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Is it bad i wanted "you know who" to die [SPOILERS]

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I was so hoping for Gwyneth to die during the final act, if for nothing more than to ruin up the entirety of rob's planned story


  • I am with you, only because I wanted to see what would happen to the story.
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    Ooou "Gweneth!" Gonna have to add another alt-universe Gwyneth :smile: 
  • I'm on the other side. I can understand why some would like to see Gwyneth go, kinda a GoT thing, but I really like seeing her story unfold and I do have an attachment to her/Virgo/Bruce/whoever the Grand Paladin be. Also I just like the Light more. Also I think we all know @AStar_ really wanted her dead cause Gwyn almost killed her today.
  • Oh my god, those Gweneths are incredible

    I feel like there's going to be a serious rivalry between AStar (the in-game character!) and Gwinneth.
  • Idea for a Tower Floor: Puzzle where the characters have to find the right Gwyneth based on the spelling of her name and follow her to continue.
  • I'm glad it all turned out the way it did. It seemed like Rawb was prepared to have another situation like what happened with Lance here. Like Season 4 is built almost around the idea of giving players enough power to kill major lore characters like this. So him sending out the Grand Paladin alone to fight the players is pretty much like giving her a Death Roll. She only really survived because there were so many 1's and Low rolls on the players' side. And Rawb probably didn't even give it his all with her. Like he could justify giving her 3 actions because she's affected by Final gift 2 or more times
  • I mean let's be honest she's a shadow of her former self. Quite literally.

    I do think it would be interesting if she starts starts to question everything if she ever found out that the people she saved used to be ageless.
  • Honestly I didn't want her dead because AStar (the character) would have died. I moreso wanted her dead for the story it would then tell as I mentioned above.
  • I find it a missed opportunity, she isn't really my favorite character to be honest.
    She lost all sympathy after what she did to Kallark and later Galen.
    It would have been interesting to see what the Light side would do if they didn't have her spear heading them into unnecessary Ageless genocide.
    But we can't always get what we want, right?
  • To be Honest I favour the Living and the light so I was really wanting her to just go all out and show us how strong the grand paladin can actually be. Plus I still feel bad for her and the fact that ever since season one we've been causing her pain and misery.
  • I still like Gwyneth being one of the only reoccurring characters from season 1, even campaign 1. I have an attachment to the OG original characters.
  • I just like her music
  • i would like her to die and the body to never be found so those two old men can stay dead especially the one who tried to kill his own son to sustain his own immortality looking at you virgo
  • @Revoltman I agree with that. Although... Based on Bopen calling Phineas his grandson I think a bit of the old man would live on despite his skull being crushed by a giant gnome.

    Like Urealms ends when Bopen and the Grand Paladin order are dead right? 
  • I wanted to see her go because of the horrible abomination the character has become. At least being really deal is a worthy state for the character.
  • I was of the personal opinion that the Grand Paladins desperately needed a win; every time any force went against Bopen, they lost pretty badly. I didn't want Gwyneth to die because her death would just mean the Reapers won again. This is the only victory anyone has had against the Reapers in every and any campaign that had them.

    @VerySeriousLewis Knowing both Virgo and Bruce, they probably would've never tolerated Phineas calling him Grandpa, or if he did he would never warm up to it like Bopen did. No, I think this is Bopen himself falling for Phineas's charms.
  • @VerySeriousLewis Phineas is not Virgo's grandson. Virgo would not call Phineas grandson. He was Phineas's godfather in title only.
  • @Rob I obviously need to dive deep into the lore thank you Rob
  • @VerySeriousLewis ya it's important people remember as I remind them, that things characters say does not equal canon because a character can lie or be ignorant.

    Phineas is a great example of a character you obviously can't trust. He is proven in lore to be insane, we witnessed it (hell he rolled another 1 on his insanity blanket he does)
  • @Rob Yeah that's a more believable world. And definitely what I would be like in a fantasy setting, just saying "yeah sure why not" 

    And yeah I remember that first time Phineas got a 1 on blanket of darkness and just was the same. So good.

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