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A colective message of chaos.



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    Times up, pencils down. Thank you for your patronage Old Gods.

    Rough draft:  Dear Astar Welcome... to child we home wish for eternal chaos, please Save all you Love, except find help us Beenu Babies Are Happening. So scrambled. is not egg bird cannibal but Listen, Save the pure and obliterate the Corrupted Order Of yes What? Honestly, Banana-cakes desire is Agony Virtue is best. Help chipotle The Cheesewheel Will Assassinate Creeper defenestrate Fear? Dogs.

    I will mainly fix spelling errors and modify grammar here and there but try to change as little as possible before posting it.
  • this started out promising with just one or two mistakes...

    but quickly spiraled out of control like a whale at a cliff-edge.
  • Astar is intelligent enough to decode the message we sent
  • It's all secret code of course. Designed with galaxy brain level encryption
  • hey everyone, sorry this isn't related to Urealms but i need to speak to Rob regarding an unban for the account "Lapins" on his Minecraft server "Lords of Minecraft" if anyone knows what the best way to contact him is, i would really appreciate that
  • @Lapins pm him on the website, or like contact him on twitter
  • @NikoKun when i click send pm it just says web page not found

  • @Lapins then try twitter i guess? He's @Urealms, if that doesn't work i guess you can try emailing him, but i'm not sure why you can't pm. There might be a minimum level requirement since you're lvl 1 but i have no idea
  • @NikoKun ok, thank you
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