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Somebody from chaos get some knowledge into Urealms.

Come on fellas, hit em with the meta knowledge. Get that god killer knowledge out there, get that juicy "Gywneth has Virgo's spirit" out there, and of course the obvious "Bopen can stop time and seems to get more powerful with gold."

We need our child to know, its better to do so early so that they may live and thrive. I believe in you to carry my wishes to them.

(Until i get that sick chaos tat)


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    Meta knowledge is great and all, but when are we gonna tell somebody how to create tanks and intercontinental missiles?
    Things would get quite interesting after that death of magic comes around. 
  • I want someone to tell them about the deadrealms and somehow find a way to enter there. Force it to become canon in someway. 
  • Now I hope someone paste a manual to nuclear energy in the Order


    Just imagine what that would do :D @LuckyLOO
  • @simona that is of course if they have uranium in urealms (or any other radioactive material)
  • @LuckyLOO wait thats actually a great strat.
    The Beenu wouldn't have died if they had fully automatic guns.

    Do the right thing, get our beenu an AR.
  • maybe we should give the blueprints for weapons of mass destruction and give them to astar because
    1.astar is very intelligent
    2. they will be put to use sooner
    3. i for one would like to see bopen with an oozee
  • @Honeywasp Don't forget, the gnomes already have assault rifles: gherkinsbigbetty

  • Or just tell them to use spears, no-one uses spears for some reason despite how incredibly effective they are against swords (which almost everyone seems to use)
  • Thats because spears are made of wood silly
  • I agree with @Murlin22 although we could always just tell them to use bayonets, they're the same thing.
    Here's the real question though, who should we give intercontinental ballistic missiles? 
    Personally, I'm thinking about the walruses, although they might already have this technology, I think it wouldn't hurt to give them a head start.
    Although it does worry me about how this would really work out, it is canon that the world uses Minecraft physics. They all might instantly figure out there in a show after we tell them how to make a jet bomber and it just magically works. But who else would be the best to give them the power, ey?
  • Honestly I don’t like the idea of advancing their technology too far
  • @Murlin22 ;
    don't watch Walrus Campaigns then
  • @Dart

    Isn't the entire point of the Walrus race that they keep getting distracted and haven't quite realised that the world makes absolutely no sense though? None of this advanced tech would work because the laws of physics are different but Rawb hasn't figured out how the laws of physics are supposed to work so eventually the Walrus' will realise that it's all bullshit.
  • We could always tell them how to make Furbies.

  • Why not just write the ingredients to gunpowder? Or just an essay on the steam engine? The Order of Chaos could literally give them the manual on how to make electricity.
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    The thing is it seems like the gnomes now about gunpowder and steam engines, as guns exist and in Murder Bros., there is a train that is one of the main plot points. But I think giving electricity could be fun, but magic is almost like that in Urealms. Magic is energy in a sense.  IRL: Gold conducts electricity. Urealms: Gold is seen has having inherently magical properties. Another fun thing would be to tell the cursed about some public domain stories.
  • Why does it always turn into tanks, guns, and missiles?
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    @Connormur because they have alternatives to our medicine and shit
  • I feel like the main problem with providing information to characters through the chaos forms is that in order for characters to hear and understand it they would need to realize the nature of their existence (that they are characters in a show) which would lead to a lot of them either going insane, or not really caring enough to pursue to such knowledge. Look what all of the order of chaos stuff did to Galen. The best thing order of chaos people could do would honestly probably be to get all of the characters who have been marked and know about us to join the in game Order of Chaos with Maelstrom. Once we accomplish that we can set about sending that group to accomplish things we want in the world, but that feels like it should be the first point of order. 
  • In my case I wouldn't mind if they do not understand anything. They can pretty much create a cult about atoms because their world maybe doesn't have atoms bcause magic.

    Or just posting a big paragraph about warious animals we have imagine
    The dog god mythical being.

    In honor of wap wap

  • Guys guys guys, you're thinking too small. Spears? Furbies? Nuclear Power? Why not tell them about something that actually matters, like Space Travel? All an Old God would have to do is post a "How To Kerbal Space Program" video and boom, the Order expands into space (and might also be a part of the future Space Squirrel Game Show).
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