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Campaign Thread: The Yes King



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    i think this was a ok Campaign, it felt a bit slow and uneventful at the beginning, but it realy picked up at the end. was one or two characters deaths that was a bit anticlimactic for me, but there was also some interesting lore added in this episode. where some really fun moments but also some stuff that didn't really go any where. so yeah i like the Campaign but it was a bit of a mixed bag as well, the one big thing i loved about this campaign however was the player characters this time! normally i only end up having one or two favorites but loved them all this time, think it might be because of the three player format but i'm not sure.
  • Slightly miffed that Are'ani died so unceremoniously, but I suppose that's just how Divine Decisions work. She is visually one of my favorite character designs in the series and it's a shame her to get fate locked the way she was. Bopen is a skeletal brat and can't handle being shown what he was shown, we at least established that.

    Overall though, the players brought some strong characters to the table this week. Spiff's was my favorite, and the way they played off of each other's quirks was well implemented. I particularly enjoyed the tension whenever time magic came into play, really got me to hold my breath during those moments.
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    It would have been crazy if Roman rolling those doubles at the end with the legendary goblet was  a super critical. The odds of that happening is 1 in 400. I was shocked it happened twice during this  campaign. This was a really fun one! 
  • Okay finally caught up. Overall a solid campaign, and wow that final combat was nuuuuuts. Excited for the next one!
  • the fact that the final battle all took place in the span of a single round still makes my head spin.

    looking forward to that hinted at campaign that at least partly takes place during those final moments though :P
  • @ceverett Odds of rolling doubles are actually still 1 in 20 (it you account for double 1s being a fail then it is approximately 1 in 21 or 4.75% chance). The probability of the first die doesn't matter, only the second die matching does. Still a bit rarer than rolling a 20 out of two dice though.
  • Oh my god that ending!

    I think this is in my top 5 campaigns. The roleplay, comedy and action was all done increibly well.
  • Never really actually bothered to post about this till now but my profile's been unable to post in certain forums since its creation for some reason, any idea why that's happening anyone?
  • when was it created? I wasn't able to message until 2 months after I made mine. Also what forums have you been unable to post in @Whoneedspacee
  • so is this the same billy from sea of thives and gta?
  • @Nerva77 since we have uncle sal and douglass i would assume so
  • Since I created the account, pretty much all forums besides general, been on the forums for like a year almost.
  • @Whoneedspacee ;
    If you are able to post in the help desk I would try putting a message there. If not you might just have to wait until Rawb or Megan sees your post on here. 
  • I haven't been able to make threads for pretty much anything. Can only make posts.
  • @kilozombie Nah because sometimes Stamina does matter when its used for story telling. For example, sometimes you take small amounts of damage that AMOUNTS to a Danger Roll. It also kinda tells you if your a character who can take a hit or not. Without it, we would lose a lot of purpose for cards entirely. It's good to have just a little bit of math, just not too much it becomes the game.
  • @SugarSmear Nah it has ceremony. Her death will make a lot of sense later on.
  • @Whoneedspacee Ya we have looked into your account before. There is no reason your account shouldn't be able to post.
  • I have a question regarding Astar, so we have a character in the show now called Astar and we also have an old god named Astar, so if Astar wins a divine descision will we have 2 separate Astar characters?
  • The Old God named Astar is Astar the person. They have no attachment to AStar the character other then that they share a name.
  • Hey Rob Quick question when is the XP/Gold supposed to come out for this campaign 
  • @TamTroll it was one round!?!?  Also, you were deadbones right?
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    pretty sure it was just one round yeah.

    and only in name. And as i keep say, i'm surprised the name "TamTroll" was used at all. Could have sworn i submitted a more name-appropriate name, something like "Tamma Tralah" or whatever.

    But hey, i'm not complaining. He made it work :P
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