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A tribute to LOM

Nostalgia is a strong feeling. Many of us are returning to Minecraft in 2019 with rose-tinted glasses. Returning to those old memories, of burnt homes, of dead dogs, of towns half-finished, of servers left dead. One of those being the server that brought most of us here. During my nostalgia binge, I returned to LOM for a tour of a city that felt like a second home to me when I was younger. 
A city where you knew your neighbors, trashed the dwarven district, built bars and restaurants that served as an underground trading ring for swammies. A city that constantly changed, from the slums being deleted, to airships crashed in towers and of free nations surrounded in stone. It was fun guys. Like a lot of fun.
I remember the first plot I bought in the Paupers, bringing my friends from class to the server, pooling our gold together to build a house I still remember fondly. I remember leaving that plot to go live on Mainstreet. I remember a lot about this server. A lot more than I ever remembered when I played on Hypixel or Desteria. It was the stories and the people that made it memorable. When me and my friend changed our names just to spread the good word of our lord, of the Llama Messiah and the Pug Prophet. We all have these fun memories of this server. Of a time where we didn't have to worry about much. Where each change and each video was met with a stupid grin. 

Now the server is left with dead squires and quiet lords.

It's a good thing it's over. I'm happy that LOM ended as it did. A quiet death. A death that respected the inhabitants of the city. That recognized that it isn't the game that made LOM, LOM, the people and the community made it LOM. When the community moved on, when we got our first jobs, drove our first cars, had our first kiss, we left the first server that felt like a nice home. It's beautiful that it happened. That we all have these fun stories, of logging on to a server that embraced us. Logging off knowing that tomorrow we'd log on again. We would all leave this server, to continue our lives, do what we do. It's the memories that stayed with us.

Looking back on it LOM isn't and never was about Minecraft. It was about the people who logged on and gave us memories that we can look back on and smile. I'm happy it happened, I'm happy it ended.

Thank you to the team behind LOM. Thank you to the Lords and Squires that made the city explode with color. Thank you to Rob, Nisovin and the rest of the team behind the server. Most importantly, thank you to the players. To those who left and to those few that still stay. Thank you all for making the server what it was, a community, a fun place, a second home to some of us. Thank you Rob, for creating a community I was happy to say I was a part of.


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