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A colective message of chaos.

Hello, I am Beepatron, a semi-serious man with a bs amount of luck and recent second time DD winner. I now have more chaos I could possibly use and I'm passing the savings off to you! Now what does this mean? It means that the fact that I took up two OoC slots guilts me makes me want to post something from the community into the OoC forums. Now instead of trying to figure out who's message to choose and post, I figure why not embrace the chaos and let everyone add a word and make one together? Will the collective want to give the OGD dangerous information, drive OoC members insane, write Galen a love letter, or maybe combine the three into some horrible monstrosity?

So before we begin lets state a few simple (and in some cases redundant) rules:
  • Be civil - This is the most important rule and should go without saying (also part of the site rules). Be respectful of other people and their choice of words even if you don't like it. This is for the Order of Chaos.
  • Everyone (including OoC members if they desire) can comment only one word onto the end of a growing message (punctuation optional). Your minimum site level must be at least 3 (which I was informed you have to be at least 3 to post anything anyways but am leaving this in so people won't try).
  • Time limit for this will be 77 hours from being posted.
  • Please try to save any comments until after the time limit has passed. This one is just to try to try to reduce clutter and give this chaos some order.
So with that, I look forward to seeing what message the collective will create.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to slightly modify any spelling, grammar, and word choice at the end to make the message comprehensible.
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