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The Plight of the Light

Recently the ageless have becoming more powerful, we really need to show some support to the light and recruit some powerful allies for the GPO, if we want the war to be a good war we need the teams to be evenly matched


  • See if we just keep stacking the ageless then we can get the war over with quicker, get to the next arc, and eventually get the Urealms Live  any% speed run world record
  • nah man that's not interesteing, the war needs a eb and flow, give and take if you will. we need the ageless to lose bad or the GPO to win big allies
  • Yeah like, the ageless did lose during this campaign but they only lost one player character who was new to the world anyways. Whereas when the GPO loses they just take a dive and lose so many characters and important things.
    We already know that rawb is gonna kill more GPO people due to the Omega Frost Cannon.
    And on a side note, the Scrooge siding with the ageless is kinda a death sentence for them as a race (unless the ageless win, which should be unlikely because that would put a big limit on storytelling)
  • I think the Light might end up getting a big boost if the Forn joins them, which is what I'm predicting. But if the Forn joins the ageless then uh that's not good for the Light lol.

    And yeah @erock1118 I do feel that the scrooge are a little screwed because of siding with the Ageless but technically the parasite is the scrooge not the duck, so they could just hop to another willing body.
  • I think the Scrooge might no be siding with the Ageless anyway despite the decision. If you recall near the end of the last arc Rawb mentioned how since basically none of them survived it probably won't end up happening. 
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    The light is an unstoppable force, actually, you probably should be rooting for the grand paladin to die so he can absorb new people into him.
    Sure maybe the ageless could slowly really get the head up on them and somehow permanently kill the grand paladin, but that'd be insane. Light magic would go into obscurity without the "feel" that the grand paladin gives, all paladins would have sacrificed their lives before they could ever let it happen.
    I know it sounds insane, but if we were to strike down the light over and over again, in a safe environment, of course, they would become more powerful then we could ever imagine. 
  • I don't think the grand paladin  can survive too many deaths. It would get to the point where the grand paladin would just be a mish mash of different personality and they would just go insane from having so many people in one body. 
  • I mean, the GPO technically has 2 dragons on their side. Ouro'ras is the Aspect of the Light, so like, boom. And Quintara has lovers on the Elf Council that even if she is a Chaotic force, I doubt she'd fight against them. The Dead only really have Goldstant and even then he isn't really on their "side" per say, he's just useful to their cause. So even if PCs or loved NPCs are killed off a lot, they still have those aces up their sleeve. 
    Now that I'm writing this out, I kinda think the Living should start bolstering their ranks with the other dragons.
  • I say Bopen becomes new GP and a truce comes between both sides. Crazy right? xD
  • @Sambo The problem is Ouro'ras is not taking any responsibilities in this realm (Remember, he gave up his powers to his son Thor), and Quintara is on neither side (she certainly didn't save Elves in A Night To Remember). Sure, maybe Quintara will do something about the situation if it looks like the Ageless are going to win, but until then it appears she is staying outside the conflict.

    @Galeosia That would be neat, but we see that Bopen is only interested in eating Gold, and we don't know if his dark energies can combine with the Light; it could cause the Light to die from the Realm once and for all.
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    @stormAlchemist The ones we meet in this campaign are merely a mercenary band of the race, if you recall when Gwyneth talks to Deadbones' character after blowing up the Scrooges' heads she said something like "Don't you know? The Scrooges have signed up with the Ageless".
  • Yeah, which made them a Kill On Sight enemy by someone who is aggressive enough to enact racial purging on innocents. Even if somehow they did survive, they're marked for extinction. Write the Scrooge race off- the players didn't keep any alive on screen.
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    Iv felt like the ageless have come away better in every campaign featuring this war :/ 

    could all be my bias tho
  • @Gen ;
    Oh yea that's right! I completely forgot about that! Thanks dude!
    Guess that means that my decision wasn't completely useless then
  • @stormAlchemist Ofc! after all, the more chaos the better mwahahahahahahahah >:)
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