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Bopen is a duck confirmed

Please post any evidence here.


  • He is never on the puppet pals screen when a duck is on screen
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    He quacked. CASE CLOSED!
  • Bopen can lose all the bones he wants, they don't mean anything. He gets his skull cracked all the time it dosen't matter. Bones don't have any kind of substance to him. One could say, his bones are hollow.
  • Isn't it obvious?
    Bopen is not just a duck
    He is THE duck
    You could say hes
    A Duck god
  • B. O. P. E. N.




  • A skeleton is just a featherless biped after all, right? 
  • I mean we have no idea what is original form was. Sure maybe that one Dwarven family died, but the purple smoke called bopen could have come from a previous set of bones, like a ducks!!!!!

    Or more reasonably stitch’s bones from the hit classic “Lilo and stitch”
  • Some foolish dwelph prayed to a long dead phanto that they'd send down thier 'nicest, friendliest angel thay had' And bopen Ra'd himself into existence out of the bones of the Dundenbouroughs laughing maniacally 
  • I think Bopen is actually a really strong scrooge parasite, since both Bopen and scrooges love gold and treasure, plus the scrooge parasite can leave a duck's body when it dies, to enter another duck much like how Bopen was able to survive and "inhabit" another skull when his first one got crushed.
  • Bopen is a scrooge worm but in gaseous form.
    And only for bones.
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