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I would like to talk about Bopen, what we know about him, what we think he is, and all that fun stuff. Basically just wanna talk theories and parts of lore that I've missed (something I've tried to fix by watching all the campaigns again but I probably still missed some things)


  • This might sound crazy.
    But i think he might be a skeleton
  • What made me think about this was specifically the cobbler and fall of Dundinborough. We see Romain's character in cobblers have these visions and the blacksmith one makes me think that the blacksmith made a sword according to the king's request, to never let the prince die. We see throughout FoD that the purple magic keeps changing things around the characters and more importantly, the prince. Now, there's his creation which seems weird. Bopen just appears out of the royal family, essentially forming himself.

    So, my theory is that the blacksmith used some of the most powerful gold in the world, dragon gold, and used it to make that golden sword's wielder invincible. Through an accidental, or possibly even non-accidental, enchantment, that made the power become an extreme form of the ageless curse turning into Bopen. 
    but then there's the story. and I kinda rationalized that we didn't see Bopen give his name until the skeleton king which seemed to be way after FoD, just Rob said it in meta. So maybe this ageless god called himself bopen after the memory of the story, a story which his former self loved and we know Bopen holds onto some of those memories and feelings of the kid. 
    There are still some holes in this, and I would love for any of you guys to add on, make your own, or correct me
  • I think in the yes king bon says his power is tied to the moon, maybe it was gold made from phanto
  • there are theories stating that bopen is a believer which i don't think holds water because his song is very vague on who bopen actually is as he could just be a very powerful pirate depending on interpretation
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    I been also thinking on the same theory as KoboldMatt in regards of how Bopen is the extension of Prince Phineas' obsession of his favorite story. The Prince whom might I remind everyone was a malicious little bastard who gave items that bother hindered and actually killed one of their party members, wanted to be a adventurer, the training courses and wanting to go into the vault to see the gold. Perhaps the Magic of the Sword was acting on his desires, and in the time of panic knowing the ageless were swarming in, his mother once again told him the story to calm him, but instead the sword took control and worked its dark cursed magic. The combination of three peoples bodies and souls into one ageless being may have been enough for the sword itself to create the Legend, and the name Bopen came from the story.
    It also explains Bopen being fond of Phineas Barringster, since he retains memories of whose skulls he collects, it could be him recalling his initial carefree days of being said Prince of Dundinborough, or perhaps even more from others.
    Regardless I also have a theory to explain how to defeat him, and perhaps explain his supposed immortality.
    Ever since his arrival in the Urealms lore, I been convinced he is the Urealms equivalence of a Lich.
    A powerful undead that cannot be destroyed by conventional means and can only be defeated by destroying its phylactery, a usually highly powerful magical device containing its soul.
    Considering magic is spent like currency in Urealms it would only make sense that he needs to keep recharging to stay in a corporeal form hence why he requires pure gold.
    I narrowed down three possible things that could in fact be such a device,
    One could be this Ring the song refers too, but recently I feel that, that specific line is referring to the Moon.
    The second is as previously stated here, his Sword. Its not only made of gold but shown to have special powers, and it has hardly ever left Bopen's side. It was also there at his manifestation, and shown to be drawing ageless too it during The Fall of Dundinborough.
    The third is not exactly a phylactery theory but one I think a lot of people might not have expected, but since my theory of him revolves around a point that he is three ageless in one, perhaps you must destroy all three skulls of the three Ageless that originally made him.

  • I still think Bopen's soul/mind is the ring and that the ring is inside his sword, I feel Bopen told the crew about the ring=moon thing just to stop the rumor about it being the source of his power (he said that people have been searching for it for a while).
    One thing that points towards the bopen=sword theory is the vision that killed Areani, which if you turn up the brightness shows a dude (probably a dwarf because of the ears) with what a hammer-like thing in hand and an apron that looks very similar to the one of tthe blacksmith from the cobblers vision
    The fact that the last vision made him kill his right hand gnome means that it was probably a true vision (some of the vision could be just us manipulating the characters and partially false because of the Lyn Gaiden DD) and I think it might show bopen (the ring) being put in the handle of the sword, so maybe the thing he hates the most is the noise made by the hammer hitting the gold or the pain from the hammer hitting the ring.
    Regarding the origin of the ring... I'm not really sure, maybe he actually is related to phanto (maybe the SDG are not supposed to die and so he was created right after the BoM or maybe he was the result of the dragons trying to resurrect their dragon dad with all the gold in Final Talon, which I'm still pretty sure killed Ouroras' body <.<)
    Lastly I think he might be or might sooner or later become the God Killer since he wields a "broken blade" and mostly because his skull and laugh was outright shown when the Realm introduced us to them, plus in the fighting power anime op they say that bopen is "our weapon to pain the gods" which might be referring to our OGDs. Maybe that's why he actually wants to gather all the gold, MAYBE he's aware of our influence on the realm and is just trying to act dumb so that we cant somehow find his weakness and kill him before he kills our creations
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