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Deadbones's Premonition

So the next time Deadbones's character would be in mortal danger he would be warned in time to avoid it. Wouldn't that mean he would have a chance to get out of whatever Gwynneth threw him at?


  • With these sorts of things it's up to the players to remember that it is supposed to be a thing. Still turned out to be a fun story!
  • Not only that, even if he does get slap-chopped by Bopen, Gwyn saw DB go full on cast a million spells at the same time and create a god killing omega death beam explosion, AND has proven that she can cast Greater lay on hands in the past. She rolled the 1, in game rules it's her fault he's dead, maybe she'll feel bad enough about getting him killed that she'll bring him back. 
    I know i'm grasping at straws here, but we're losing literally 50% of all the Goro rep in Urealms and i'd hate for such an important Icon to die.
  • Lets get an F in the chat for deadbones this campaign.

  • Goro Civil Rights Campaign!
  • Goro lives matter!!
  • We will just hope everythings good. Im sure nothing bad will happen right? <_<
  • Maybe you could argue that it didn't trigger because the person who gave him the vision is dead.

    If anything I would believe him being put on trial and executed because of his former association with the Ageless and then it would trigger just before they killed him.
  • Well no the elves don't execute living people most of the time, they'll just shackle him and throw him in the min-
    oh wait
  • @Angoman Oh yeah I completely forgot. I'm sure they have other mines
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