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Campaign Thread: The Yes King

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Our first of campaign of S4! Woo!

Sorry about forgetting the thread during the show!


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    this campaign was probably one of my favorites that you guys have done (and its not just because there was a npc with my name in it)    
  • The ending was so hype! We had deadbones growing a fifth arm to cast five spells at once all at the Grand Paladin. We had roamin stopping time and pulling a legendary goblet out of a bag he pulled out of a bag, and then he actually ROLLED A CRIT with it (but rawb didn't give it to him T.T) And then everyone exploded, but spiff resurrected them. And gwyneth almost rolled a 1 on a death roll! Love it. I just deadbones's character had survived bc he was so cool, but what can you do, that's the dice..
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    Really great show, that ending was absolutely to die for!
  • It was fantastic, can't wait for more!!!
  • This one was great, and the ending was entertaining.
  • The animation, combat, roleplay, memes, and music was all amazing! This was probably my favorite campaign of all seasons. The wait was ENTIRELY worth it. But now I'm so overloaded I almost hope for a lighter sillier campaign next month. Or I could just wait for deadrealms. Either way I'm in love with season 4 so far.
  • perfect way to end the first show of S4
  • The ending of the campaign was quite entertaining. The whole campaign was a bit silly, but I thought it was a good opener for the season. I can't wait to see how it goes.
  • Most insane ending yet. Can't wait for more!
  • Even if this isn't the objectively best campaign, it will forever go down as my personal fave with just how insane the ending was AND with how now the love of me life is gonna be me bride!
  • This campaign was a hell of a way to start of season 4. Really good job! I like the new way donations events work and having animations emphasize important moments. All of the players also did a really good job making their characters feel unique and memorable. Overall one of my favorite campaigns!
  • Great campaign! Everything just went together so nice at the end. And I can't wait to see the Fort of Devils! Or was is the Den of Barringsters?
  • Beep you monster I love you
  • Beep you are the perfect kind of evil
  • This was an amazing show. I've followed since the beginning and always loved the show, but I've always preferred the RP over the combat-segments. But the final combat of this show is without a doubt my favorite combat-segment ever!

    Amazing combat, amazing RP, amazing show all around!
  • This was a great show, I had a blast.
    Can we get Bopen Pajamas by any chance?
  • (I messed up and posted in the wrong thread, so here it is in the right one, ha)

    Seeing all the cards come together in that final combat was incredible. Sure, some of it was luck, but everyone at the table seemed deeply excited to see what would happen. The game is more streamlined than ever before.

    My only concern is that along with the streamlining, damage felt like it mattered much less. That's not a bad thing! Just a thought, I guess. In S1 (and S2 to a lesser degree) it really, really mattered that you got your double damage buffs, your spreadsheet analytics of the battle, etc. to try and win fights. The final fight of this campaign especially felt Extra Anime, and it was incredibly fun for that! But you've also done what looked like a good job polishing the damage values, so I'm curious to see if future campaigns use stamina more, or if roleplay-infused combat is the new norm.

    To be clear, the roleplay is my favorite part of URealms, and it shone like a lighthouse with this session. The final battle was so chaotic and went in such a unique direction that it reminded me of the completely luck-filled storytelling of Sunswords and the end of Silvermine Mountain, and we're a long, long way from the days of stagnant, slow combat. We got Anytimes, then three Anytimes, and now we've got so many fun Interrupts and possible mid-battle turnarounds (being able to swap attributes because of a character change in the middle of a fight is like Pokemon evolving in a fight and it's just as fucking awesome), it's a buffet of good stuff.

    Another thought: Kallark seemingly died right at the beginning, but he wasn't even namedropped. If that was Kallark, then I think it really, really demonstrates how awful the Ageless war is, for every person on both sides. War is hell. The Grand Paladin's spirit starting the war in Gwiinyeth's body is especially stinging considering how easy the Dwelf went down, and it's especially especially stinging that it's our fault this war started at all, because of how we elected her as Grand Paladin. We've lost a lot of characters and we're bound to lose even more-- some we haven't even realized yet, like any Grand Paladin Order folks on those ships.

    All the time my head goes to the earliest campaigns, and how the story could, I guess, go basically anywhere. But the stories being told are infinitely more interesting now. Not just the characters, which have also gotten better, but also the meta-story, the way those characters grow and change the world, the way that we now have a timeline filled to the brim with tragedy and skeletons, hinging on moments in history that will be nights to remember, like the awakening in the Silvermine Mountain or the deaths of great historical figures in a war with loss on every front.

    It's a joy to live in a time with URealms. Thanks for everything all of you do.
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    Couldn't watch much beyond the beginning, but I loved what I was able to catch! I'm super excited for the rest of the season, keep up the good work :)
  • neat spoilertastic trivia: 
    Gwyneth* is the only character to appear in the first campaign of every season.

    *if you count this thing Gwyneth, that is

  • Rolling doubles is 5% chance, come on, its a natural crit!
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    @kilozombie I highly doubt that was Kallark since I'm pretty sure Rob has used other character pics as images for generic npc tiles in the past just to spice up how they look. Probably so that it isn't like you're fighting a clone of 1 type of person.

    Plus I feel like it would have been mentioned in some form if it was Kallark.
  • Petition to have Bopen wear his sheep pyjamas in the new avatar.
  • Oh yeah, Bopen's avatar should definitely wear his sheepy sleepies
  • I loved how it started with a broken ship Spiff in danger and DB on fire, and it ended with
    Spiff in danger,DB in an explosion of magical fire and a completely destroyed ship.

    Its a nice circle thingy, poetic XD

  • Not sure if anyone else has had this idea, but I don't think Billy is actually ageless. He never took off his meat disguise, and we never saw him kill anyone other than scrooges (which the paladins are killing anyway). I think he's either a believer (which we already know are immune to time magic) or another character like Salazar.
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    @macaedh While I also lean more towards the Believer side of things... Believers are not immune to death, and he stabed himself in the heart... So unless he's a Believer and a Sinner (which would potentally allow him to just say "Heh, I'm not alive so I can't die anyway!") I don't really think that's it either. Besides, if he can think like that, he's just a God level character regardless of what he initially was...
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  • lol i just realized that Gwyneth has been in the first campaign of every season.
  • @kilozombie

    Damage matters less because it's a show and depending on the encounter Damage might not be what matters. Not every battle has to be a tactical HP based RPG or else it wouldn't be called Stamina, it be called Health.

    The rules are their to be used to tell story, their are times in which count stamina matters and their are times when it doesn't.
  • This was a excellent campaign, I will admit I think at the end it got way too hectic, plus I think it was mean to make deadbones flip at the end at that one, was that really needed? I think a normal deathroll would of being fine. 
  • @Rob

    I agree that it's a show, and the dated 'wear slowly through your stamina like it's an endurance test' combat was, like I said, not great, and the improvements have skyrocketed the viewing experience in that regard.

    I wonder if someday years from now we might not have Stamina at all in URealms, because every season y'all find more and more improvements. The use case for it is prevalent (it helped establish that Deadbones was drowning and having a bad time in the water, for example) and I can imagine it being more helpful during a campaign played between people who aren't making it a show, for sure.

    It's always cool to hear your thoughts!
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