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What Are Your Funniest/Dumbest/Goofiest Character Creations? Or Ideas for monsters?

"In the Laboratory of Binky Bonkers BrainBlender Archmage of Silliness, many go insane from his outright ridiculous Creatures, Creations, and Companions"  >_<
*Rolls Dice 
*Checks the Goofy NPC/Gag Character chart
"Such as the terrifying and horribly adorable Baby Raskum of Unbelievable Cuddles, or the unstoppable world destroyer the mini-micro scrooge, or Captain LongJohns the shortest keen in the world."  :o

Share with your fellow DM's and Evil Mastermind's your glorious goofy creations & ideas.
Its always fun to brainstorm with others about crazy creatures and goofy NPC's to throw into a game for goofs, gags, and giggles. (Maybe Rawb will use some of these goofy Ideas as gags in his game, he's always down for a laugh/fun)

I'll be posting a few of my Crazier Character Creations, my Monsterous Frankenstein ideas, and explain a little of my inspiration behind them aswell. 

"Feel free to contribute your own insanely goofy ideas to the Caldron, *Hiccup* we could always use more giggle juice *Hiccup* *Hiccup*..." ~_~


  • Here is a Link to Captain LongJohns character... The World's Tiniest Gnome & the obsessed Hunter of the Great White Monkey Fish.
    (Not that used to linking things from the character/card portion of the forums, sorry if I screwed it up)
    Description Incase Link doesn't work
    Keen Gnome Cabalist Artists Tiny
    Kingfishers Cloth Frozen rod, 2 random ice spells (torpedo ex, and 1 other)
    Hiking boots, Mothers Gift, Goblin Rights paper
    Book of bones, Nearsight, Magic Rope, Bronze fishing pole, thar she blows

    Monkeyfish is huge with howl and spalsh

    I took inspiration from Captain Ahab from the story Moby Dick for this character. The thought of having an adventure where you hunt down elusive sea monsters sounded link a cool idea, but I also wanted a light-hearted anything goes gag comedy seen in the earlier traditional URealms streams.

    I thought a good table/adventure breaker to have the party introduce the adventure by having them looking for a super tough and menacing boat captain Named Captain Longjohn's that was seeking crew members to hunt down a "legendary sea monster". All the people they assumed are Captain LongJohns end up not being him until he walks into the bar/tavern/market square/dockyard
    After they meet and he tells them of "the Great White Monkeyfish" that bit of his leg. And how he wants to hunt it down to the ends of the earth

    Longjohns would not be a lot of combat help during fights during the campaign, as he'd be the one reeling monsters or steering the boat while occasionally needing help due to his tiny stature. Until the final fight which is "The Great White MonkeyFish" Longjohns would claim to see/spot the creature, often throughout the campaign calling out a "thar she blows" and screwing with the party
    I also thought another funny end twist, would be "the Great White Monkeyfish" is just a basic giant Monkeyfish that doesn't speak, while every fight up to this was crazy monster/monsters fight in order to find it.

    It would also be funny if LongJohns just wanted to find his Large pet monkeyfish the entire time, and the party misinterpreted everything as a hunting it Instead.

  • Had a season 3 wizard who didn't have any spells, and thought magic was for cowards. Had another character who's cornerstone gave him two fire spells, got prudish for my attribute and I chose fire, locking 60% of my ability slots.
  • I had a Gobolf NPC who only knew Pyroblast, Blizzard and Arcane Beam. He was not skilled in any of those elements.
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