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Season 4 Campaign 1 Donation is up


  • Scrooges! Yes!
  • The Only People Bopen Ever Feared 
  • Everyone fears the Scrooges 
  • I am in favor of Scrooges participating in the War against the Ageless. Let's make this happen!
  • We need to vote yes just for the possibility of an animation/animatic with gwyneth or the mana arc discussing war strategy with the leaders of the scrooges
  • If Scrooges join the the war Bopen is fucked
  • This makes me happy beyond belief
  • I can't wait for Saturday!
  • SO hyper! 
    The donations are already amazing sounding XD
    Oh saturday just has gotten 10 times better!
  • @MasterDJV
    ibwonder what character you’d make if you got chosen *looks at Rupert and his Scrooge*
  • You guys are assuming that the scrooges would be on the side of the light.  Remember, Rob said that scrooges are parasites inside the ducks.  If spiders are ageless, why not them?
  • @Nkromancer it says in the donation event that they can join the war against the ageless so I'd assume they'd join the light due to the wording
  • The worst enemy of the Ageless Menace:

    Duck Parasites.
    They are the secret to defeating Bopen for good, you just need to infect his mind skull.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ You heard it here first; Bopen is a Duck, confirmed!
  • @friskyBrisky
    Of course! All we need to do is replace Bopen's skull with a Scrooge's Skull

    The scrooges can rule the world!
  • @Nkromancer @PKbacon117 It actually makes complete sense why they'd fight against Bopen; Bopen is hording wealth, and Scrooges are naturally greedy. The reason for fighting the Reapers is obvious; they want Bopen's Gold for themselves.

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ New Headcanon: Bopen's Aura is really a bunch of Ageless Scrooge Worms. :p
  • @friskyBrisky
    Scrooges start angrily quacking at Bopen, and to the other characters it just seems like angry ducks

    In actuality, Bopen and the Scrooges are in the middle of a Jojo-esque monologue before they throw down about Bopen's betrayal to the Scrooge Hivemind
  • The yes king? So it’s the Abracadab campaign then.

  • Woooo Abracadab hype!
  • a educated assumption would be that midas rules abracadab
  • Is the donation title correct? Wasn’t that the may donation too?
  • edited July 2019
    Based on the donation title it is likely that this campaign will involve ogd #2 (also I think they said that the first campaign of the next two seasons would be about the ogds don’t quote me on that tho)
  • Holy fuck i finally got  my account back been struggling on remembering my password for a while
  • edited July 2019
    Hey, quick question. When donating is the correct recipient, because last year it was a different address I think. I mean it did auto-fill the Urealms donation text (like amount, option 2a, etc...), so asking to be sure.

    EDIT: Oh this year they're using Megan's account for donations. Just saw in the paypal receipt email. Nevermind, checks out!
  • edited July 2019
    Same question as Razorhat. I donated and then realized after I paid that it was some hotmail address I didn't recognize. Worried the donate link got hijacked or something, though I don't know how that would happen.

    Never mind! I saw the receipt and now I understand. That's Megan. The previous address was Rob's.
  • @Razorhat Ya unfortunately my account doesn't have a feature required to give you guys all the donation perks we do on the website like XP and accolades and until I can get paypal to enable it on my account, we been using Megan's old paypal account. I'm trying to close down my buffalowizard accounts mostly cause I don't use them anymore or have any plans too.
  • @Rob Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply!
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