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Broken /Funny card combinations S4 edition

Thought it's time to revive the idea of this thread, since S4 is upon us and thus most of what was said in the S3 thread doesn't hold up with changed cards and such.

To start off, I wanna mention the new Enchanted paper sword on Kobold

According to the deadrealms campaign, we can no longer combine the effects of weapons into each basic attack, which makes sense considering how much basic attacks got buffed, so if you wanna get the awesome effect of the Enchanted Paper sword, you gotta deal with the base 5 damage, which basically turns it into S4's version of Slap. But if you're a Kobold, no matter what weapon you use, you deal 15 base damage with your basic attacks. So if you get double damage and then attack with your Enchanted Paper Sword, you deal 30 damage and get to attack again, which you can continue using the paper sword to attack once again... and again, until you miss (good luck with that as a Kobold), attack with a different weapon or critically fail.


  • Wow. That's... wow. I'm going to keep my eye out for that combination in my games.
  • Yeah, I can see a situation where if a player severely abuses the Sword, I'd be tempted to have an enemy pyroblast the player and the paper sword would just burn up, especially if their inventory shows that they have potential to do a bunch of other stuff, which they're just neglecting in favor of the sword. 
  • Yeah if you had double or god forbid triple damage on that it would be ridiculous. Though the bright side is I think you can massively interrupt their attacks.

    Kobold is at least a decent race to pick now that the houserule of weapons combining doesn't exist (at least not the norm)
  • kobold was always a decent race to pick. Two dice means you basically never fail with attacks and can always suceed in doing something, and can crit/crit fail more often. 
  • Yeah but honestly other races like keen and dwarf could essentially negate those benefits quite easily and then some. 10 damage weapons weren't too hard to get and double dice is fine except you get more of a critical fail chance. Add onto that with cards you can buy like the emerald of persistence or fluent in kobold which is literally just the kobold passive but better, and it wasn't so great (especially considering the season 3 shop size makes it easier to get those cards)

    Season 4 does better with giving each race something much more unique and harder to attain for another race, making your race a more defining character and combat trait.
  • Another combination that seems quite strong on paper.
    Almost poetic how both of these have the term "bloody" in them. Basically, you get to decide how much stamina Bloody Mess will deal (though most likely rounded down to the closest multiple of 5 for simplicity's sake). Really strong and almost risk free if you have a lot of stamina.

    But hey, I put Funny card combinations in the title for a reason, we're not just here to look over card combos that tempts the GM to start playing dirty by attempting to take away your shiny toy. We're also here to talk about card combos that are funny with how they work together or could spawn fun roleplay ideas.
    This is sort of a funny combination to think about. So the idea behind Blink is that you can quickly teleport to a nearby space and bring with you a target you're grabbing on to. So it'd make sense that you could grab targets from further away to teleport with you if you had Flexible limbs, right?
    Well, if we take the rules as written, it's the other way around. You can only teleport with targets in spaces that are adjacent to you, as written on the card. But Flexible limbs increases the range of Melee abilities by 5 and Blink is a Melee ability. So having stretchy limbs allows you to teleport further away, but not grabbing onto targets that are further away to teleport with you.

    I'd sort of like to imagine that for how this makes sense, you need to have a full hug to teleport someone with you, while you stretch your eyes out towards where you want to teleport to, in order to get a better look at where you want to go.
  • Tbh Kobolds needs these kinds of combinations to have their passive be worth it compared to how much the other races got buffed. While 2 Dice is super powerful, we know theirs so many other ways to roll multiple dice now so I was worried Kobolds would be the boring race.

    These types of comes are always fine because it's so easy for the gamemaster to break mid game if they really want too. The papersword even more so because the gamemaster can just force the once per game ability if its just getting to be too much.
  • @Sonderp

    So this one doesn't really work the way you would want it to work tho.

    First the damage from bloodymess occurs then you can drain bloodybulwark. You'd want to do something else quickly to do deal damage and drain your health with bloodybulwark and then use bloodymess for that combo.
  • @Rob ;
    Oh, yes. I know you can't just use bloodybulwark with bloodymess to get a super powerful regular ability whenever you want and would have to do something else before that. But what's nice about 
    The Bulwark is that you don't have to wait for enemies to deal damage to you in order to make Bloody Mess deal the damage you want it to.

