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The Yes King Characters are out! Go check them out if you want




I wouldn't be too surprised if these are the only player characters we get this month, seeing the amount of times Rawb was testing how many players are actually needed in a show, and this could be the first live test with the 3 player format


  • Watching character creation I'm pretty sure that Rob charged Deadbones for Taunting blow twice.
  • @Harkmagic yes i believe he did. he brought it at  34:09 and money got taking at 35:34, he is then charged again at 37:03 . I hope this is helpful even though character creation is over , so it doesn't  really matter.
  • i like deadbone`s build and it could be really powerful or fun if he gets an high spell.
    these spells are the dark spell that could interesting or fun in my opinion ;
    life drain
    bloody mess
    lucky kiss
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