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Another Urealms Appreciation Thread

edited July 2019 in General Discussion
Hey Rawb, Nisovin, artists, or anyone whom this may concern. (but this is mostly to Rob)

To put it simply, the amount I care about this show is way too long to fit into one thread. Urealms is an amazing show that has had a great run so far, and in my opinion has seasons that each are better than the last. Even if that last bit doesn't stay true forever, the worst of urealms still meets the bar of being an enjoyable show and I am fully confident that I'll always look forward to watching it. Even if the cast has 100% switched out by season 7, I believe that.

I like to think that the majority of us fans don't mind a delay here and there. <3
Basically, all I'm trying to say is to not sweat it. I love this show no matter what, cause there's no way it'll ever not be enjoyable for me. Beside the actual show, I have met my girlfriend and many of my closest friends through this community. This show has played an incredibly important role in my entertainment online and my life online, so I'd like to thank everyone involved for existing. <3 <3 <3 :smilebold: 


  • Oh, and by the way Rawb. I first found Urealms randomly through twitch and found all your content through that. It does happen.
  • There's definitely an incredible amount of work put into the mod so I can't even imagine handling that plus a show and being a GM for your friends at the table. There's a reason a lot of people are fond of Rawbs content and its because it's unique and has lots of effort put into it, even if it isn't some AAA thing. I'll pretty much diehard watch whatever he puts out because I know some part of it will be good.
  • It's a lot of work but this community does an amazing job at showing appreciation for it and supporting it's growth. I don't know how grand this project will ultimately get, but I want to at least see it to a fun conclusion since I wrote the damn thing already.
  • thanks rawb you make good shit
  • The hype video was a blast from the past, and made me go through all the campaigns again in my head. I love showing up live, but there was a time I wasn't caught up and would lay in my bed watching them on my phone. It was relaxing and fun. Can't wait for season 4.

    The sheer amount of work put into this show is very impressive and doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks team.
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