    I guess the real broken combination is getting bloodymess on a character that has insanely high Stamina, like a paladin, a character with chivalrypledge
    a blackboar and/or a character with holyplate. The Bloody Bulwark is just a nice convenience for such a character.
  • I guess Blackboar Rouge also counts as a funny card combination, considering that Rouge is a class that centers itself around kinky sex stuff, while Blackboars have no reproductive organs, but because of what's previously said and the fact that Rouge's extra gold makes is nicely appreciated on a poor race like Blackboar, they work really well together
  • Yeah I just played a super fun kobold character, the new weapon effects really lend themselves to the race as well as being able to choose shops and get classes like thane or a merchants cutlass or sellsword etc. Even though weapons don't combine their effects can still be good as well so it feels like there's a lot more unique combinations for what you can do (bone scythe + the one booty raider cutlass that gives you treasures).
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    bloodybulwark and succubuswhip and puzzlebox and duskblade and essenceshank

    Fiddle with puzzlebox for a no-roll action, basic attack with duskblade and blow all your stamina on bloodybulwark except one, and then use duskblade to use essenceshank with succubuswhip for a full heal.

    Or you could just use bloody mess for more damage I guess.

    Depends on how the DM rules the order of things as usual though, not undeniably broken.
  • Yeah that's a great combo @Whoneedspacee ;

    After last season, it's a lot easier to let combos get out of control because ultimately doing tons and tons of damage has the same outcome, causing a Death Roll. I also focused around more "puzzle piece" Treasures that have very attractive abilities if you can find other good cards to use with them. Because of the nature of Character Creation it makes it much more satisfying to mix and match.

    And because of the disposable nature of Characters when you use this RP with. It's okay for someone to be overpowered because it just means the Gamemaster has a Character to use in future campaigns against the players that they will for sure fear lol.
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    Yeah I'm honestly loving the once a game abilities as well, I kind of thought everyone would just save them till the end but it honestly just creates more amazing moments throughout the campaign I feel like, and is surprising when something cool with it happens.

    There was a neat combo the other game I was in where some guy had malletofdevotion and a bunch of dreamweaver stuff like dreamwalk and dreambolt and vividdreamer

    In the last combat he used his once per game ability on the mallet which pretty much let him chain dreamwalk and dreambolt especially with the double empowerment he got and he was doing tons of damage and also teleporting around, hitting even when he missed as well. He also had a masterfulruby so if he missed with his basic attack he was basically guaranteed a chain of spells anyways.

    Pretty much went like >basic attack, get multiple basic attacks off of dreamwalk, which cast tons of dreambolts (no dreamwalk since that'd be an infinite chain)
  • So I booted up the mod today and got an 1 stamina porc do to the passive (before cornerstone) (as stated in deadrealms, it -60, not positive for porcs) and decided to see what the extremes where for porks.

    You can get a slime with potpuppy and have -58 stamina (It is possible to survive CC with this, but you have to get lucky) . The max stamina for porcs is 120 with mommalacerator and cowfrog. That a 178 stamina difference just base on race. Though considering there only 2 1 stamina and 2 90 stamina, the odds are unlikely for both cases.
  • One thing i should mention is siesta and giantspells . So while testing out s4 character creation, i rolled for the siesta giant spells to see what i would get and i got a natural 20. So thats like, everyone takes a nap RIGHT NOW
  • @Whoneedspacee Yeah the one per game abilities really allow people to become super powerful for brief moments.
  • rebellious + sixshooter is hilarious, turning one Basic Attack into 5 others. If that Ally has friendshipring, it's even better. Any ability that grants several Bonus Actions or let you perform more than one Basic Attack makes it pretty ridiculous. dreamwalk and spiritrush are some that comes to mind.
  • Damn I never even thought of that, that is super hilarious that attacking your ally could be so useful.
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    That's an absolutely busted way of using that attribute, it really takes advantage of what I think is the spirit of the Attribute. You don't care that much about the well being of your fellow ally, so you just unload all 6 shots of your gun at once, not caring too much if one of your bullets hits an Ally.

