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UForums: The Knights Who Say Yis (Canceled)



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    @Loreteck (I am sorry, you are correct. But now I have a new problem; your Flame Burst only works in an area centered around you. While place Runes is fine, they'll be centered on the runes position, you simply doing the Flame Burst will mean you release 6 rings of fire around you, hurting none of the Ytts.)

    @Pufflemore (If I remember right, you should have 1 more action left.)

    Roberick activates as Claire gets out of the tent, sees the commotion going on, and tries to find a Spell in her Hat. She can not find any, however.

    @Murlin22 (You want me to Roll or should I?)

    @Gushy48 (Hat Rats? I hope you mean Ytts. Also, your Random Weapon Choices are: custom card custom card custom card )

    Blade the Hat Rat Horse is going to immediately pull a Random Spell out of their Hat and cast it at the nearest Ytt. They pull custom card. (Who are they hitting?)

    @Toruk First, Drew casts Thick Hide on his Companions, protecting them from Basic Damage this Round of Combat. Then Benny is going to shoot two Rubber Spells, hitting the two nearest Ytts. One will hit them, dealing 10 Damage, but one of the Ytts is going to try to block the Second One.

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ A Ytt, and the Ytt possessing Jeffineer, are both going to try to stop Lucy from casting her Melody. Both the Ytt and Ytt-Jeffineer are successful; the Ytt casts custom card, dealing 25 Arcane Damage to both Lucy and Big Cheddar. Ytt-Jeffineer tries to pull a Spell out of their Hat, but fails (because it's not a Counter, and she didn't roll 15+ with it).
  • @friskyBrisky
    Robrick will come to her and pull out 2 random spells from his top hat using both actions 
    and Clair will toss her hat in the air to get ready for a stage show 
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    Magician's Wand please and yeah, Ytts. Blade Rat will hit the two nearest Ytts for 6 and 4 Damage.
    Blade himself will move towards the bottom two Ytts and use his Scriptures of Arcane.  

    And I'm stopping because LEGENDARY SPELL (hopefully)

    Oh, Blade Rat will use Regal Top Hat again at the same two Ytts. 
  • @friskyBrisky
    No the counter spell is ignite so range is not a problem.
  • @Gushy48
    Sorry mate, but the Melody got interrupted, so no legendary spells... or even any crits for that matter.

    After the explosion, she will turn towards Jennifer, annoyed, and then walks up to her to land a slap around the face for 10 damage (no weapon used, Brawler)
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    @Gushy48 (Don't worry, though. Since Barney woke up, you get a Re-Roll on that Critical Failure.)

    Blade moves to the nearest Ytt and tries to read his Arcane Scriptures. Unfortunately, it is too dark to read.

    @Loreteck (Man, I've just been a bad GM this campaign. I am again sorry for my poor GMing.)

    Zazzs, seeing the Ytt's about to attack Alexai's tent, shoots Ignites at all of them, Burning them and cancelling their attacks on Alexai. The Areas underneath them become Plagued Dangerous Terrain Tiles, which will force all of them to Death Roll.

    All the Ytt's survive. Alexai, Jeffineer's Hat Rat, and Kapharine take no Damage, and Jeffineer will not be posessed by a Ytt.

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (Because I finally got around to Zazz's Crit Countering, I will ignore you slapping Jeffineer, so you may do something else. However, your Melody will still be countered. And No one can Counter a Counter here, so no Countering that.)

    @Murlin22 Relmar pulls a Spell out of his Hat to attack a Ytt. (The Spells are custom cardcustom card or custom card.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    ill shadow ice it and follow it up with another random spell “Get out of here!!!”
  • @friskyBrisky
    Oh ok.

    I guess i'll just use my Afornian to give Lore another action then.
  • @friskyBrisky
    Blade will try again and so will Blade Rat.

  • @friskyBrisky
    I would like to syncast, murlin's random spell and shadow ice, whatever gushy is doing both blade and his hat rat and that about it for now (I don't now what too do with more actions over then t reform my rune barrier which hasn't been activated yet.(All of this is a free action due to monk making counter actions free, because syncast is a counter action)

    Oh and barney is going to move next to me and he's going to cast martyr and blessing of strength to everyone

    syncast murlin's random spell:
    syncast murlin's shadow ice:
    syncast blades spell:
    syncast hourse rat spell:

    barney martyr:
    barney blessing of strength:
  • @friskyBrisky
    Also reminder that I can't crit fail spells so I can only miss for zazz.
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    @Pufflemore First, Roberick draws two spells out of his Hat; first, Roberick pulls out custom card (so what Law is he going to declare?). Then, he pulls out custom card.

    Afterwards, Claire tosses her hat in the Air to initiate a Stageshow. The Hat launches into the air... Then it slowly swoops back and fourth in the wind. Claire tries to grab it, but a stronger gust pushes it away from her reach, forcing her to pick it off from the Ground. She is now in Stageshow mode.

