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Kobold Genitalia Thread: Race to the final page



  • If kobolds have rock bush, does that mean that, assuming they've got a penis, it has to break through the rock like an egg when they get an erection
  • Maybe the rock bush is kinda like rubble, lots of small rocks all around in an big pile and the penis pushes it aside as it erects.
  • Kobold penis stronger then rocks confirmed lol
  • "God, we're trapped in this cave-in! We're gonna suffocate! What do we do!?!"

    "Hold my dick."
  • Dam this here has been dead for a while. btw now i am wondering how the tree pepole will repoduce.
  • Acorns? I like the idea of them just shaking their heads for a few minutes and a couple years later a whole forest of tree people starts sprouting up
  • yeah i guess thats how they would do that
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