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Rawb = Stitch?

Is it just me or in the lore coverage video "What is Urealms Live?" when be does the Season #, Episode #, Title, and Run Time, slides does he sound like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, only much sadder? Like Stitch has been working a dead end office job for ten years?


  • Well, who said that was rawb? 
    It’s really him dude. It’s obvious, Stitch has broken the fourth wall to come into rawbs videos, that’s his dead end office job!
    Thats not all, where do you think the flower crowns come from?
    Think about it, maybe rawb didn’t even come up with characters breaking the fourth wall, ole stitch just showed up and showed him it’s possible. 
    Stitch = Rawb confirmed
  • could this be a coincidence? nah i think not
  • So all this time Rob is just trying to find is Ohana? :thinkingface:
  • I thought he sounded like a cross between meatwad and the 2 hours later voice from spongebob.
  • My god

    It's been right in front of us all this time!
  • Is Stitch working with Haunter as an editor? or is he like a secretary for rawb?
  • Ghostwriter, That's right, Stitch ordered the donation to kill gwyneths baby.
  • maelstrom is actually stitch in disguise
  • what a galaxy brain style discovery this is. XD
  • I guess Stitch did need a job after they closed Stitch's Great Escape
  • edited July 2019
    Wait does Stitch have a Sin of The Unforgotten? What did he do to earn it?
  • he did break galactic law and escaped from getting persecuted, must have cheated fate. 
  • I’d say being trapped in a ride for like 2 years is a fate worse then death. 
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