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Current State of the Timeline (Yes King Update)

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So I just thought that looking at the timeline would be a fun thing to do, so I did and I got a good idea of the order of happening in our realm now. The timeline that I compiled takes into consideration on the internal timeline that Rob showed off in the Behind the Scenes for Den of Devils, character deaths, known lore, and campaign interactions.  So without further ado let's get to the listing! P.S. Remember if it didn't happen in a Urealms Campaign then it didn't happen, but we can speculate.
+ Happens In Overlapping Timeframes

Pre Birth of Magic

Deadlantis - Birth of Magic

Post Birth of Magic

Lyn Azveltara Gaiden
A Night to Remember Act 1
Lightbeards Act 1
A Night to Remember Act 2
Azveltara Z - Purge of Beenu
 Lightbeards Acts 2-4
The Last Beenu
Fall of Dundinborough - Birth of Bopen
Battle of the Bards
The Death of Virgo - GP Virgo finding the fleshweaver threat

Silvermine Era - Our Start!

Unseen Rouges+++
Koldbold Headhunters+++
Band of Thieves - Our start!
Guild of Explores
The Sunswords
Tower of Ultimate Wizardry+
Zarlin Catacombs+
Dongo Isles 
Blood Snake Queen++
Okagnoma Guild Hall++
Porc hunters
Unexpected Discovery
Murder Bros
New Crew

Era of Bones - The Main Story

Silvermine Mountains++++
Skeleton King++++ 
Deadlantis - Skeleton King follow-up 
Sandbolds - Start
Deadlantis - Senate 
Grand Paladin Order
Galan Sunsword Private Investigator
A Night to Remember Acts 3&4
Den of Devils
The Purge 
A Night to Remember Acts 5
The Yes King

Age of Chaos - Where we are Going

Sandbolds - End - Malstrom Ascended
The Last Beenu - Animatic

So I split up the timeline into different eras because I feel that it is a bit easier to digest like that. Here are footnotes on the some of the placements now;
  •    I put Cobblers before the Death of Virgo because I personly like how the story plays out with it like that, but it's debatable. Put them before Silvermine Era because I am thinking that the fleshweaver stuff is something that Vergo delete with earlier.
  •   Unseen Rouges and Kolbold Headhunters can literally go anywhere between the start and the end of the timeline. I feel like before Band of Thieves is a good placement for it for now.
  • The Den of Devils is where it is mainly because of Michael Langstorm's mental state, see below. After the final animation of LB, I think enough time passed between Woodcutters and the purge to place it there.
  • My head-canon is that Virgo's death happens at the exact same time as the Silvermine Mountains falling.
  • Seems to me that the ironstone accords are a thing during the battle of the bards.
I hope this spawns a wonderful discussion, please tell me where I messed up!


  • If I remember correctly, ToUW is where Morgana finds out of the existence of the ZC. I would think it wouldn't be the same time because they'd have to organize the party of paladins first.
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    Wouldn't OGH and woodcarvers be at about the same time? as alessa is summoned there. Note: wouldn't be at the same time, but maybe little after.

    Edit: also would rename "era of blood" to "era of bones"
  • @Azurillkirby ; Morgana was waiting on the paladins to get there when we saw her in TouW.

    @scooter0427 Era of bones is a way better name! You also have a point there, maybe Bloodsnake Queen and OGH do belong in the after that time frame. How would you say it works in relation to Den of Devils?
       We also can't forget that Millbee's character from Bloodsnake Queen showed up solo in Murder Bros. We were introduced to those characters as ones who were together adventuring for a long time. 
  • @Frkgr354 i think den of devils happens somewhat soon after woodcarvers, as michael is still in mourning over his son, so maybe a few days to a couple months after, so i would put right after woodcarvers for the time being. doesn't virgo tell tell nisovin about the den? if so, wouldn't that mean woodcarvers and den of devils happen before skeleton king? or did nisovin go years/months later?
  • ya I do feel like Den of Devils is probably on the scale of months after woodcarvers, but I would assume that Nisovin had been trying to get a Raid party together for a longer time than that. The existence of the Den became known by both the grand paladin order and the guild of explores after Unexpected Discovery, in pretty sure Nisovin could have come across the knowledge of its existence through ether channel. The fact that he has made Reniell a sort of apprentice gives me the impression that she was one of the first to be recut for this mission, probably along with the others that have already been there. He has probably been getting ready for this, all set on the side, ever since he learned of it, which I would say would be before the era of bones.