    How Rebellious usually plays out from what I see is that you just get crits on healing abilities, which is like the opposite effect of what's expected.
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    idk if you could get this but
    Booty Raider / Coin of Providence
    Legendary / Siggneeos
    Monk / Spirit Rush
    200 bonus actions if you get the coin flip
  • But if you fail the coin flip... well lets just say its gonna be a lot worse than failing showdown.
  • @NovaXII That first build is hilarious when they don't have the ring of friendship because it becomes something you could do but probly shouldn't do lol.

    Also for GMs wondering how you would deal with this, I would push the story to evolve their attribute lol. Rebellious is an easy one to force them to evolve because you just have NPCs tell them to do the thing they already want to do and suddenly they ain't rebelling anymore lol. You can also wait for the Critical Fail and then have one of the important items break like the friendship ring. Breaking peoples cards usually isn't very fun for GMs to do but breaking a friendship ring is hilarious because of the roleplay behind it too.
  • Here's another look at basic attacks and how crazy it can get
    With those passives and the rifle, you deal 10+10+5 = 25 damage base and you deal it twice, Effectively making it a 50 damage weapon with 99 range. If you get double damage with Basic attacks (example: combatbanner) and something that makes you deal damage in a line with ranged basic attacks (example: arcaneshots), you basically have a gun that you can use to shoot Arcane Beams as a regular action.
  • So... Im starting this off saying that this combo shouldn't be allowed not because it broken damage wise, it just to complicated to plan around for both the dm and party. Anyway, you all remember the witch class teleporting gimmick? largesteeplehat can now be drawn in the common shop. Notice that spell gem. Well, that means it technically works with goldenspices. Now getting an arcana spell is difficult as the sea chef (especially with getting the hat as well), but if you do there so many possibilities. 
  • I think that combination would be fine as long as it's something the Gamemaster and players establish at CC or Character introductions, @Dancorps13. Personally, I'd let the player with the golden spices and hat choose during CC or first time the issue would arise if the character that they're casting the spells through would get swapped or if they themselves would get swapped. Or maybe even "roll for their magical understanding of the hat and spices" to see if they could do whichever of those in a spur of a moment.
  • I had a really fun passive combo before when I played with the porc, solely based on the two companions I drew:

    harpy and cowfrog.

    As far as I know, there isn't anything specifying about which order they would be triggered in, so with the game I played this character in I got to choose

    And so I ended up with a porc who can bound dozens of feet at a foe, slashing them for 5 damage and then downright trying to eat them forcing a deathroll, and then having them be unable to do anything about it since I became immune to damage from that foe.

    And if I killed with the Deathroll, it just became being immune from everyone for a round instead. It's like having the benefit of both, and managing to get around the flaw of the Cowfrog.

    And it doesn't cost any gold either, just some heavy RNG.

    It is very possible that the group I was with misread the harpy card, taking it as in you move adjacent to a foe to deal the damage, akin to how the Vharks in Murderbros swooped down to attack, but it was much more fun for us to just imagine a Porc bounding miles into the air before slamming down on a foe, rather than just soaring in the air and peppering a target with feathers.
    Thinking about it, any companion passive which gives additional movement could be real powerful with a combo.

    Pairing a companion which provides additional movement, notably being companions like groundboldcrunchodileelephelkmoonwolf and ramster, can provide a bunch of fun possibilities, as many companions attack based on positioning.

    catapultturtle basically lets you decide how a single foe moves
    dragonfly gives a more reliable stun/deathroll
    slime could result in 8 miniature porcs running at a target in a little mob, just trying to tackle the target to the ground.

    Just a couple of fun ideas, I'm a big fan of how nutty a porc could get with just their passive, let alone how other things could pair into it as well.

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    lotusbroomstaff and casterstrinket
    Broomstaff only procs on AoE spells, so just keep casting single target spells until you manage to high roll. 
  • Oooh, that's quite a fun combination @Kodiac.
    Casters Trinket in general has quite a lot of fun combination potential. Because when you crit with any spell, you can turn that crit into one of those spells that procs amazing effects on crits.
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