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Quintara Lotus is marked by the old Gods

I am writing this on low energy, forgive any of my sprawled out thoughts and inconsistencies I might have.

 So below is a picture of a sexy dragon that Rawb plugged in his most recent campaign, more specifically  it is a sexy picture of Quintara Lotus that was a gift to Galen Sunsword. How do we know this, because the description of this image in the official shop of Urealms states and I quote "This painting was a gift from Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus to the love of her life Galen Sunsword. Unfortunately it was stolen by a very famous art thief."

From this information we know that this painting is from the Urealms and was brought to us through the Order of Chaos or some meta crap, either way this means this is a 100% canonical accurate painting of almost nude Quintara Lotus.

Now why does this being an accurate painting of Quintara Lotus matter, because if you look at her inner right thigh, you will see what appears to be a Mark of the Unforgotten.

The only time I can recall that meta knowledge is introduced to Quintara Lotus is in The Sandbolds campaign when Millbee tells Quintara Lotus about Tom Hanks and Wilson when she sends him to an island for, what I remember to be, 100 years. This explains why she was so serious about him spouting out those names, because she recognized those names to either be of our world, or just not of her world, meaning the reason she didn't press the situation any farther with Millbee was because she was testing him to see if he carried a Mark of the Unforgotten, was controlled by an Old God, or was just actually unlucky enough to say a random few names that triggered her alarms. So if we rule out Quintara Lotus thinking Millbee's character was marked, because I am almost positive she is smart enough to determine that on her own, that leaves Millbee being controlled by an Old God and him being just an unlucky idiot. Now the chances of a Urealms character naming something Wilson isn't that low, but naming something Wilson and the uttering the phrase "Tom Hanks" is WAY too specific to make that a reasonable option in the mind of pretty much the smartest and most powerful character in Urealms. So that only leave Quintara Lotus realizing that Millbee, and maybe even some of the other characters. to be controlled by the Old Gods. 

Now why Quintara Lotus has chosen not to act on this I have no clue, but I do know that she knows of us and not through some stories about the Old Gods, but by our own words, she knows that her life is not just that of what she sees. 


  • she's been described as the chaos god / queen of chaos a few times.

    i wouldn't be surprised if the entire order / mark situation is in some way her doing, intentionally, accidentally, inadvertently, or otherwise.
  • Theory time: So remember when they showed the animation describing phanto's death, and told of the dragon aspect's trying to resurrect him, but being unsuccessful? Well in that, Quin's dragon was the last to be shown. Now, we know the old gods killed Phanto, and we can guess that Quin was the last dragon to stop trying from that clip. Perhaps she herself was influenced, or experienced an old god then. We know she is obviously the queen of chaos/chaos god due to arcane being opposite to the equilibrium of earth. But what if that wasn't the full story. Now, we also know that Phanto's death had varying affects on the other aspects: Rage and Depression for example, but Quin's insanity may be different. It may come from having an experience with a deity even higher than that of a sun dragon, an old god. 
      Other forms of fiction and role play games usually tell us that meeting, or seeing an old god, or an eldritch being is almost incomprehensible. So what if that's what it was to her? Phanto dies then upon failing to bring them back, she manages to commune with an old god, realises what happens and has her mind broken by it. 
     Of course the main question is then: why doesnt she ever reference it, or why has no one mentioned the mark? Well simply put: The old god she communed with doesn't want it to be so.

    Like i say, this is just a theory but I like it due to the old god in question also being a direct influence on another of our beloved characters, Phineas who sometimes shares the same level of irrationality. 
  • it could be there just to fuck with Galen would not be out of character
  • My personal theory is that all of the dragon aspects became marked when they attempted to resurrect Phanto, since they were attempting to undo an act of the Old Gods. Doesn't necessarily mean they're members of the Order of Chaos, just means they have some degree of meta-knowledge. Until we learn more about that event though that's all I've really got.
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    I don't believe Quintara has been marked yet in the traditional campaign sense - based on the timeline she has by the second ageless war - and her being marked will be a plot point at some point in the season. Fox Sunsword told Quintara to join the "cult" (Order of Chaos} that Galen was joining to reconnect with him. I believe she will join and actually be our old god divines way to infiltrate the mana arc.
  • if she is marked, I sure do regret not voting for the old god divine arrivial where all order of chaos members are frozen since it would be pretty interesting to have one (or potentially more) of the dragon aspects just completely out of the picture
  • If she is at the arrival of the old God divine, the beenu could mind control Quintara into using her creature magic for bring back the beenus or give the beenu divine extra powers. Because if you remember the final talon was full of gold. So enough to use creation magic
  • If it was anyone but her, I'd probably wonder. However, I think she just felt like joining the ooc one day and got a tattoo.

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    Maybe we are asking the wrong question guys. Why that symbol! What is the origin of the symbol? Which old god decided that that would be the mark a character would receive after being cursed? 

    The simple answer is rob and lily, but what if it isn't a meta answer. 

    Maybe the origin of the symbol is from the realm itself (recall the intro of "The fate worst than death", so the reason why we are seeing the symbol is that Quintara gravitated toward the symbol for the soul reason she is chaotic in nature, which is the reason why we see the mark. But because she didn't get a mark from the old God by a curse, she has a purple mark, which represents her own chaos.

    Or the simple reason is that she saw Galen having a tattoo (during their relation) and decided to get a matching tattoo.
  • i knew she was evil. i knew ever since she showed up and cause gallion sunsword to go chaos. i have a long post on how she know WAY to much to not understand or know about the threat of chaos.

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    I posted a joke rick roll to the OoC forum as a joke to tell Galen to drop Quintara.

    So, I am really hoping she doesn't hear the whispers or have the ability to interact with the forum. Otherwise she may already be aware of some anti-Quintara sentiment. 
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    woops, wrong thread.

    Wouldn't the Dragons only be marked if they actually succeeded in raising the dead though? Everyone we've seen has been marked by either bringing back the dead, or cheating death.

    I think it would be something other then trying to raise Phanto that gave her the mark.
  • @TamTroll ;
    Well I mean we would have to go back to that one animation that describes what happened during Phanto's resurrection, I think I remember seeing it in Senate of Deadlantis, but I am assuming with the power of 6 dragon aspects you would have the power to resurrect something, but I do not know if that would be enough to resurrect a being infinitely more powerful than the 6 dragon aspects combined so maybe they did bring Phanto back but just not as they hoped, like a mindless zombie for example, or they managed to bring him back for a second and then he went back to being dead. I could see both of those situations being a requirement for bringing somebody back and receiving a mark of the Old Gods.

    I also like what @RedDashLion said how since killing Phanto was an act of an Old God, trying to reverse it caused them to receive marks. 
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