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A world of man and beast (Solo rp thread)



  • @Toruk ; They are torn and some are waterlogged
  • @nikiduke "What did they do to these.. this is worse condition my notes are in after failed mixing.." *He mumbles away from the mic as he tries to see if any or even legible*
  • @Toruk ; You find a file that has a few pages you can read.
    They appear to be a medical examination of experiment 628.
    "The experiment seems to not require any type of nutrition or sleep in order to keep living, The experiments reflexes are fairly slow looking at its estimated age. We were unable to determine the experiments species though they do exibit some vampiric traits, upon comparison however we are unable to confirm this as a fact. The experiments hair seems to be made out of some strange silk like material, its skin is rough and slightly translucent."
  • @nikiduke Do any of the documents speak of the hair more?
  • @Toruk ; Some excerpts you were able to read.
    "Upon trying to cut the hair, the scissors used broke and shattered."
    "The hair appears to be flame and cold resistant"
    "After being put to the microscope we were able to determine that the hair of the experiment is made out of an incredibly dense yet lightweight fiber. The idea that a material like that could grow off the head of the experiment is fascinatingly strange"
  • @nikiduke ;
    Anything to do with where she was found in this drawer?
  • @Sabertooth1114 ; Time skip as you travel through the snow. You come across an old stone marker in the middle of the snow field. It's shaped in what looks like an eagle
  • @nikiduke ;
    "Wait, is that? Something that isn't snow or trees?? Finally my eyes were sick of seeing snow and trees" He comes closer to the stone
    Is there a chance Peter, Nick, or Braxas would know something about the stone?
  • @nikiduke You also said something about vampric connection?
  • @Toruk ; There is no reference to it beyond the ears which are vaguely shaped like that of a bat, therefore resembling a vampire
  • @nikiduke (And my mission is to research this person with little data huh. Challenge accepted you creepy A.I)
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    @Sabertooth1114 ; why don't you ask them?
    Jet looks at the Marker "Hah! Pre-stone age carving technique, this buddy is ancient! AHAHAHAHA! WHAT INFERIOR DESIGN!"
  • @Toruk ; (I know you can do it employee of the year! SCIENCE! *Crackle*)
  • @nikiduke ;
    Peter looks at Nick "You definitely know a thing or two about this rock huh? Something this old won't fly under your radar"
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    @Sabertooth1114 ; "Oh well yes i..." *He looks at it* 
    "Must be quite old yes..." *He says clearly not knowing much more*
  • @nikiduke ;
    "Guess I thought wrong. Mr. Guide? You are a local here" He says scratching his head but taking a closer look at the stone as well
    Knowledge roll 
  • @nikiduke
    (Sorry for the long wait, House being plus test equal alot time not doing this)
    "Well, don't touch in the future then cause it was just creepy"
  • @Loreteck ; "I'm sorry" *She says lowering her head. You get to the front of the line. A woman hands you a set of blue clothes*
  • @nikiduke
    I take them and I guess go inside.
  • @Sabertooth1114 ; You can tell that its pretty old. It's made out of some kinda stone.
    Braxas just taps your shoulder "First marker, we are on a good track"
  • @Loreteck ; You take a step inside the castle. You see many floors and stairs going everywhere, flying books, witches of brooms, and a whole lot of portals. A brown haired woman looks over you and a bunch of other girls "Good morning new students!" *She says in a chirpy sounding voice* "My name is Ms. Brightwart. I will be your hex magic instructor and overseeing teacher"
  • @nikiduke
    "Good morning Ms.Brightwart!" I say with enthusiasm back.
  • @Loreteck ; The other kids say goodmorning too
    "Now i'm sure all of you are wondering something! You're wondering. "Why did my parents suddenly drop me off here with absolutely zero explanation!? Am i correct?"
  • @nikiduke
    "I feel like it's more strange coincidence, but sure"
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    @nikiduke Doctor Naut looks through these, specifically the one about the hair and connection to vamparism* "I wonder why.. you have these traits" *Mumbling as he shifts seats*
  • @Toruk ; Alright. You hear someone knock on the door
  • @Loreteck ; "Yeah what's that about?" *They all speak out about that*
    "Well my dears! That is because i am sorry to say... that you are all very special..."
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