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URBot - A URealms DISCORD Bot!



  • For those who want to test it out, here's the link to my discord! :)

    Please make sure to read over rules first! Thank you! ♥
  • Update: Bot has been working great and Bigfoot has been awesome in maintaining it! The users are having a grand old time with it :) Thanks for all your hard work on this bot!
  • Awesome work @Bigfoot ; cant wait to test the bot in mine own server. :)

  • Glad you guys enjoy it <3

    I want to give the bot a few more days of testing in Six's server before I make it public. Keep an eye out :)
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    I plan to release the bot publicly by the end of the week, so keep an eye out :)

    Many glaring bugs have been fixed but I still have a few things to finish. Check out the trello to see my progress.
  • I've had a pretty busy few weeks, however unless any serious bugs come out, i'll be ready to release the bot by Friday, just in time for the campaign :) Here's a  list of all commands currently availabe:

  • Oh nice, looks like I found this at just the right time then!
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    I'll be getting the bot ready during today's show and I'll release it after it ends! :)
  • I love the trivia addition :D I'm a nerd for trivia
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    I'm happy to announce that URBot is now PUBLICLY AVAILABLE! 

    I updated the main post with more info and some other links. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to ask questions here OR join the support server I set up for the bot.

     :o Click here to invite URBot to your server! :o 
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    Hey bigfoot i was just playing around with a the mod, awesome so far, but i have another suggestion. maybe an option to have a leaderboard with the xp/lvl system? ( i am doing it the meta card way, so if player get 10.000 xp they will level up and start back at zero xp. But i know some other discords server will probably just want an total amount of xp for the leaderboard) 

    edit: really awesome mod, is there a way to get the meta card/custom card also linked to the card(so that they get the blue color?) in the xp/lvl system?
    edit2: I have an hard time getting this example to work"u.profile <member> addcard Legendary/Greater Pyroblast"

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    @Spacewalker ;
    A leaderboard is an interesting idea! I'll add it to the list and look into it once I get a chance.

    Unfortunately, I had to remove the hyperlinks on custom cards in profiles due to Discord character limits in embeds.
    If someone added a custom card with a really long forum link (lots of text, gems, etc can cause this), it would break discord's 1024 character limit per embed field.
    However, you can still use card <custom card name> to view the card in chat (and get a clickable link :) )

    And yea, there was a bug when adding normal cards to profiles. Fixed now though :)
  • great bot so far no problems with it
  • @Jaden582 thats great to here, glad you're enjoying it :)


    There will be a short downtime within the next few days while i fix some bugs. It should only take a minute or two. 
  • @Bigfoot I love this bot so far man! We use it for the forums rp discord and I am just starting to play around with it. Slowly but surely. But it is amazing what you made  :)
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    @Toruk I'm glad you like it! :)


    To everyone: I had some minor troubles earlier when trying to add some backend stuff, and I'm unsure if it broke anything. Please keep an eye out and let me know if anything acts wrong :)
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    New features! Allow the bot to post a reminder when the rolls on the site reset (Optionally tag a role) with u.settings remindchannel and u.settings remindrole. Also, you can use u.leaderboard to view the top profiles on the server.

    I've also added a stats page on the website where you can view stuff like uptime and command usage :)
  • Question, when I get the list from
    u.customcard list
    is there any way to sort the list alphabetically, or at least by "type"(Or card title if its not a vanilla type or is a custom Class) rather than just date added? It's not super necessary, but it would be a nice quality of life change when reviewing or showing off the list to others.

    Love the bot as-is though, finding some great uses for it on some Discords I'm in!

    To go along with the start of Season 4, I've updated URBot!

    I've changed how some stuff works behind the scenes, but the main changes are:

    - Cleaned up the source (and also made it messier in other places :( )
    - Removed some barely used commands (campaign, live, character, trivia)
    - Removed some features that don't work anymore (live announcements, as rawb streams to his own channel instead of the URealms twitch channel)
    - ADDED SEASON 4 CARDS (as long as they're on the website)


    As S4 has changed cards around, your custom cards may be broken. If you feel anything isn't working as intended, please let me know here and I'll fix as soon as possible.

  • Hello everyone.

    Just wanted to put out a quick post regarding URBot and URealms ending. I sat down and made this tool for the community, and (at least at first) many were using it. I'm not sure how many people still utilize the bot, but I have no plans to shut down as of now (it runs for free on my 2nd PC).

    Thank you to everyone that used it, gave feed back, etc. I'm very happy that I was able to contribute at all, even in such a small way as a discord bot <3
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