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I've Got A Theory - Vlarunga Willakers?

Now, this is a theory I got entirely from watching the 'What is URealms Live?' video, so odds are I'm forgetting some important lore that says otherwise but...

In DoD, we were informed that the cavern was one of Vlarunga's caves, and it was implied it was far larger than the map showed, which certainly leaves room for Vlarunga to be there, who knows.

In Lightbeards, we got to see our second Ascension, and the first following the proper rules. Virendra Willakers completed the Song of Dragons and became a Dragon Aspect (This is because Maelstrom became the 7th Dragon Aspect when he Ascended, so we know that it makes people into Dragon Aspects.). We then get to see Virgo and Bruce battle her in the cinematic, in which Virgo uses Sursurflame, and it gets lodged in the roof. The only other place we've seen Sursurflame is lodged in the roof in DoD.

So, we've got:
- An un-accounted-for Dragon Aspect (female)
- A legendary sword connection to DoD
- DoD connecting to Vlarunga
- Similar names
- An emphasis on fire during the battle against Feral Virendra.

"But Kaea, if you bothered reading the card text on Sursurflame you'd know it was forged by Quintara Lotus FOR Vlarunga!"
Well, yeah, but Quintara Lotus is a Dragon Aspect, and all the time-magic is Arcane, so not only does it make sense lore-wise for her to see the future and make that sword just so Virgo could use it against Vlarunga, it makes sense on the meta level, as Quintara knows she's in a show, and could easily have known 'hey, this is gonna happen, because it already happened in season 2, better make sure this sword exists!'
And 'for' is a very broad term, it was never said it was 'for' Vlarunga to use, how would a dragon even wield a sword anyway? (humanoid form is the correct answer) It could easily have been made 'for' fighting her and even imbuing her with magical fire energy.

Then we have the problem Maris brought up on one of the discords:
"Well, they wouldn't have fire magic before it otherwise" -refering to if there wasn't a Dragon Aspect of Fire.
I take you back to SoD, during the Birth of Magic. *Ahem*
Before the Birth of Magic, when there weren't separate schools of magic, there was only Light magic.
So it follows that if there were 5 Dragon Aspects, you'd have 5 elements, including Light.
So you've got Rokesh taking all the Earth Magic and making it exist, you've got Yvander chilling with his Ice Magic, you've got Golestandt with Dark Magic, you've got Quintara Lotus with Arcane Magic, and... you've got Ouro'ras, with Light magic.
Now imagine you just add a new Dragon Aspect all of a sudden, and it's been hit with this massive powerful Fire sword.
You can see where I'm going, with Vlarunga then taking control of Fire Magic, the Light Element is split again, into Fire and Light.
This would also explain why so many Paladin spells are Fire/Light (or at least have been in past seasons, haven't checked the new cards), because during the time of the First Grand Paladin they were the same, Light. And so they used pure Light magic, until Vlarunga took half of it and made Fire magic.

Some of you might be thinking 'hey now, didn't Virendra like... die? And get turned into a bow for Lance?' to which I say... 
"Uh... I didn't check, but did it happen on-screen or was it just Rawb saying something?"
Because remember, it's not canon until we see it. And yeah, I could very well be wrong, but how hard would it be to kill a Dragon Aspect? I mean, probably extremely hard, and whoever did would probably be killed immediately after along with everything within a 10 mile radius by the other Dragon Aspects immediately thereafter.
So, given that that didn't happen, I can assume Virendra is still alive, and the story and bow were just made up to make everyone less incredibly scared that there's a giant new Dragon Aspect in their backyard filled with rage, hate, and this new Fire magic.

Anyway, rant over, and here's my hate lightning-rod:
Rohbear Leomaris
Robert Leomaris
Robert Leo Maris
Maris is the one running the whole show, I've got my eye on you...


  • Maris = Stitch confirmed
  • @KaeawynShifter
    This conspiracy of Maris goes deeper than you can ever imagine.

    Birds are government drones
    we have a Bird Old God Divine coming in to manipulate the world
    A drone is the leader of the world


    Who else is connected to the Old Gods?
    Nader Leomaris

    Maris controls the Old God Divine, and therefore has control over the realm governments!
  • I believe Ascension turns you into a Sun Dragon God, like Phanto/Kallisto, not a Dragon Aspect, like Quintara/Golestandt.
    So Maelstrom and Virendra became Sun Dragons, and can in theory go make their own worlds, but yknow, one died, and the other is staying to entertain us.
    As for Dragon Aspects dying, well, Ourorus is *kinda* dead?? Weird Order of Chaos stuff, but it seemed to be involved in a bad accident trying to revive Phanto.

    And Virendra being a Bow was just Dwarves vs Zombies lore I thought, I don't know if that got directly converted to URealms. Lance has a super sweet bow, and it being made out of a dead Sun Dragon would probably explain it...
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    *hides* (/)w(\)
  • @Maris
    You can't hide from us, you birdgeousie!
  • @KaeawynShifter Rob mentioned in a BTS that Bruce's wife was in fact turned into a bow, which is why Lance was sad when the bow broke
  • @Whightknight16
    But you've got to remember, the BTS aren't canon. They're just him explaining stuff that was going to be, so while it may be planned that Virendra was to be turned into a bow... well, I didn't see a dragon corpse on-screen.
  • @KaeawynShifter maybe dragons don't leave corpses when they die and turn into pure magic
  • @Whightknight16
    Good luck making a bow out of a complete lack of corpse then.
  • I have always wondered, is there a difference between you, Maris Solaris and the other one?  @Maris
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    @Maris @Mari_Solaris I'll take that as you are the same person.  Now what about Maris Molotov on twitch, is that also you?

    No wonder Maris is running everything! They must have cloned themselves!  Maybe everyone is actually Maris in disguise?  What if I am actually Maris in disguise and I haven't realized it yet?

    Or is it spreading like a kobold? Oh no I have kobald infected to!  Kobald me!  KOBALD!
  • Kobold kobold. :angrybold:
    Kobold kobold kobold, kobold kobold.

    @Mari_Solaris Kobold kobold?
  • @Maris ; Ko'bold bold ko ko-BOLD ~_~
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