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A world of man and beast (Solo rp thread)



  • @nikiduke (no offence taken and your right on that. I feel ill be more active though but only on certain parts of a day. Currently im staffing at a camp and have down time from 6:00 and later and if its my off day i have all day off. If its my duty i have full day on work. Before I was mainly on and off cuz final year of highschool being juggled with cadets being juggled with tryna find time for social life and tryna keep up with forums.
    tl:dr i have more free time then ever before and exact times for when i get free time for the next month and some time. your choice on whether to let me join or not.)
  • @nikiduke
    ”n-no! Of course not mother doesn’t let me”
  • @Kingedyou ; "Well that's not a very good mother then. Keeping you locked up in here for your whole life" *He says sitting down* "Would you like to see it?"
  • @xxthatguy11xx ; (if you feel confident in it. If you think i can trust you. Then sure. Though there are a few other peeps that might be joining. And id like to see if they can do it before i decide)
  • @nikiduke
    ”What! No mommy is wonderful!! She gives me everything I need” she gestures around the room “and why would I ever want to leave? What could possibly be out there that I don’t have besides people like you?”
  • @Kingedyou "Well. Alot of other people for a start... there are houses. Trees and forests. Mountains and wild animals. You can go see the ocean if you venture far enough"
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    @nikiduke (kk, I'll join on sunday if no one else does cuz I am home from today till Sunday as a break. (Celebrating my birthday with family and friends.) After that if its still open I'll join and keep committed.)
    Edit: (i want to do that because it seems responsible and I only get one leave to come home until my contract ends.)
  • @nikiduke
    she’s just staring confused “what”
  • @Kingedyou ; "Huh... you don't know even a thing about anything outside of here do you?" *He says with a confused expression*
  • @nikiduke
    ”give me a break! I didn’t know there was an outside until two minutes ago!!”
  • ( @nikiduke )
    I feel ready to play the Bandit boi, throw him to me
  • @Kingedyou ; "Yeah well. If you're fine with staying up here for the rest of your life i guess i can't stop ya. But not seeing anything besides this... man... that's rough" *He scratches the back of his head*
  • @WritingWyvern ; Alrighty. Let's make a bandit leader.
    First things first. What race do you wanna be?
  • ( @nikiduke )
    oh shit, um what are my race options?
  • @WritingWyvern ; You can be a Human, a wanderer elf, a Pintiker (even smaller Tinkers.) And a gnome. I can argue for some beast races maybe.
  • ( @nikiduke
    hm a wanderer elf sounds cool, what are they?
  • @WritingWyvern ; Nomadic elves that live in caravans and travel the world selling goods from far away lands.
  • ( @nikiduke )
    hm, alright I can see him as an elf, maybe was entertainment for a group for traders or used it to spread his music, poems, and such around, what next
  • @WritingWyvern ; Well i would tell you to pick a gender. But you seem to already be set on that front.
    next id like you to give me a description of what you have on you. The clothes you wear (keep in mind you're a bandit) Any weapons you carry (keep in mind you're a bandit) anything of value to you.
    Ill need a reasonable explenation of why you have these things.
    After you're done with that you can do a short backstory. One of the requirements of this backstory however is that you're a bandit. And if you dare make some mopey edgelord revenge backstory ill tear your face off
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Okay, clothes-wise he uses to play for any kind of people, he used to have very fine bard clothes, but as a bandit, his bard clothes have been used a lot. His original look was a very classic bard, with the only difference was a vest and robes he wears, with a fancy purple hat with a white feather in it. but now his old fine clothes are more worn and torn, his robe has been replaced with a brown jacket. He wears what's left of his robe around his waist. Both his vest and hat lost it's bright colors and seem darker purple and blue. He has extra strands of clothing add on from repairing his outfit. His pants where replace with something very normal a plan and his shoes are now boots.
    (Forgot, he had long dark hair, that he now color blue, green eyes, and light tan from all his work outside)

    The weapon wise he has a rapier given to him by his father, he was fairly trained in using it. But since the bandit life is more chaotic, he does have a pair of cutlasses as well. His fighting style isn't that advanced, he uses trickery during fights to get the upper hand.

