oh, this is not expected. Yes Coffee would be wonderful. Your name?" *Naut lets the maid in*
  • @Toruk "Andre, My parents expected a boy so i was supposed to be Andrew. Bad for them" *She sets the coffee maker and mug and starts making some coffee from those cheap instant coffee packets they deliver to the academy*
  • @nikiduke
    I raise my hand"Can I have a more direct answer to that question"
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    @nikiduke "Well Andre. Welcome to the team." *He lies out the files infront of him and begins sorting them in relevance, attempting to see if any mention of the hair crosses over with other things for example*
  • @Toruk ; Alright. You begin sorting the files. There are about 6 files that directly mention the hair, there are a couple files that might also have stuff to do with the hair but are too damaged to get anything out of.
    Andre hands you a mug of coffee before taking a look at the girl* "It must be quite lonely in there" 
  • @Loreteck "Yes! You all posses a very special gift, the gift of magic. Not something that all posses you see. This is the reason you were brought here"
  • @nikiduke
    I stay silent, frustrated why I'm not getting a real answer.
  • @Loreteck ; She looks at you and frowns "Look. You're here to be witches. Is that clear enough for you?"
  • @nikiduke
    "yes that's pretty clear for me."
  • @nikiduke ;
    "Ohhh, it's just some checkpoint. Sweet, now I have a bit more faith on you Mr. Guide" He pats Braxas' back
  • @Loreteck ; "Good" *Ms. Brightwart pats your head.* "Now then... follow me children. We will be starting with some broom riding" *All the girls start to follow along*
  • @Sabertooth1114 Braxas ignores your back petting and begins to sniff the air "There is trouble..."
    *Nicholas jumps back* "Ah! Where!?"
  • @nikiduke ;
    Peter puts on his goggles, doesn't really help much but it makes him look cool. He looks for the threat Braxas talked about "Eyes up everyone, Mora make sure to protect Nicholas. Jet get an invention ready. Stone do your thing. I'll stay with Braxas" He moves close to Braxas
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    @Sabertooth1114 ; Braxas points to something moving in the distance, you can see smoke plumes
    "Metal beasts"
  • @nikiduke ;
    "Is it possible that there are trains that pass through here?"
  • @Sabertooth1114 ; Jet pulls out some binoculars and lays down over the hill to get a good look
    "It don't look like a train... hold on a minute..." *He zooms in* "WHAT! HOW DARE THEY USE MY PATENT! THEY OWE ME ROYALTIES!"
  • @nikiduke ;
    "Your what now? How is that even possible? We had to take a boat here! You know what? Gimme that" He swipes the binoculars from Jet and takes a look
  • @Sabertooth1114 ; You look through the binoculars and see a giant mobile vehicle made out of copper plating. It is walking on strange spider-like legs and has many lights on it. Braxas growls at it and pulls out his spear*
  • @nikiduke ;
    Is there anyone riding the thing?
    "I'll be damned, you made that thing?" He takes his eyes off the binoculars "Chill out big guy, we don't know if its here to kill us or not"
  • @Sabertooth1114 ; "Uhh... i didn't make it. It's called a Patent." *He unfurls a blueprint of the thing* "Those idiots at the academy must've found it and claimed it as their own... bah" *Jet grits his teeth* "Weeeeeell... it's too bad it was never fully finished... i can't wait to watch the fireworks once it blows up" *He chuckles*
  • @nikiduke
    She holds the book up to Flip's face "What is this?"
  • @Kingedyou ; He looks at the book. "Oh... its a spellbook"
  • @nikiduke
    "Wait shouldn't we get dr-......Augh, fine..." I be gurgling follow the teacher to the broom riding lessons.
  • @nikiduke *He sips the coffee* "Yes. It is, but what is meant to be done about that. They are to be understood foremost Andre. I am just most curious at the moment about her hair"
  • @Toruk ; "Any luck with that sir?" *She says sitting down*
  • @nikiduke
    (I dunno if you forgot since it has been like two months but it was a book about shoes)
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