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Looking for a Permanent Party (FULL)

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Hey all, Empo here!

Ever since the release of Season 4 my interest in URealms has resurfaced, and as such, I'm throwing the idea of creating a permanent party for those that want too play. I will be GM'ing (but we can rotate if other DM's want too join)a game every month similar to URealms the show. 

It will be taking place in it's own world and will have it's own lore. The campaigns will vary from heavy combat ones, then too heavy lore campaigns, but each campaign taking place in one timeline and contributing to the world the players and I will be building.

I'm looking for 5-6 players so we can have player rotations, those that have some URealms experience. One thing that is a must is that you must have a mic so you can communicate to both me and the players!

For those that are interested, send your discord name and youe tag and we can get down to business!


  • Good luck Emp!
  • How's round 4?
  • edited August 2019
  • @Dart ;
    This'll be a lot easier for me to coordinatre than D&D lol, so I think we can make this last more than one session! Shooting you the discord invite.

    Same with you dude, I can send you the discord link if you want!
  • Sure, I'll join.
  • I'm interested as a player and a secondary DM! I have a few campaigns I've made and played with friends if there is a need for secondary campaigns!
  • I'd be down! I've GM'd a bunch of times but I've never actually gotten to play, would love the chance to do so on a regular basis.
  • I would be interested if there is still a spot. I have GM experience but I would love the opportunity to play! I'll message you my discord @.
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