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It's URealms season 10!



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    Wokesovin has become Canon as Rob has run out of Show ideas and he has been redoing Campaigns but doing the alternative ending.
  • They tried to go through with the Kobold Genocide plan. Didn't work that well, because it was only 3 guys where 2 of them were peasants, since they were the only ones that didn't get the memo that it was just an example, not a plan to actually be put into action.

    URealms has more top tier guys and girls than all Anime combined.

    Malestrom became a computer virus that mined sensitive information from Old Gods' computers.

  • Wow Rob just announced that he is directing a URealms movie! It'll use some practical effects and CGI, and that he's directing it over the URealms Forums Video Chat feature.

    He also hinted at a possible musical, which seems great especially after the recent musical campaign. Who knew Roamin and Nisovin could do such a great duet! However it was disappointing that chat ran out of money and couldn't get the $87.50 donation that would let us see Roamin with 20 guys do a live song and dance number in Hollywood. Guess we shouldn't have spent over $250,000 on making more sun dragon gods.

    Oh yeah and we find out Bruce Willakers is actually a clone of Thor made by Nisovin, and Lance Willakers becomes Bopen's First Mate and lover, things get weird after season 7.


    Rob just announced that during the movie there'll be donation events that can change the course of the movie. Exciting aint it?

    oh wait... no spoilers.... uh...

    REVERSO.... uh how did that spell work? help
  • Dude wtf was wrong with season 7 episode 6? That was such a weird way to take it.
  • @Maris

    That's usually how set-up episodes go. The story doesn't make sense and the combat is a scrambled mess. At least it all came together making sense in Season 7 Episode 7, but my God! waiting for that campaign was painful
  • I really like how between seasons eight and nine Rob replaced all the players with robotic counterparts they worked really well in the time travel ultimate brawl between Bopen Virgo Nader and ice cream waifu
  • I can't believe they killed off Fetch The Water by the end of Season 4!
    All because of that damn ageless donkey. 
  • @bl1ndn3rd
    I mean they sorted hinted at it with the season three finale
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    As we close on the long running epic of Season 9's Elf Wars, an Elf tale, by Elves and for Elves all about Elves; we are introduced to two brand new mysterious races- Goblins and Porcs
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    The last campaign is going to be the Urealms movie which is 40 minutes of Gwyneth, Bopen, and Maelstrom fucking.
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    Side note, if we're still here in 5 years can someone bring this exact message up again thanks.
  • rorman stole that from me. i copyrighted it
  • I will be in contact with my lawyer young Kobold.
  • @rorman922 but i am ur lawyer
  • Bopen and Gwyn become the new Sun Dragon gods and replace Phanto and Kallisto.
  • @rorman922 That made me laugh really hard.
  • @CasualCow ah yes the Super Paladin where Bopen puts his bone marrow into Gwyn didn't get validated... sadly.
  • Have you heard Netflix wants to make a live-action adaptation of the Urealm movie after it worldwide success. They said the Tandors Hatchling James will play an important role. I dont know how they plan to make sense from it as we know what happened in the pot puppy incident at floor 154 of ToUW

    I personally just hope they include the season 8 finale. I mean who would have ever awaited the goblins to save the realm from complete magical annihilation  XDSuch a twist for the sweet sweet tragic love that ripped my heart. I mean I was shipping them since season 5... sigh. It was a sacrifice that had to happen.  It still makes me cry thinking of it.
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