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Who's purchased all the user avatars so far?

I recently just bought the last avatar I could, and still have a few thousand gold left over. Just wondering if any of ya'll have one upped me by getting them all before level 37 (my current level as of posting, should be bumped up soon thanks to the first S4 campaing), and how many took the time before this post to have done it, had started, or are interested in doing it now that i've mentioned it.

P.S. I can't seem to remember all the unique avatars, if any of ya'll have the time and motivation, why not post them so people could double check and see if their collection is super duper complete.  :3


  • I can't remember what level I got all of them, but I'm certain it was before level 30. But then there were less of them back then. All that season 1 and 2 gold gave me a pretty strong head start. 
  • ill get there one day xD
  • Can't say i'm big on Avatars, not even sure if i bought old Lola here or not.

    Given the most recent campaign though, i'm definitely going to be buying one in particular when it comes out.
  • I only have seven away from the "full" set
  • I mean I could buy them all but I suppose winning King of the Golden moncole isn't the normal way people get 1 million gold. *Waits for Bopen and Quintara Lotus to be purchasable*
  • I probably could get most of them, but I'm happy with what I've got and after Rob said that there might be stuff like Dragons that cost 100k or more I decided to hold on to my gold in case I want something cool and super expensive in the future.
  • @rorman922 Quintara isn't purchasable? 
  • I mean I can't find it in the avatars so I guess it's not @Shuckle ;

  • Im pretty sure you got Quintara for donating to a certain event
  • I'm quite happy with this portrait, so I'm going for lots of gold instead. Up to 93,000 so far.
  • @Doggod100
    I have 80k gold on me because why not
  • Bought all the beards so I'm set for life.
  • I have 107k right now, so I could buy Quintara Lotus if it ever came out for people that didn't donate. Not that I ever would, but...
    How much would it take to even buy all the default avatars, provided that I watched all the streams but donated to none of them?
  • @Razgrey If you didn't donate to the streams? I would assume at least a few levels higher than 37, as thats when I purchased all of them (at current time) and I donate a lot.
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