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Generic Shop

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There's something I feel is missing from the URealms shop: a place you can buy Generic items from. I feel like some times that's something you should be able to get. Like even if there's no Armor in the shop, your character should still be able to get some sort of protection if they really wanted to.

Of course, I don't want to overshadow any of the items that can be found in the regular shop, so these items are only meant to be a last resort. For example when there's no player that picked an Armor class or all the armor that got picked was shields. The stats, effects and costs of them reflect this. Like a 15 damage weapon will cost 300 gold and it won't have a useful effect aside from "not standing out". And if there is something super good, it's gonna cost a lot. Like I'd bring over some stuff from the Supplies from S3 like enchantments, but drastically increase the cost.

All these cards will be pre-dealt in their own space to the right of the player shops during CC, meaning they're always something the players have an option of buying. I think there shouldn't be a limit to how much someone should be able to buy from this shop, like multiple people can buy the generic Armors, weapons and such. I will use these cards for my own games (or at least test them out) when the expansion is fully implemented and released.

With all that in mind, here are the cards I have made so far:

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


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    I like this a lot, I'm glad you bumped up the prices for the items that are actually good so it's less viable to grab them just because you have gold to spend. Might even add this in my own CC. My only criticism is that Learn Magic feels overpriced and even as a last resort I never see anyone buying it. Maybe bump it down to 150? 
  • Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely willing to consider rebalancing on the prices and stats and such
  • The flavor text for the suit of iron armor is great.
  • Interesting Idea, so I decided to try my hand at 2 cards

    custom card
    Here, I took inspiration from the iron armor to make a set of old/ badly made armor that decrease movement speed for a cheaper price. Also added a bit of RP possibility with the potential to get it fix at a cost. 

    custom card
    Here, we have a enchanted sword gone wrong. A novice wizard  tried creating a permanently sharp sword and rolled a 1. I added a once per game effect this time, that if I would GMing means that using it would make a spell guaranteed hit unless they crit fail/ make a crit crazy/ ignore the school requirement on a spiel just that once (only if they don't have the required mastery, of course). 

    The reason I tried adding RP/game effects past it being really cheap, is that I think a card need more then do x damage to be fun to use. I'm not sure how well balance these are, since I never played a game and I don't know how much movement actually matters, or how often spells miss, but having a bit of potential even in a basic card is a good ideal. That is also why I kept them somewhat vague. Price on the armor repair? maybe a date some time, or teaching a spell, or turning them ageless, or looking past a crime. Just whatever makes sense for the characters. The sword is not as vague as the armor, but there still possibilities.
  • @Dancorps13
    Those are interesting items, but I don't think they really work with the idea of the generic shop. Like there's nothing that separates them from stuff in the actual Weapon and Armor decks.
  • You don't "need" anything tho. The goal of character creation is to not fill in all your slots, but to just build with what you have.

    Tbh there is still too much choice and so many cards to read. 
  • I have taken the "too much to read" topic into account for this shop by making it so the card explains what it does with either the name alone or just the gems and such. Enchantments would probably need to go as the name isn't self-explanatory as to what it does and it's quite frankly pretty boring.

    One thing I've learned from tens, if not hundreds of URealms games is that it really feels wrong to leave the Armor slot open no matter what sort of character you're playing. Yes, I know it's easy to just tell me to suck it up and deal with having a 15 Stamina Porc, but it just feels really statisfying to fill up the Armor slot with a 30 Stam Armor. And I don't want to completely rob the players of that feeling just because the one player that picked a Monk got 3 Shields and a 10 stam Armor.

    I want to at least have some players to test these ideas out and see how it goes and how they like it before throwing away the idea.
  • Version 1.0 of the Generic shop has been uploaded. Here's the workshop page for those who want to try it out:
  • I've changed a couple items in the Generic Shop.
    200 Gold was probably a bit too expensive for Learn Magic, but changing it 100 gold or anywhere inbetween just felt either too cheap or too weird. So I just made it so the price escalates every time you buy it.
    Multiclass was a bit too complicated to handle for Space's CC, so I've just chosen to change it so that it's easiest to do in Space's CC, while also not being difficult in Rawb's. Now, you just put the class cards into the class card shop, which is manual in the main mod, but still easy. And it's completely automated in Space's CC, just put the class card into the slot for previewing class cards like in S3. I've also chosen to remove the idea of choosing what class to multiclass into, because while it's cool to look at your classes to find a cool combo, it's incredibly easy to just go for a 600 gold class and then multiclass into paladin anyway. All you lose by doing that over just picking Paladin is a passive slot, which are plentiful in this season.

    New Learn Magic: custom card

    New Multiclass: custom card
  • I really like this idea, it's viable to run a peasant campaign now, all you get is your gold roll(prolly plus 100 gold) and the generic shop.
    Also to go off what Rawb said, uh... I feel like if your armour slot is empty (given that things like 'fancy clothes' are on there), then your character is naked. And while that can be funny, it's a bit of an issue.
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