    He does have a lute and a flute, both he is skilled in, (From his bard days) but his mastery is in his voice. His singing voice is one of the best around, and many of his men sometimes stop what there doing to listen to his voice.

    His full name is Aerick Vanch, but he is known as Aerick the Blue Wolf by most people. In his younger years, he traveled with his father as his apprentice in Bardom, His father taught him a lot, but Aerick knows he couldn't be in his father shadow forever. So he came up with a plan, as a bard, he sang about heroes and adventures, so he will gain fame about creating his own legend around him. He left his father employment to become his own bard until he ran into 4 downtrodden individuals.

    Here is where is plan started, using some fighting skills his father taught him, he convinces the others to join him in stealing from a rich bastard heading to Bettygallow. They were inspired by his words and followed him for his sneak attack on the caravan. They won a large amount of coin and didn't kill any of the guards or the bastard himself. They took the money and split it up evenly, but after that Aerick gave his portion to everyone else, saying "I need not for this coin, but for the legend that will be sung by us dogs of shad... no! for us Shrouded Wolves!" and that is how the Shrouded Wolves started.

    His first few men and women are the most loyal since they were there from the start, but it has grown to a decent size group. And most do follow him for the extra coin he gives out from his share, but a few do really follow him for the message he spreads, or his music. The Shrouded Wolves tend to not kill people, unless as a last resort and they love to suprise their enemies. Aerick has many stories he tells about tricking people before attacks.

    Boom did done finish it
  • @WritingWyvern ; That's perfection. Now you mention 4 individuals that are like your best mates. You wanna describe them ore are you letting me do it?
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Hm I was thinking about, I think it's best for you to make them since you are the one going to be playing them the most, but for some ideas. It's a very mixed group, they meet in a tavern drinking so I'm thinking of different background and races. That is about it
  • @WritingWyvern ; Alrighty then.
    you ready to start?
  • ( @nikiduke )
    gtg to leave for work, we can start but I can only respond during my break, if I have time that is
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    @WritingWyvern ; Alrighty then.
    Let's start

    It is a windy day at the village of Bettygallow. You and the rest of the Shrouded wolves have just returned from another successful raid upon a noble merchants caravan. The fight was unfortunately not without some hardship though. For a long time member was killed today. Squigs. He was always the heart of any raid. Making jokes that few people understood. Had a pegleg. But that never stopped him from going beyond! Becoming a man! One day maybe achieving his dream of finding true love! He was a good one. A real gnome through and through.

    You and the others stumble into the Joyful raccoon tavern. A usual meeting place. Run by some pretty nice folks. The owner. A Tinker fellow with strange ears and a tail by the name of Kensel. Runs the place along with his large bandit hood wearing human pal Grent. Grent actually being a former bandit. Has been very welcoming to your group. And Kensel is happy to serve anybody with coin. The other residents include 3 harlequins. Malqa, Validith and Telsa. All 3 of them perform at the small stage in the bar with a song and dance. (Probably people you would be friends with)
  • @nikiduke
    she fidgets for a moment while looking at him “are... are you sure I should? Mommy would be so upset with me... maybe it’s better that I stay here this is so much!”
  • ( @nikiduke
    he would buy a round of drinks from Kensel, before going to the harlequin with the best singing ability and asking, “Hey I need some back up help singing, can you help me out?”
  • @Kingedyou ; "Well sure its safe here... but can you really say you lived if you just stay up here forever?" *He says with a smirk*
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    @WritingWyvern ; The Harlequin looks down at you from the stage "Well sugar. I'll do it for a price like always" (Btw. Harlequins are a race magical masked people. They sorta look like classy showwomen with uniforms)
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