    I'm under the impression that after woodcarvers the cast headed more or less state to the Order so those campanes are separated more on the scale of days or weeks, That would definitely place Den of devils past Skeleton king
  • I just updated my timeline, Please tell me where I suck.
  • I just updated my timeline, Please tell me where I suck.
  • I think ANtR acts 1,2 and acts 3,4 are both in the wrong place. both these events take place way earlier than you have them right now.

    you put them both after bopens birth, which is impossible, first you can just look at virgo. virgo is a lot older then FoD then he was in act 2, thus we can assume it happened before. 
    also based on something Quintara said in act 3, about killing coes niece resently tells us that aNtR takes place not too much time after TLB.

    so I would put acts 1,2 right before the last beenu, and acts 3,4 right after.

  • I was acutely looking at the ageless side of things more so, i was acutely thinking about those points, i think that it has to be after scene the blastfumis sentier was using magic in the battle, the fog, there is nothing that virgo dose in FoD that makes him haft to be the grand paliden so i just disregarded the pupit. there is also stuff that quintarlotis said that puts it solidly brefly after GSPI, i think a desepively long amunt of time passed and that through off some of the rollplay.
  • about ladrian using magic, and being blasphemous. 2 things with that first off this would have taken place well before we seen him as blasphemous in senate of deadlantise, so he might not have been blasphemous before that point. second a attribute cards are always taken with a grain of salt and are up in the air as to what they really do, players almost never follow the card entirely. so with a card like blasphemous on a character like ladrian it doesn't make too much sense for him never to cast magic, also rob said that ladrian stopped being blasphemous after bopen, after act 4. not before.

    what is it that quintata lotus said to make you think that it takes place after GSPI? I assume its about galen being quintara's boyfriend, but we don't really have any reason to think that they just started seeing eachother by the time of GSPI.
  • @kreeperkiller63
    I think it's because Quintara said that Galen was mad at her because of the murder mystery, and that he wants to join some cult. 
  • @Radarian Quintara never made mention to the murder mystery(to my recollection). But even if she did, we know that she has pulled stunts like this on Galen before, so it’s likely not refering to GSPI.
    and about the cult, this is the only mention of Galen ever joining a cult.
    In the Unlikely event that the cult is referring the OoC, this still could be taken with a grain of salt, being that we have seen OoC members noting following the urealms timeline, but following our timeline instead.
  • I was just thinking about that scene it was mentioned. you have a good point, probably took place before FoD. 

    Quin admitted to fucking with Galens mind with a investigation and it casing a rift <the relevant plot of GSPI> that they are working through and also said something about him joining a cult <The Order of Caos>, that is what has lead me to after. and i admit that this defiantly contradicts with when she talked about atacking gostblade for a time prospective, I'm thinking that Rob just messed up honestly. I'm talking the placement I did since how it relates to the Mana Arc vote and Quin planing a birthday party makes more sense.

    I'm willing to explain away the resien why Quin mentioned Gostblade and her most sinifecent encounter with them even those it was ages ago was to stur up a little something with the Alvetarin sisters. 
  • Timeline as far as I know is fine, the mistakes you are pointing out here are not mistakes as far as I can tell. Ghostblade being attacked by Quintara. She just mentions it,; she doesn't say it happen earlier that day or something. She can reference things that happen in her life.
  • For example. If in act 5 Quintara Lotus had said "Well just the other day I ripped the feathers off a bird!" that doesn't literally mean it happen just the other day. She is a divine being that has existed for thousands of years at this point. "Just the other day" could mean years and years to a being like that.
  • A few realizations that shook things up and an amazing amount of stuff I already speculated confirmed. So ya update. Think everything works out. Some of the older campaigns may have been shifted around a few too many times and be in weird places if you see anything out of place tell me.
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    Yes King Update! Kinda forgot that I did this. Yes King has a clear placement as the latest entry in the New Ageless War placing it at the tail end of the Era of Bones. Changed up some labeling to make stuff slightly less messy and moved the Era of Bones up to Skeleton King because that makes sense, had it earlier since the campaigns before that happen like withing weeks and months but the Death of Virgo (event not campaign :P) is quite clearly the start of a new era so I changed that up today. Hope you like it!
  • The only date that I dont agree with is Night to Remember act 1. Pretty sure act 2 is only a month after after act 1.  Unless Virgo aays all elfs are at war in lightbeards and I forgot.
  • My logic there is that N2R Act 1 ended in the start of the early ageless war, Virgo was fighting that war when the light beards came across him, and of course in N2R Act 2 Virgo and Bruce were then fighting together. but you do have a point, the Sunsword could have been the only elves fighting the ageless threat at the time of the start of Lightbeards. I should rewatch those parts of the campaign to make sure but I think you have a point there.
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