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Meganzoor's Tile Mod

Hi I made a mod with some tiles. I wanted some tiles to go with the maps I've been doing for my Patreon. My Patreon maps costs $1-$5 but this mod is free! I will probably add more tiles in the future randomly. Much thanks to Haunter who helped me with this mod!

Preview of the Tiles I Made:


If you have ideas for any suggestions for specific tiles you would use let me know and I might make them.


  • If it's not too much hassle, everyone could do with a good pristine walrus, or perhaps a chubby round squirrel!
  • Very nice Megan!
  • I like the unique Ageless Tiles a whole lot! (I think it should be Dwarf/Dvergr, Elf/Dwelf, Gnome/Keen, Kobold, and Porc/Blackboar in that order, right?)

    Also, unique Monkeyfish tiles could be hinting at something, or I'm just reading too deeply into this. ;)

    For Suggestions, I can really only suggest Gobo's and Hobgobo's.
  • These are amazing Megan!!!
    If I could suggest tiles, it would be tiles of old women. I feel like old women don't get enough credit in urealms and I think dedicating tiles to that community would do them justice for all they provide to this world. Old ladies come in a large variety: old elves, old dwarves, old walrus', old Dwarves, etc. I think I can speak for a majority of the Urealms community that we love and appreciate our matriarchs. We love and appreciate you too, Megan!  :3
  • Thank-you for all of your suggestions I will add a bunch of these to my next tile update!

    @friskyBrisky yup those ageless races are what I was going for, but the monkeyfish are just monkeyfish with different personalities

    I just added 52 new tiles to the tabletop mod!
    This includes a bunch of URealms companions... and also a raccoon, a trash monster, and a stray cat and dog (Perfect for the SLUMS themed map on My Patreon this month!)


    Special thanks to Haunter for making this update possible!
  • Sick work as always guys
  • Y'all what did we do to deserve Megan?? This is amazing!

    I just added 10 more tiles to my URealms Tile Mod in the Tabletop Simulator Workshop!
    That's right, I'm still doing Patreon maps and making FREE TILES that I think would be great with those maps! Today's tiles are super spooky, (Perfect for this month's Autumn Murder Mystery maps!)


    I couldn't have done this without the help of Haunter Gengar! Much thanks to him!
  • Thats a cute werewolf(?)
  • @ItsjustAvy thankyou! It is indeed a werewolf, or at least a wolf haha
  • @Meganzoor looks like a wolf who gained sentience and just wants to make friends, Im using this idea im my next game xD 
  • Megan does lots of great work! !chatfavorite
  • So i'm confused, i've downloaded the mod and whenever I load it into my TTS game I keep getting an error and they won't load and disappear? Says image error and can't connect to host...? what am i missing?
  • @ifightforpie the tile mod should be working again! @Haunter helped me fix it and put out the new update for this month!
  • edited March 2020


    I've just added more tiles to my URealms Tile Mod in the Tabletop Simulator Workshop!

    The 21 tiles I added this month go perfectly with my Tree House University map I made this month for my patreon.

    I couldn't have done this without the help of Gengar! Thankyou!

  • My TableTop Tile Mod is currently at 165 tiles!

    In March my map theme was "Tornado Fields Family Farm" and I made 12 new tiles for that

    In April I did an "Animal Crossing Island Village" map and I added 30 new full-colour tiles

    The tile mod is free!

    My map Patreon turns 1 year old this month! If you have any interest in maps for TableTop or supporting my tile creation please consider supporting my Patreon!
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