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Race Idea: Scrooges (RIP Scrooge)

I created this Card as a way to celebrate the Scrooges joining the Ageless War. However, my prediction of the vote was incorrect, and not only that, the Scrooges ended up joining the Ageless side of the Ageless War. On top of that, had they joined the Living Side, the Scrooges would've gotten an actual Race Card. Unfortunately, that's not the way things went. Regardless, here was my idea for the Scrooges.
custom card

Let me know what you guys think!
(This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit.)


  • what could have been. ; - ;
  • OK, the effect is useful, but it doesn't really sound that fun or impactful. So here's what I'm thinking. Scrooge has 3 major defining points from past itterations: Ice magic, Treasures and ganging up with other Scrooges. There's no longer an Ice Element deck, and a bunch of other classes have ways of getting treasures. Dwarf is the gold race, Gnome directly adds treasures and Dwelf adds treasures along with other stuff.

    So here's what I've thought up:
    custom card
    With this, Scrooge becomes an easy way to get decent companions. Like let's say if you buy a Treasure weapon, you can place it on a companion space to get a Scrooge companion that attacks with that weapon during companion round, or you could have a Scrooge companion that casts a Fireball at the end of every round.
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