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The Top 20 Mightiest Old Gods (2019 Level Rankings)



  • A day after the new standings goes out I reach 47 :frownporc: 

  • Got the weekend off work for the next show with a bonus, a likely promotion, and a want to climb the ladder!!!!  >_<
  • finally reached 38
  • The big 40 for me now!
  • Still 38 for the start of October  :|
    Did we ever get the XP for the Yes King?
  • Not that I have seen.
  • edited October 3

    October Start of Month Rankings:

    1.   Shuckle (49) of the Order of Chaos
    2.   Zeocobra (48)
    3.   AStar_ (47)
    4.   Badzee (46)
    5.   Madiso (45)
    6.   Boland (43)
    7.   WayofTime (43) of the Order of Chaos
    8.   Murlin22 (42)
    9.   LexderMob (42)
    10. CaptainDeston (42)
    11. Rukuri (41)
    12. Paparo_Hotep (41)
    13. tak4n (41)
    14. Reizel (40)
    15. jmydale (40)
    16. nikiduke (40)
    17. AethirMordu (40)
    18. magnetised (39)
    19. MidnightJayguar (38)
    20. HiveMasterMind (38)


    So I've given it a day over the usual just to see if there was any more changes this month or if EXP came out but shall give our short ranking change for the start of October!

    First of all we had Mr @AStar_ ding up to LvL 47, he would've had that two level advantage if I hadn't also leveled up to 46 shortly after >:)

    Secondly we have @AethirMordu reach 40 leaving only three spots below, @MidnightJayguar and @HiveMasterMind should hope to level up soon unless we get some new people on the rankings. Good luck to Whight and Doggod with their rolls to catch-up

    Hopefully we should be seeing a new Campaign in our midst soon and alongside it our beloved Experience Points, maybe the mid-month rankings will be the big shakeup >_<
  • Urealms ending is sad
    However we must also consider this
    Some people might leave the forums now.
    It is time for a shakeup in the standings  >:)
  • I am determined to get to level 50 still @nikiduke o_o
  • @Shuckle ; You will grow bored one day old man
    I will always be here. Every day
  • @nikiduke Takes 15 seconds out of my day. I'll be fine. ^_^
  • @Shuckle So what you're saying is. Ill have to fill up your schedule until you only have under 15 seconds of free time.
  • Will the standings still be kept or should this thread be closed with final standings of who was leading when the show came to an end?
  • I mean, as long as the forum isn't closing, me and niki are gonna be doing about the same thing we're doing now, so I say anyone who's willing keeps it going
  • Nothing has really changed.
    Urealms is on Hiatus sure. But that doesn't mean the Forums is on Hiatus
  • The fierce battle for level will always remain. Can’t be skipping on those daily rolls now.
  • edited October 15
    I will always be here

    kinda wish they at least gave us the exp from the Yes King.

    Ah well, let us see where this takes us.
  • I’m not skipping my daily rolls, so I’ll still be in this fight.
  • If everyone else leaves, maybe I will catch up!
  • 39.  Unfortunate, but I'm not planning on skipping my daily rolls.
  • i still have to do the rewards for the last campaign
  • I will be here, clawing my way to the top, fighting the good fight with the rest of you :drunk: 
  • I'll climb back onto that list one day.
  • I'll be here for awhile yet
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