    @Gushy48 Blade tries to read his Arcane Scripture again, but it's just too dark for him to read it.

    Then Blade the Horse Hat Rat pulls out custom card, attacking a near by Ytt for 5 Damage. The Horse learns that the Ytts can sense their Magical Essence, but can't do anything with this information.

    @Murlin22 Relmar shoots a Shadow Ice at a near by Ytt, dealing 15 Damage to it. Then Relmar reaches into his hat and finds another spell. (The Spell choices are custom cardcustom card or custom card.)

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Lucy plays her Afornian, giving Zazzs another Action.

    @Loreteck (Yes, thank you, though I think I would've remembered this one. It might be best to just remind me of everything, to be completely honest though.)

    Barney gets out of his tent, moves up to Zazzs, and casts Martyr, protecting all of his Allies for this Round of Combat. (Barney has only one more Action, and Blessing of Strength can only be cast on one Ally at a time. So who would you pick to Bless?)

    Then Zazzs Attempts to Syncast with everyone elses Actions. Although Zazzs fails with Syncasting with Blade and Blade, he will succeed twice with Relmar, hitting a Ytt with Shadow Ice for 30 Damage and Freezing them. (We'll have to wait to see what @Murlin22 does for your 19 Action.)

    (And I will do NPC Actions first thing in the morning.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    have everyone used their move action yet?
  • @friskyBrisky
    law of land is you can not move more then 5 
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    @Pufflemore "ATTENTION. ATTENTION." Roberick says, blaring loud, deep emergency sirens, hurting the ear holes of the Ytts, "FOR THIS ROUND OF COMBAT, NO PERSON IS ALLOWED TO MOVE MORE THEN 5 SPACES IN ANY DIRECTION. I REPEAT, NO PERSON IS ALLOWED TO MOVE MORE THEN 5 SPACES IN ANY DIRECTION THIS ROUND OF COMBAT. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED." (Rolling for a little funny thing. ) Roberick is able to end the alarm afterwards. (On a low roll, I would've made that siren blare the whole Round. :p )

    @Murlin22 (Who are you casting this on?)

    @Loreteck (Since @Murlin22 is doing Featherfye, who are you going to cast your Crit Featherfye on?)

    Borst and 'Nastasia are going to try to go Invisible, like always. They successfully go invisible, in their tents.

    Alexai and Kapharine are going to get out of their tent. Alexai is going to custom card a Ytt. Alexai is successful, dealing 10 Damage and removing all the Actions from the one Ytt this Round of Combat.

    Kapharine is going to pull a Random Spell out of her hat. Kapharine successfully pulls out a custom card, slapping a Ytt and Stunning them.
  • @friskyBrisky
  • @friskyBrisky
    Um...the same target because it wouldn't work otherwise?
  • @Loreteck (You did Crit, however, so on a Crit I can let you do it on anyone you want.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    Wait he cast featherfie on it........he buffed the monster, you know what I featherfie @Murlin22 , enjoy floating and losing all your drinks.
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    @Gushy48 ;
    "It is about *put a number here* gnomish meters."
  • @Loreteck @friskyBrisky
    yeah I’m featherfying the ytt cause reasons then I’m going to try to take a drink of my hush puppy
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    @Murlin22 @Loreteck Relmar casts Featherfye on one of the Ytts, making them as light as a feather, and able to move over any Difficult or Dangerous Terrain tile. As Relmar goes in to drink his Hush Puppy, however, Zazzs casts Featherfye on Relmar. The sudden lift makes Relmar drop his drink on the ground, destroying it. (Now the good news is you already drank your Hush Puppies for this Combat, so no death roll for you... The bad news is, you're going to have to Death Roll every Combat from now on.)

    @Loreteck (Still need to know who Barney is buffing.)

    The friend Ytt is going to move 4 spaces towards his allies and try to cast a Random Spell on one of them. The Ytt successfully casts custom card, dealing 25 Light Damage to 2 Ytts. The first Ytt is now forced to Death Roll.

    The Ytt lives, but his Stability drops again.
  • @friskyBrisky
    IDK blade I guess?
  • @friskyBrisky

    Relmar is going to freak the hell out and use every action he has left and also have his hat rat use theirs to cast as many random spells as possible and I don’t want to choose targets since this is just him panicking.
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    @Murlin22 (As a Ronin, you have 1 more action.)

    In his panic, realizing his drink has dropped and splattered, Relmar reaches into his hat to try to get a Spell, at a Random Target. (Oh crap.) Relmar, in his crazed state, doesn't find a spell, but finds his Little Hat Doorrat (who must've went in there for heat). Relmar throws it at the Ytts. The Hat Rat is now riding on one of the Ytts, who look at the Rat with hunger in their tiny eyes. The Hat Door Rat, too far away from either its, or its masters, Hat, is unable to do anything.
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